miniature salad

“Captiva” (excerpt, WIP)

Sooo when people were like “Pls moar A/B/O” I was like “Ehhhh I dunno,” and then this happened.  It’s not done, but I wanted to post something in honor of the @hannibalcreative Drunken Kisses Challenge (and Father’s Day? XD;) to show that efforts were made.  Will go on AO3 when completed.


Hannibal invited their neighbors from the house down the beach for cocktails.  He served a species of gin and tonic called Genévrier des Sud, and miniature lobster salads in sorbet cups.  The neighbors were a beta couple, retired teachers–music and German, respectively–who’d been regular visitors to the island for a decade and more, since before the hurricane had cloven it in two.  They exclaimed over the lobster salad.  They asked whether Will and Hannibal had seen the plover nesting site.

Will was beginning to think it took a village to raise a shorebird.  "Will they hatch soon?“ he asked.

It could be any day, the music teacher said.

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