miniature corals


Hey guys! As most of you know, I had some issues with this tin that resulted in the initial resin pour being…fuzzy? Shame it had to happen to my favorite tin, but that’s the way it seems to go! :/

I’ve put up this tin on eBay at a starting bid of $5 with no reserves. Hopefully someone will give it a good home. :)

This tin has corals, anemones, two clown fish, a ray, a little hermit crab, sand dollars, and real tiny sea shells. It has a base of white sand. All of the items in the tin minus the sea shells were handmade from polymer clay. This tin took me roughly 15 hours to make, not including the two days it took for the resin to dry between pours.

The eBay auction is here.


My largest pond piece so far is finally finished!

This was a commissioned piece for a coral reef themed pond. I had free reign over the placement and fish, as long as I made it colorful. Well, I certainly think it came out really colorful. :)

This pond contains: an eel, a stingray, regal tangs, yellow tangs, clownfish, starfish, dottybacks, anemones, corals, and (real!) tiny seashells.

All pieces (minus the rocks on the outside, the sand bottom, and the seashells) were handmade with polymer clay. The water is resin which was applied in a total of 9 layers.

The pond itself is roughly 5.5″ in length. It took around 23 hours to complete.

This was a very fun commission, and I think it’s my favorite one to date. I love playing with colors. :D


I finished up the Pokemon tins last night and they’re finally set this morning.

Didn’t quite realize I’d made so many ocean ones. I think I subconsciously picked those because I love making coral. :)


  • All Pokemon and corals were handmade using polymer clay.
  • The water is a clear resin.
  • They are in Altoids Chewing Gum Tins (top) and Altoids Smalls tins (bottom).
  • These tins will be available at Florida SuperCon and maybe MetroCon if there are leftovers.
  • Commissions are closed until August.

I finished the glow cups I posted the other day. Oh man, I think these are my favorite pieces to date. :D

I wanted to get them posted because last time I made glow cups, I didn’t have time to and they ended up selling out.


  • The rays and octopi were hand sculpted from polymer clay, as were the corals.
  • The water is a clear resin.
  • The glow in the dark pictures were barely edited. They really do glow that brightly.
  • No, the glow won’t run out and should last for years.
  • These will be sold at Florida SuperCon. If you’re going, I’ll be at booth 303 in the exhibitor’s room. I am hoping I have time to make more for MetroCon the weekend after SuperCon.

The first of the Altoids Smalls tins I used for ponds. This one is my second attempt at a saltwater version, and my first attempts at a new fish - clown fish. :)

Misjudged the “water” level when I made it. It’s a learning process, that’s for sure!

This one isn’t for sale at the moment as I’m taking it to Omni Expo. So if you’re heading there, you might be able to grab it! :)

I have so many half finished pieces lately! I was working on this #koipond last night since the resin in the aquarium was not dry yet. Wanted to try something new and bring more color to my ponds. What do you guys think? :) I believe I will be able to pour in the resin tonight.

measures: 2.5 inches wide

Instagram: smallcreations