miniature drink


Miniature milk shake, fimo clay


Roughly a year ago I bought some novelty cocktail stirrers/swizzle sticks that had some pretty nice 1/6th scale drinks at the ends. And I was pretty happy with what I got despite getting multiples of the same drink. But I didn’t want to wait another month to get more/

Turns out there was a seller in Australia who also had these for sale and so I got these in a week.

Surprisingly I got no doubles in this specific lot (though I already had the purple, red, and cylinder shaped pink, as well as the jug) but I also got a lot more new glasses that had a stem on them which I massively prefer due to the fact that my dolls can actually hold these drinks instead of just sit them at a bar.

I have no idea what plastic this is made from but only my dremel could cut them off the stems so that’s something to keep in mind if you want your own miniature drinks…

Ardor [Jin]

{{ noun // great warmth of feeling ; intense enthusiasm, zeal ; burning heat }}

Add two cups of flour, half a cup of sugar, and a whole lot of hidden feelings.

Fluff. College AU. 3,319 words.

Joie De Vivre Series: a holiday collab with @dreamscript​ and @zephyoongist

Seokjin / Yoongi + Hoseok / Namjoon / Jimin / Taehyung / Jungkook

!! CO-WRITTEN BY @dreamscript​​ AND @zephyoongist​​  !!


“Girl, I’m all for dressing for comfort but I’m ninety-nine percent sure you won’t make it past the bouncer in those.” Your suitemate, Kara, raises her perfectly trimmed brow, not bothering to hide the silent judging as she stares at your sweatshirt and pajama pants as though they’re something entirely alien compared to her skin tight glittering red dress.

“Yeah, uh, I’m not going. I forgot I had a project to work on… It’s due three days from now.” The last part, thankfully, manages to convince her as you wave your phone in the air as indication that you’ve just found out from your friend; the open chat says it all.

Or at least you hope. Because the blue bubbles of the message sent to you definitely do not mention any pending project or anything close to college matters. The only guarantee you get of her not seeing the text is her state of half-blind as she refuses to wear glasses outside of lectures, that, and one of the contacts are missing. She hasn’t gotten around to visiting the optometrist yet.

“Hm, I’m sure.” Krystal grins knowingly as she walks out of her room, having heard your earlier statement. “Ken texted me saying Jin had something come up too.”

Kara lets out a not so subtle, ooh, that turns into an aww, followed by a teasing, “When’s the wedding?”

So much for trying to keep it a secret.

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Remove Stereotypes

Write about a subsection of a mythical species. Maybe instead of just mermaids, these are swamp mermaids with films over their eyes like gators. Instead of werewolves, there are Mexican Wolves, Tibetan Wolves, or even Arctic Wolves. Centaurs that are half miniature horse. Vampires that drink life essence rather than blood. What is different about these creatures from the usual suspects? 

I was looking through the Hannibal costumes, and for some reason this is sewn into two of Mason Verger’s suits. 

Why is this here? Why is it sewn into two suits that aren’t even from the same brand? Why the hell did the costume people sew pictures of a miniature horse drinking martinis at a bar into two of Mason’s suits? 

I feel like every time I think Mason can’t possibly be any more crazy and horrible, something like this shows up.


5 Easy DIY Miniature Drink Pen Holders - Cool & Unique Craft Idea


1:12 Red wine. The glass and decanter were purchased online. The wine was made with resin.

I don’t know why the one in the cup came out so much lighter as they came from the same batch of resin. I don’t really drink wine so I can’t say if there is one that color or not. :/

Also, that decanter was a pain to fill. I sat there for 15 minutes trying to find a way to get the resin to stop piling up in the neck. Luckily I had some small syringes that worked.

Archaeologists Unearth What May Be Oldest Roman Temple

Archaeologists excavating a site in central Rome say they’ve uncovered what may be oldest known temple from Roman antiquity.

Along the way, they’ve also discovered how much the early Romans intervened to shape their urban environment.

The temple – the foundations of which are below the water line — was probably dedicated to the goddess Fortuna. The archaeological team discovered large quantities of votive offerings such as miniature versions of drinking vessels, left not by locals but by foreign traders.

The discovery of the archaic temple’s existence came after years of fundraising in Italy and in the U.S., and it required sophisticated technological know-how.

Last summer, an ambitious joint project of the University of Michigan and Rome archaeology officials finally got under way.

Archaeologist Albert Ammerman, who has excavated numerous sites in Rome, calls it a “mission impossible.”

“They’re digging at the very bottom of this trench, at about 7 and a half feet below the water,” he says.

The team used heavy machinery to drill a rectangular hole 15 feet deep. A crane lowered large sheets of metal to keep back the soggy soil.

Terrenato says the archaeologists had to fight claustrophobia to be able to spend as much as 8 hours a day at the bottom of that trench.

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