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I know I’m not a miniatures blog, but I really really enjoy the hobby. Whenever I’m not in the mood to draw, this is my secondary getaway!

The top picture is probably my most intensive paint job I’ve ever done, middle row is Bloody Barnabas and his shoulder guard boys, and finally I like basing my Takara Tomy Pokemon toys for practice and for fun!

Yuri Plisetsky's Emotional Maturity - Meta/Analysis

I got a question about whether Yuri Plisetsky would ever catch up emotionally to Yuuri Katsuki. When Yuri turns 18, Yuuri K. will be 26. 8 years is still 8 years, but I personally think Yuri will be able to catch up. There’s evidence throughout the series that Yuri grows up fast.


We don’t know the exact details of Yuri Plisetsky’s childhood, but from interviews with Kubo-sensei, we can glean that it involved a great deal of tragedy. To the point that she was worried that if we knew, it would seem like a handicap to Yuri, and she wanted to showcase his strength and growth instead.

So, something dramatic happened in his childhood. My best guess is that it involved his parents. Abuse, neglect, death, or a combination of the three. Somewhere in there, Yuri became the main provider for his family. And at 10 years old, he moved away from home to live in St. Petersburg and focus on skating.

From the get-go, we see that Yuri had to grow up fast. No ordinary 10-year-old boy has “the eyes of a soldier,” as Otabek puts it. This poor kid had to become a miniature adult by age 10. He had to take on responsibilities, learn to cope without family to support him, and manage finances. Even adults struggle with these things.

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Who lives in the forest? Part 3. The lunar fox.

Lunar foxes are mystical creatures purple color. They are like usual foxes but they have another way of life. But people say that these foxes were usual red foxes but thanks the magic they became lunar. One day we will be ready to tell you full story of them. It is a part of the story of Walloya Morring.

Paedophryne amauensis

Paedophryne amauensis is a species of frog from Papua New Guinea discovered in August 2009 and formally described in January 2012. At 7.7 mm  in length, it is considered the world’s smallest known vertebrate. P. amauensis, attaining an average body size of only 7.7 mm. The frog lives on land and its life cycle does not include a tadpole stage. Instead, members of this species hatch as ‘hoppers’: miniatures of the adults. The skeleton is reduced and there are only seven presacral vertebrae present. They are capable of jumping thirty times their body length. The frog is crepuscular and feeds on small invertebrates.

photo credits: wiki

Kuriza/Frieza Headcanon

Some think it’s unwise to let a child into a space clearly meant for adults, but Frieza always allows his son to tag along with him whenever he’s having an important meeting or hosting a planetary auction. Frieza treats Kuriza like a miniature adult and this has had a serious (but positive) impact on the boy’s maturity and the way that he interacts with others. He does not belittle his son or put him down and he will answer any question that Kuriza has with full honesty. 

Kuriza is very well-behaved in social settings because he doesn’t want to embarrass his papa and he likes impressing the other adults with his “grown-up” speech (i;e, mimicking the way Frieza talks and using vocabulary that he picked up from him here and there).

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Dream daddy xmen headcanons: magneto is the dad who gets waaaay too competitive at his kids soccer games. He starts off okay, super proud of everything his kids do but it devolves into trash talking the kids on the opposite team and picking fights with the parents. Definitely been kicked off the field more than once. Knows his kids can be little shits but will 100% deck someone for calling them out on it

Cable: Gets conflicting parenting advice from his dad, books, and other neighborhood dads and is overall confused, tired, but trying his damn best. Actually really good at styling his daughters hair but really bad at dressing her bc he has zero concept of style. Usually the one in charge of the grill at BBQs because everyone else gets too distracted

Fantomex: ALWAYS bragging about Evan, has about ten thousand photos of his on in his wallet and already pulling up more on his phone. Super supportive but more likely to give out bad advice than good (they can’t talk shit if they’re missing their front teeth can they)

Dr nemesis: absolutely the pta parent who argues with the school board bc the current system isn’t challenging enough for his kid, 10/10 will get carried away with his kids science project and end up taking over, will hang his kids A papers on the fridge with cheesy science magnets

Logan: the experienced dad™, the gruff sarcastic dad who has somehow won the admiration of all the neighborhood kids despite his best attempts to avoid them. the “rub some dirt in it” parent, seems aloof and distant but has attended every ballet recital, baseball game, and talent show any of his kids have ever participated in

Cyclops: the parent who volunteers to referee every sports event (usually against his kids wishes), also the one to usually kick magneto out of games. He’s not a regular dad, he’s a cool dad. usually just translates into being a helicopter parents trying too hard to relate to his kid because while he loves his kid to bits he has zero clue how to interact with him. Usually just talks to him like a miniature adult instead and has been out-debated about his sons bedtime at least twice as a result


Aaron Carpenter - Announcement

Request:  Aaron Carpenter imagine where your also a youtuber and y'all go on you now to announce your relationship can you put Greyson ( his nephew in there too )


“Okay, the stream is all set up!” Aaron shouted from downstairs.

“I’m coming!” I yelled back as I finished getting Greyson dressed.

We were babysitting Aaron’s nephew today but we also decided we would do a YouNow to announce our relationship. We had been dating for five months but neither of us confirmed it yet, also everyone was sure about it so we figured out it was time to talk about us.

