miniature dragon


Boxy box is finally finished, hardware all attached!  And ready to be sent to @fenedhislasa to be filled with lyrium. (It’s not really a doll’s coffin.  The last picture is just for fun.)  

I’m so proud of the hooks.  Do you know how hard it is to find hooks like that?  It’s very difficult.  I will tell you my secret, which is that they are made by a company that makes replacement cases for daguerreotypes and other historic cased photographs.  I felt clever for thinking to search for daguerreotype hooks at all, but it was difficult to find them for sale anywhere.  Also, I have made the area around the hooks extra dirty because I’m sure Cullen has had his dirty hands all over them.  I love making things look aged and dirty.

And he better not throw this one across the room!

Greenery keeper

..Guardian of nature

Working on stone paintings for the next Etsy sale, that will be at 9th Aprile. Really want to draw more greenery - outside my window everything is grey and brown, and rain with snow :(
It’s miniature painting on the stone, work in progress. Will be covered by a special lacquer later and become a pendant.
Pencils are here just to show the size of artwork.

So my boyfriend plays D&D and last week he ordered his character and his celestial dire wolf, Snickers. Yeah. He named his dire wolf after a candy bar… this is why I love him. Anyway, Snickers arrived the other day and my bf decided he had nowhere near the skill to paint him, which is terrible because neither do I, but for some reason he trusts me and insisted I do it and we made it happen! He won’t stop going on about how awesome he is - he even brought him into work today to show off. Kind of excited for his character to show up! 


Tada! After for more hours he’s done! I think that’s about 8/9 hours total on this bad boyI thought I’d add some contrast with the snow. Need to get me more of that Valhallan Blizzard, I love that stuff. I kinda wish his face was a different color, though. Oh well. It was too late by the time I realized. But he’s done!! I’m so excited to kill it in a one-shot!


Finished my Dark Elf Cleric and Assassin 28mm minis

The majority of miniatures I paint are for use in my DnD games and pull from many suppliers. In this case, the Cleric is from Warhammer 40k, the Assassin is from Warmachine and the rank and file are from Lord of the Rings.  

As a side note, I do find it funny that I paint detail that I can no longer see without glasses. It just makes me feel better to know its there :P