miniature wargame


Join Privateer Press Studio Painter Brendan Roy as he goes over all the supplies you need to take your new WARMACHINE or HORDES models from packaged to painted!


“Who is the chosen one”
sculpted & painted by Alfonso Giraldes Banshee.
The project was made with Diego Esteban and a collaboration with Fausto G. for the World Expo 2011 in switzerland.
Size 75 mm
Source Putty and paint.

I can’t find words to desrcibe it. Really. I wil just stare at these pictures and meditate a few minutes…


I’m back, with a new laptop and the ability to do Tumblrs again!

So here’s the other members of my Guild Ball Morticians - Obulus, Cosset and Graves, as well as the team goal that I scratch-built! I’m very pleased with these fellows so far - I’m about 50/50 on wins v losses so far, which is way better than my usual odds haha!

Hope you like them!


WIP : Providence Seaport

After 8 months without publishing anything, i’m back with the first third of the city of Providence : the seaport.

More minis will complete this scenary (nearly 40-50) and 3 boats.

The second third has already started.

I’ll be back soon to show you how I built the seaport (with details included water).

Have fun and take care !