miniature poodle

Annie, Miniature Poodle (1 y/o), Canal & West Broadway, New York, NY • “She usually walks, but I’m trying to get somewhere and she’s slow.”

If a miniature poodle ever came up in the maze...
  • Newt: What is this creature?
  • Jeff: Why does it look like a shuckin' white ball of fur? Except with eyes and a mouth?
  • Alby: I believe it is called a dog.
  • Minho: *Pokes it with a stick* I think it's dea-
  • Miniature poodle: *Springs up and starts barking*
  • Minho: *Shrieks*
  • The Gladers: *Run away screaming and hide in their huts*
  • Miniature poodle: *Whimpers, sad it has no one to play with* Woof!

This is Rudy, technically my Service Dog. He’s a jackass who likes to bug me until I get up and do stuff which is super helpful with any depressive tendencies I have. Additionally, even though he flunked out of public access SD-training due to being scared of essentially everything, he is super helpful in home and performs life-saving medical alerts, DPT, and small-breed mobility tasks like picking things up and guiding me with gentle leash pressure.

Bonus feature - since he’s a poodle his fur is basically made of cotton and is softer than a baby’s butt so, yeah, my OCD and sensory habits are also extremely pleased.

10/10 would recommend a bratty dog.