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Happy #MiniatureMonday!

Today we’re showcasing TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS. This micro-miniature book features the lyrics to the original English carol, along with hand-colored illustrations of each of the twelve gifts. Also, that end sheet maaaaaarbling! *swoons*

We’ve decided to do our own version of the Twelve Days of Christmas here at Special Collections, so stay tuned to our Tumblr feed for a festive holiday countdown.


Charlotte Smith Miniature Collection M1741.2 .T97 1983

Bernier, Bernier, Jane, and Borrower’s Press. The Twelve Days of Christmas : A Traditional English Carol. Cleveland Heights, Ohio: Borrower’s, 1983.



This week’s feature is MEMORIES OF SCIENCE. This miniature book takes experimentation to a whole new level. It has three parts: a little booklet called “Serving suggestions”; an accordion book that held by paper sleeves that contain 5 vividly illustrated pop-ups; and a CD with music by Doug Yule, lyrics by Dorothy Yule, and performed by Big Red Doll. These are all contained in a black box with a glass viewing window at the top.

- Hannah

Charlotte Smith Miniature Collection N7433.4 .Y95 M46 2011

Yule, Dorothy A., Yule, Doug, Yule, Susan Hunt, and Left Coast Press. Memories of Science /. 2011.


Our robot friend is so happy he’s dancing for this #MiniatureMonday!

This piece is called I, ROBOT: THREE LAWS OF ROBOTICS by Jan and Jarmila Sobota. There are only thirty of its kind out there in the universe. The accordion book that unfolds from inside the robot contains a brief history about robots from the first use of the word “robot” in Karel Capek’s play R.U.R. to Isaac Asimov’s I, ROBOT. The robot itself is made out of lead-gray epoxy, and the accordion text block is accessed from a magnetic back panel.


Charlotte Smith Miniature Collection N7433.4 .S64 I7 2007

Sobota, Jan., and Sobota, Jarmila. I, Robot : Three Laws of Robotics.Loket, Czech Republic]: Jan & Jarmila Sobota, 2007

I love books, I’m an embroidery addict, and I’m absolutely convinced that everything become even more awesome in a miniature size… so what could be better than miniature embroidered books? 😉
These are the first one I have ever made,  I’m pretty happy with them, but now becoming an embroidered miniature books expert is becoming my new obsession!  Baphomet please help me! 😱

This #MiniatureMonday feature is an uncatalogued mystery. It’s more intriguing than Mary Poppin’s suitcase, with itty bitty scrolls, books and envelopes emerging from a tiny box.

Even more mysterious is the fact that none of the scrolls, books, or envelopes contain any text. Maybe it’s all written in invisible ink?


Charlotte Smith Miniature Collection Z1033 .M6 F74 2002 box 7 

Miniature Mondays!  This new acquisition for the Charlotte Smith Miniature Book collections is The Pit and the Pendulum from Edgar Allan Poe. This is designed, published and bound in leather in limited edition of 20 numbered and signed copies by Jarmila Sobota, in Loket, Czech Republic, 2005.  Stop by anytime to read and admire this tiny work.