miniature buildings


WIP : Providence Seaport

After 8 months without publishing anything, i’m back with the first third of the city of Providence : the seaport.

More minis will complete this scenary (nearly 40-50) and 3 boats.

The second third has already started.

I’ll be back soon to show you how I built the seaport (with details included water).

Have fun and take care !


WIP : Designing Providence

Workshop design today. 1st attempt to locate buildings in Providence, on this huge table (360cm (12ft) x 150cm (5ft)).

I want a large central avenue from city entrance to the port. My wish is to see sails of my Man of War from the city entrance. So I decided to enlarge the city entrance and to build larger gates.

It will take me ages to fill Providence !


Mezares, Latvia


I took a side trip yesterday to meet up with fellow hobby enthusiast
Though I only had a couple hours to chat he shared a wealth of information on how he builds his amazing structures and displays. It was great to see it all in person and talk directly to the artist. He was a great host and a fine gentleman and I am now an even bigger fan.

Sometimes I have an overwhelming urge to spend the rest of my life creating a miniature city. Luckily, or unluckily I guess, it’s way too fucking mind-boggling to even seriously consider. But goddammit. Sometimes the urge is almost too much. Like a tightness in my chest that I can physically lean into. It feels like I want to soar or some stupid thing, but I’m pinned.

I can’t figure it out.

Maybe I’m remembering something as if I was a floating god or a giant mechanical monster looking in all the windows, miniature cars and buildings. All the office furniture, fire escapes, and light fixtures, the intricate things of our humdrum lives. 

The odd thing is I don’t want to be some invisible giant hovering head, observing an actual city scene up close. No, its not a voyeur kinda thing. It’s more about the strange small details. Perhaps there’s something in the tiny fakeness of it all that appeals to me? Not the fakeness per say, but the moment, so neatly clean and manageable. A man gets up to pour another cup of coffee. A delivery person walking up the front door with a package. What’s inside?

An old man and a dog waking in the park. A woman happily playing with a baby. Little fake trees, with little fake leaves, and even littler fake birds. All so real in my mind. I just need to see your face again perhaps. Maybe you’re somewhere just reading a book. In a quiet corner. Maybe we need to make a little town full of missed moments. The quiet moments just before we realized how fleeting it all was.