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Honey, I shrunk the queso.

They’ve fried hard shell tacos, made a comforting bowl of chicken noodle soup, even whipped up a batch of rainbow sprinkle-covered donuts. In an age of molecular gastronomy, this may not seem like culinary genius. But on Tiny Kitchen, everything is cooked in a dollhouse kitchen roughly 1/12 the normal size.

Now in its second season, the popular online video series is produced by media group Tastemade. Jay Holzer, head of production, says that the idea for a tiny cooking show came from one of Tastemade’s Japanese partners, who sent them a box filled with a tiny stove, tiny utensils, and a set of tiny cutting boards.

“Since then, it’s taken on a life of its own,” Holzer says.

Miniatures have long been popular in Japan due to the cultural dominance of kawaii, or all things cute, but making minuscule edible food — rather than polymer clay copies — is the newest incarnation of that trend. (A quick search of YouTube reveals several similar tiny cooking shows that appear to be from Japan.)

‘Tiny Kitchen’ Videos Cook Up Real Food In Doll-Sized Portions

Photos: Courtesy of Tiny Kitchen


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