Friday, I’m in Love | The Wonderful World of Miniatures by Nunu’s House.

I thought nothing could come close to Stephanie Kilgast’s Petit Plat Miniature Food Art, but apparently I was wrong, as my jaw has just unhinged seeing these INCREDIBLE miniatures by Nunu’s House. OMG, I CAN’T EVEN BELIEVE WHAT I’M SEEING HERE!! They’re crazy tiny and infinitely detailed - even the cutlery, the packaging, everything really, is so well-designed and well-made! 

Whether from paper, plastic, metal or clay, each miniature piece is carefully handmade in 1:12 scale, so while it may look like a regular-sized tray full of cakes from the pictures, it’s probably smaller than a 50 cent coin! Peer in the windows of some of their scene models (cafe, bakery, garden - more pictures are coming up in a Part 2 post), and it almost looks like a real, super dreamy set from a movie. You would not believe how tiny they truly are.

At this point, I’d just like to thank miniature artisan Satoshi Tanaka (Tanaka Tomo) behind the Japanese miniatures company, Nunu’s House, for creating these tiny lil’ works of art, all of which are completely handmade btw, for our visual appreciation. These images just made my day, truly..

Nunu’s House also runs courses on making these miniatures (you can see images of students peering through magnifying lenses on their desks on their FB and blog haha), and while these are usually sold out, if you’re living in Japan, you might wanna try your luck scoring a most coveted place at one of them! I know I would!

Images from Nunu’s House website, blog and Facebook, as well as from Blah Know. If you’re in love with these miniature food pictures as much as I am, stay tuned for Part 2, where I’ll be featuring more pictures of different kinds of Nunu’s House miniatures (not just food), but I promise, they are equally as amazing! View my past Friday, I’m in Love posts here.

8 - For more pictures, build-list, and process

This will be on display at @galoogamelady and @bryborg table next week for Kumoricon!

Thank you to all my amazing and intelligent friends for the support and suggestions they gave along the way. This has been my favorite project to date. <– Requested pictures


Hi guys, it’s been a while… and that’s because I’ve been focusing all of my spare energy on this little project, a 1:12 inch scale living room set, which is part of a larger project revolving around stop motion animation O.O

The idea for this started sometime last year when I was compelled to make a miniature sofa, which you can see in detail here. Then this January, I took a couple days off to make a bookshelf to go with the sofa, and decided then and there that I needed a whole living room set. I also thought it might be efficient (a weird concept in regards to art and slow craft…) to combine it with my dream of making some quality stop motion animation, and thus this mini living room was born.

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“Abandoned Parisian Flat”, overview. 2015 by Carrie M. Becker
Via Flickr:
Detail of 1/6th set. Foam core, plastic, balsa wood, stain, paint, glass, decals, wax, found objects, webbing spray. Set approx. 18"x22"x14".


tiny worlds!  I made all the furniture shown and painted and put together the trim and window for the room box. :D  It’s all 1:6th scale.

Pictures of Clever Little coming tomorrow.  I think I may have had the ISO set wrong and I didn’t notice till i switched to just taking pictures of the room… so I may have to retake all the pictures. ;D;


More 1:12 koi ponds, metal tubs, and barrels. Fish made from polymer clay and the water is resin.

These took soooooo long. I probably put in a solid 14 hours on these between part of Tuesday night and all of Wednesday. Everything smells like resin in my craft room so I’ve had to vacate while the smell clears. But they’re finished and completely dried and ready for the show! And I love how they turned out, especially the small ones. :)


Butterfly Display Cases

Butterfly cases filled with a mix of butterflies. The pictures are different colours as I took some with my phone and some with my iPad and that’s just how they came out. 

Away with the Fairies by Laura Brownhill


It’s been a while since I posted some of my own work… mainly due to a really busy holiday season (which is much appreciated tbh). However, I took some time off over Christmas to travel to Mexico, wrapping up 2015, and work on a passion project that I’ve been meaning to put some time into… which is the above!

What you see here is a miniature bookcase (about 1:12 scale) filled with mini books that I’ve read and some tiny accessories that I would love to have in real life scale haha. Everything is hand constructed by yours truly from either wood, paper, clay, brass metal or thread.

You may remember the miniature sofa from earlier last year… well, I’ve decided to build a whole miniature living room for (potentially) a stop motion animation project later on this year - so watch out for more mini furniture goodness :D

Here’s to a great 2016!


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I promised I’d post pictures of my display today, so here they are!

I’m 90% happy with how this looks now, and I know exactly how to tweak it for my next miniature show in June. I’ll be adding some risers and steps to display my food and doing away with the wood blocks in front.

The room boxes are (from left to right): a chocolate/candy shop, a grocery store, a retro diner, and a bakery. I still need to add in some signs and decorations, but the boxes have their wallpaper and floors and set pieces of furniture (minus the diner that still needs a few more stools).

Also, some exciting news - I’ll soon be carrying miniature furniture! Mostly for kitchens, some display cases, tables, and chairs. :)