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Anakin Skywalker as a father headcannons part 1

-When Luke was born he was the first to hold him

-Let’s be honest he let out a few manly tears

-Obi-Wan was the godfather

-And he cursed Anakin for making him deal with Skywalkers all his life. Not like he had enough trouble raising Anakin or anything.

-When Anakin changed a diaper for the first time he got peed on. Padme cried of laughter as she changed Leia.

-He was not amused

-But then Luke stared at him and (through the force bond) Anakin felt something like adoration from his son and he was like ‘alright. You win.’

-Belly time was a favorite for father and son because, for Anakin, he just layer on the floor and talked to Luke like a adult and Luke liked the floating things above him

-As Luke got older an became more mobile Anakin started to have miniature races with him.

-6’5” man against a wobbly, off balanced, toddler. Luke won. Everytime.

-One day Leia and Luke were playing around and Luke found Anakin s saber and so he gave it to Leia to hold and he put his small face against where the saber actual came out if as Leia and her pudgy fingers were playing with the shaft if it

-Anakin had a heart attack “Leia, sweetie, give Daddy the saber back.”

-He lifted the twins with force and was like “no more Jedi stuff for you”

-He lied. So much Jedi in their little lives

-Another heart attack when it was school time

-Luke and Leia only talked with each other at school because the other younglings were too outgoing for them and Anakin was worried that they were going to become outcast

-Padme talked him out if that and was all “look buddy there twins they’ll be fine, and they’re also pretty fucking cool for kids”

-It was okay after a while

-Luke went with anakin to the temple slot while Leia went with Padme to the Senate

-Luke often wondered off in the Temple

-Anakin often thought about getting a tracker ticked onto him

-Obi-Wan was usually the one to find Luke because, like his father, Luke would find Kenobi no matter what. He . Was. Doing.

-“Oh,you’re meditating? Let me ask you a hundred and one questions about nothing. Wait, you’re on your way to a important meeting with the council? Let me follow you and knock on the door even if you say now’s not the time because I want your constant attention no matter how old I am.”

-Luke and Anakin like Obi-Wans constant attention.

-Incase you couldn’t tell.

-Luke will often follow Anakin, and imitate what he’s doing. Sometimes Leia would to, but then she would get bored and go back to drawing or reading or helping Padme sort papers.  

-Luke was called Pilot growing up.

-Anakin and Luke built little robots together

-Luke was 11 when he went up on a ship that was supposedly decommissioned, but when he pressed a bunch of buttons pretending to be a actual pilot he accidentally closed the door ships and started it up.

-Luckily it didn’t fly or anything (not enough fuel) but it alerted the hanger

-Anakin wasn’t exactly impressed with that stunt, but Luke has done alot of stupid shit in the 12 years he’s been alive.

-And he kept doing stupid shit

-Especially with a smuggler named Han Solo

-Anakin knew Leia and him were good together, but he wasn’t so sure about him and Luke being friends

-Luke was butt hurt on his height cause he’s so short compared to Anakin

-“Thanks mom.”

-As he got older and became more Jedi Knight Anakin was proud and boisterous

-He was the parent in the back of room that went “THATS MY BOY” when his name was called

-Obiwan was not impressed

-Anakin often embarrassed Luke by accident

-Like, for instance, Mara Jade.  

-And When he was officially titled Jedi Knight


-Anakin cried on the inside when Mara and Luke found out they were having a baby

“What do you mean your having a baby, you’re a baby yourself”

“Dad I’m 28”

“Shut up, your like 12.”

-He cried a little when he held Ben Skywalker

-He looked so much like Shmi

-Except the hair

-Just, Anakin being a total soccer dad

Tell me if you want more headcannons on certain situations! 😁

Shimada Brothers at Ikea
  • Genji: Hey Hanzo I got you on my "reidar"
  • Hanzo: ..ooh god...
  • Genji: Hey Hanzo do you think the plants are "riskorn" not?
  • Hanzo: (shakes his head)
  • Genji: Hey hanzo, this clock looks pretty "Schmyke"
  • Hanzo: Uugh stop it..
  • Genji: Some people of asked me do 'ustrusta"?
  • Hanzo: stoooooop.
  • Genji: My hair is a bit fluffy can you remind me to "bygel" later?
  • Hanzo: STOP.
  • Genji: Goomorgon Hanzo.
  • Hanzo: (glares)
  • Genji: Hey hanzo you were talking about pests before--
  • Hanzo: Oh my god...
  • Genji: --I found a 'kritter"
  • Hanzo: GENJI.
  • Genji: Hanzo what did the guy say at the miniature horse race?
  • Hanzo: .....
  • Genji: Good "luktinypon"
  • Hanzo: (growling with eye twitching)
  • Genji: Hey Hanzo I "fyllio" not appreciating this anymo--