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Martini Junction is the name of a model train track that runs through the woods of Needham, Massachusetts. The tracks run about 120 feet and twist and turn through the trees. Martini Junction was created in the early 2000s by retired design engineer Jim Metcalf. Metcalf and his wife came across the area in the forest and thought “it would be a nice place to have a martini”. He set up a bench and even a little dam in the brook nearby so they would have the sound of water. The idea of the train came to him when his daughter bought a miniature train set. Visitors have even begun leaving toys (anything from legos to plastic animals to superhero action figures) at the Junction. 

It can be a tricky place to find, though. It is advised to “Park at the end of Robinwood Avenue. Immediately inside the forest, take the first right and follow the “white” trail, marked by white marks on trees, and tiny white birdhouses. Within 5-10 minutes, take the unmarked trail off to the right. This trail is marked by the same tiny birdhouses, still white, but with orange roofs. Take this trail for another ten minutes or so.” However, if you are to visit, keep in mind, the train is only active when Metcalf himself is around.

Tea Time

Sherlock’s busy. Sitting in his leather chair near the fireplace, he’s texting furiously with Lestrade (Will the idiots on that forensic team ever learn? Nope. Apparently not today.). 

Rosie sits to his left at a tiny toddler-size table on a little matching stool. It’s round and painted lavender, a delicate hand drawn vine pattern circling the edge and trailing down the table’s legs. She’s playing with a miniature tea set- a gift from Mrs. Hudson- pretending to pour out tea and stir in sugar and milk with a silver baby spoon.

“Tea, Papa?” Rosie’s chubby hand offers a small porcelain cup of imaginary Earl Grey to Sherlock. 

He doesn’t stop texting, never looks away from the screen, simply shifts to using his right hand only and allows his left arm to fall to the side, low enough for her to place the petite teacup into his large hand. It moves automatically to his lips and he takes a sip before he fully realizes it’s only filled with make-believe tea. His eyes widen in surprise. (Sherlock’s body is, after all, hard-wired to accept tea from a Watson at this point.)

He looks down at Rosie, who meets his gaze expectantly, eyebrows raised. “Papa like tea?” she asks. 

Sherlock only hesitates for a moment before saying, “Mmm. Yes, love. I think your tea may be the best I’ve had.” He lowers his voice to a whisper. “But don’t tell Daddy.”

Rosie nods solemnly, her daddy’s tea making prowess already well known. She goes back to filling and refilling cups with the play teapot, babbling “tea, tea, tea” happily.

Sherlock “drinks” cup after cup, eventually solving Lestrade’s case after a couple of shoddy screen-caps make it clear it wasn’t even a murder in the first place. Dull. 

It was a normal afternoon for Rosie in 221B. A perfect day for tea time with her Papa.


Unique dark blue, gold and white porcelain vintage Miniature 4 footed Teacup with a double handle and Saucer 

Here is a lovely ornate porcelain Royal Blue and Gold vintage Teacup and Saucer.
The Teacup features a heavy gold flower on the front, a gold brim and a double handle with gold painted on the edge.
The entire cup is made of white porcelain and it is also painted gold about half way down on the inside.
This vintage teacup has four white feet and it is very faintly stamped on the bottom “1533”.
The Saucer features a scalloped edge, with blue around the edge fading towards the center. The porcelain has a raised floral pattern around the center and the outer edge and the indented center both have a gold ring.
The teacup measures 2 inches tall and is 2 ½ inches at its widest point and has 2 inches diameter opening.
The saucer measures 3 ¾ inches across and is ½ tall.
Please see the pictures as they can describe the beauty of this vintage petite dish set better than I can.
This set is very clean and free of chips, cracks, crazing or repairs.

Miniature Train Set Simulator

So today i felt like making a game with mini trains! For now I’m using hinge joints with rigid bodies, with a simple forward facing speed script. So the train currently works as expected. I just have to figure out a way to make it follow a rail. 

This is all really fun and looking forward to getting more done with it!


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