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The Beginning Of Something Special » Sam Drake

Request: Could you do a Sam Drake x reader where he is being really charming and flirty and the reader is awkward and shy? They could maybe meet during Uncharted 4 when Sam gets Nate to look for Avery’s treasure and Nate met her while treasure hunting so that’s how he knows her. She has a crush on Sam but doesn’t really know how to socialize with people and Nate notices and tries to help her out.

Pairing: Sam Drake x Reader

Fandom: Uncharted

Words: 5491

Summary: You join Sam and Nathan on their adventure to find Avery’s treasure.

Warning(s): Spoilers, Language

A/N: I purposely left out their date because then the one shot would have been too long, but don’t worry! I plan on writing a second part with them on the date! c: 

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Caliza. Goes on a date. EHJ is trying to act swag as fuck. But she thinks caroline's cute, so it's distracting... like... really distracting. She keeps bumping into things. But Caroline doesn't mind. Honestly she thinks EHJ is pretty cute as well. So watching her run into the door frame and trip over Caroline's miniature elephant shrine is a great distraction from the butterfly's that seem to always be present whenever they're together. Okay Bye. *jumps into the nearest trashcan*

THERES FANFIC?! you fuckin extra I cannot believe–