miniature living room

{ I do not own the Artwork, Bless who ever does } || Stucky Christmas || 

Hours on end. He sat there. Rubbing his face to stay awake and perhaps somehow massage an idea out of his brain. Bucky stared across the room of the apartment him and Steve were now staying in…together. Steve had given his all to get Bucky back to health and somewhat well in his depressed state of mind. It was only fit he find some way to thank him, but how? 

Two nights prior to Bucky’s deep moments of pondering, Steve had decorated a miniature tree in the living room, if the room was even big enough to be called that. By the window sat a fake tree that was too big for a toddler, but no where near big enough to mimic a real one. Vividly remembering the Holiday, Steve had gone over it as well, and something was on the Tv the other night that consisted of a large fat man in a red suit with a sleigh and presents. 

Groaning as he stood from the mattress, yanking on one of the shirts Steve had loaned him, he exited the bedroom to make his way to the kitchen. Steve was gone for the day, he was checking in with Tony every so often to keep the trust between them, there still was a large grudge there and Steve had been determined to fix it. 

Snatching a magazine off of the counter, he flipped through the slick pages of fancy dressed people, pausing on the page that advertised 50% off all sales. His brow furrowed and a sudden idea came to mind. A gift! That was a good gesture was it not? But a quick realization came to thought when he looked at the $ sign. Reaching into the pockets of his jeans, his eyes closed to retain his anger. Heat came to his face and he felt the tension in his metal arm, releasing a breath to relax. Shaking his head at himself, he stiffened when the sound of the front door was being unlocked. 

@whydouwantaname there you go love :) I didn’t want to go into it too much, but if you want I am happy to write a part 2 xD