The Al Roshan Restaurant - A unique experience of Pakistan!

The food was absolutely delicious but decor of the restaurant spoke of the vibrancy of Pakistan. Its a great place for tourists. They had unique items in their restaurant which can be found in every Pakistani home, hand painted so they look delightful to the eyes.

The miniature bus looks exactly like the real thing. The rickshaw has written on it ‘When I grow up I want to be a truck!’

The mural on the wall says ‘keep distance otherwise you will fall in love.’

These little things made us chuckle, and as we drove around the city we noticed every rickshaw, bus and truck have something similar written on it to make the person driving behind you smile.

A “finished” composited scene, minus color correction and such.  Now I just need to do, like, 500 more of these.


I’m not sure how to feel. The first hurdle (actually getting it here) is done. Not sure how I’m going to perform the feat of engineering required to turn a wheel-locked hunk of junk 180 degrees, but I’ll get around to it. Bud Man makes me feel better, though. He was a nice surprise.

Next steps: Turning it 180, then matching this to the miniature or the miniature to this until they are one.