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requested by magical dog owner anon. i know you also asked for the dogs’ names, but i was too indecisive and left names out. i’m so sorry, but i hope everything else is okay!

JinJin has two dogs, a Basset Hound he’s had since she was a puppy and a very old Pit Bull that he rescued from the animal shelter he volunteers at. He takes them both to the park every day, even though neither dog cares much about being there. The Basset Hound is too slow to keep up with most of the other dogs, so she usually just sniffs whoever is nearby and then lays in the sunshine and waits for someone to rub her belly. The Pit Bull has a bad leg and is happy to just sit at his feet while he talks to his friends (which is really why he goes there).

MJ’s Miniature Pinscher like short walks and long car rides. Sometimes, they get in the car and just cruise around town, so he can sit in MJ’s lap with his head out the window. Other times, they drive out to one of dog friendly cafes around town because he always gets so many compliments and treats from the servers. Every once in awhile, when the timing is right and MJ knows JinJin and Sanha will be there, they drop by the park to let his pup get the “zoomies” out. This basically entails the Mini Pin running laps around the park (MJ insists it’s called “zooming”), while MJ chats with JinJin and Sanha.

Eunwoo’s Australian Shepherd has a ton of energy, so he has to visit the park every day to give her time to exercise. Her favorite thing in the world is to herd Moonbin’s dog away from all the other dogs, but Eunwoo also brings a frisbee along for the days Moonbin isn’t there. She probably the best fetcher in town, returning the Frisbee every time, even when Eunwoo accidentally gets it stuck in the bushes. She also knows a handful of tricks (which JinJin taught her and Sanha makes her do every time he sees her).

Moonbin’s pup is some sort of black lab/hound mix with long, floppy ears and three white feet. Most of the time, Moonbin runs with him. But he takes him to the park on occasion, because it’s a guaranteed way to get to catch up with his friends. The dog’s main goal at the park is to steal everyone else’s balls and toys and run away with them. Moonbin is constantly having to chase him down and apologize to the other dog owners (unless Eunwoo is there, and then his Aussie keeps Moonbin’s mutt in line).

Rocky, like JinJin, has a rescue from the shelter. His Pit Bull doesn’t always get along with other dogs, so he avoids the park. Instead, he takes her hiking on the trails outside of town where she’s less likely to run into other dogs. For really long hikes, she has her own little backpack for snacks and water. Rocky knows that her missing ear and handful of scars make her look intimidating, and most people, with and without dogs, give them a wide berth. What those people don’t know is that, second only to peanut butter, her favorite thing is snuggling with Rocky on the couch.

A Pomeranian is not the type of dog Sanha would have sought out for himself, but a friend of a friend needed to re-home her Pomeranian, and Sanha accidentally volunteered. And now he spoils the dog with the most expensive food, fancy sweaters, and daily trips to the park. The first fifteen or twenty minutes of every visit, he plays fetch with her (which is really more him throwing the ball, her chasing it, and him chasing her to get it back). The rest of the time, she tries (and fails) to get JinJin’s Pit Bull to pay attention to her.

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My new baby!!!!! Rescued Jubilee today and just about cry every time I look at her. She’s a light in my life. Her current loves are napping and trying to make animal friends (one day, girl). Other top name choices for her included Olivier, (The Final) Pam, Marigold and Orisa. All of them are really good but I’m glad we settled upon the easily nickname-able Jubilee.


[Christian. When were you ready to expect?]

“Which one am I supposed to buy?” Christian grumbled into his phone in English, taking salvation in hoping that the old ahjussi working couldn’t understand him. There was nothing more embarrassing than standing in a convenient store in the middle of the night looking at the various pregnancy test.

“I don’t fucking know Christian” you groaned pacing back and forth in your living room. “I haven’t done this before-just get all of them.”

“All? There’s like thirty different brands. Have you lost your mind?”

“Yes Christian. Yes I have because SOMEBODY may have gotten me pregnant.”

“Chill. I got this” he sighed looking at the shelves “…Hmmm this should be fine right?” He shrugged, grabbing the more inexpensive of the brands and shoving it in the bottom of his basket. There was no way in hell he was going to leave this convenient store with only a pregnancy test in his basket. He grabbed chips, cookies, and drinks. Anything that’ll prolong the clerk from getting to the pregnancy test. “Babe, you want anythin?”

“Yes I want to not be pregnant”

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