miniature pot belly pig

galwayghost replied to your post “Person:  “Aw! I want a teacup (pig, dog, etc)” Me: *fight it. fight…”

What’s wrong with teacup animals?

Thanks for asking! Teacup animals are bred for size, at the detriment of their health. Dogs aren’t meant to be 3 pounds.  Good Husbandry and teacup dogs are mutually exclusive, you can’t have both. As for pigs.  Pot Belly pigs are already miniature pigs.  Pot Belly’s average 100 lbs and it’s not unusual for them to reach 200.  A small Pot Belly is around 90 lbs.  Pigs continue to grow until they are 4 or 5 years old, but can start to breed at around 4 months.  Often, breeders claim their animals are “teacup/miniature” but are really just….Pot Belly’s.  But the parents are 4 months old and so the buyer sees the parents and thinks “ah, tha’ts how big they’ll get!” Then…SURPRISE your pig is now 200 lbs.  Many get abandoned at that point.  Even worse, the ones who are smaller than what they should be are often deliberately starved by the breeder (and sent home with feeding instructions to uninformed buyers who think the breeder is giving them good advice) during critical growing periods to keep the pigs small.  Those pigs often suffer brittle bones from starvation and have a lot of fractures throughout their lives.

On the next episode of “Haylee ruining cute animal things!…… Brachycephalic dogs!  Pugs, Bulldogs, Boxers, Frenchies that means you! :)”