I walked down with Greyson in my arms. Aaron was sitting in front of his laptop and I sat besides him.

“Aw, come here buddy” he babbled to Greyson as he took him into his lap. “What a handsome guy!” he laughed seeing his outfit. I put on him a nice little shirt and a pair of jeans, he looked like a miniature adult, also I was sure he would get his clothes dirty in a minute, but he looked too good like that. “Can we start?” he asked turning towards me. I nodded smiling and the Aaron started the live stream.

“Hey guys!” we greeted the viewers as soon as we were online.

Greyson started to babble pointing at the screen, he was so adorable.

“Hey, I’m Aaron and I’m here with the beautiful Y/N, who is well-known for his beauty videos” Aaron commented and I was just sitting there smiling and watching over Greyson.

I started to upload videos to my YouTube channel a year ago, mostly I had tutorials.

“And Greyson is also excited to see you guys” he added laughing. “So we are basically here to tell you something important.” Aaron glanced at me trying to hide his smile. “I think all of you can guess what it is, but we thought it would be good to make everything clear.”

“And I hope you won’t kill me” I muttered avoiding to look at the camera. I spent half of my life in front of the camera but now I was a bit nervous.

“Yeah, it’s important to stay calm. So the thing is, that we would like all of you to know that we are a couple, we have been dating for a couple of months and we are really happy together. There, I said it finally!” he laughed and turned to me. I smiled at him. Greyson pouted his lips at me and stretched towards me. I picked him up and sat him on my lap so he wouldn’t start crying.

“Thanks” Aaron said quietly. “Okay, so we are here not just to announce you our relationship, but also to answer your questions about everything, so tweet us what you want to know.” He took his phone from the table and opened Twitter starting to scroll down his mentions.

Greyson started to play with my hair but I was still too nervous to say anything.

“Okay, here is one. How did you meet? Oh, this is a good one” he laughed and I joined him thinking about the day we met.

“They will think that you are a stalker, Aaron” I laughed but he just waved his hand at me.

“They already know that I am weird. So basically we met at VidCon” he started.

“It was my first time there”

“Yes and I already knew she would come and I kinda stalked her” Aaron admitted awkwardly smiling.

“Don’t worry, I thought you were cute standing at the line with those girls at my booth” I caressed his arm.

“Oh, I’m sure about it” he muttered. “Anyway, I just kinda went to her and started to talk with her about things. And we ended up like… So I just asked her out” he shrugged like it was nothing but I knew he was nervous when this all happened.

“And I said yes, so we met yesterday, he took me to a restaurant, even though I told him Burger King would be fine, but he insisted on taking me to a nice place.” I leaned closer to him and kissed his cheek. He was a little bit blushing as I was telling our story. “He was a real gentleman.”

“I was just determined to get to you.”

“And you succeeded, because I let you kiss me when you walked me back to my hotel” I admitted smiling like an idiot. Our first date was so cute and romantic, it was one of my favorite memories.

“Okay, that’s enough of our first date” Aaron said still blushing. “Here is the next one. Y/N, it’s for you, our viewers want to know how good kisser I am.” He turned to me with a proud smile waiting for me to worship his kissing skills, but I wanted to tease him.

“I’m sorry, I won’t talk about things like that in front of the kid” I nodded towards Greyson.

“Aw, just admit that I’m the best kisser in the world, everyone knows that it’s true” he sighed and then smiled at me.

“Yeah, whatever” I rolled my eyes playfully. “Let me pick out the next one.” He gave me his phone and I started to look for a question that would absolutely make Aaron uncomfortable. And I found the right one. “ This one is good. Have you guys already had sex?” I asked and when he heard the question his face immediately went red, I couldn’t stop laughing at him.

“What the hell, you said no dirty talking in front of the kid!” he stated laughing awkwardly. “Okay, guys, you are so inappropriate, so we will say goodbye now” he said turning towards the screen while I still was laughing hard. Even Greyson started to laugh when I couldn’t stop. “Bye guys!” he waved and then shut the stream down. “What is wrong with you?!” he asked me, but I was still laughing.

It was funny because we slept together for the first time only a week ago, it was the first time for both of us. It wasn’t a big deal for me, to talk about things like that but Aaron was so shy about these things he always got nervous when sex came up, now he had to deal with it on a live stream.

“I’m sorry it was just… Your face was… Oh my God!” I barely could breathe.

“That wasn’t funny!” he stated but I could tell he wasn’t mad at me.

“Yes it was, but sorry baby, you know I love you” I said leaning closer to him giving him a peck on the lips.

“You are lucky I love you too” he muttered and kissed me.

Super rough sketch. Based largely off of seeing this post which seems to feature a larger age gap between Tadashi and Hiro. Not sure if there’s anything more to it than that.

So in my own mind, I saw the drawing of Tadashi holding Hiro and both of them looking kind of worried and what that would be about and then it hit me. Tadashi is 18 and Hiro is 4 or so when their parents die. Tadashi is just starting college and is making plans to move out, but still helps out by watching Hiro when the parents are away. It’s late at night when he gets the call saying their parents have been in an accident and he should get to the hospital right away. They don’t tell him anything else, but fearing the worst he scoops Hiro out of bed as carefully as possible, he doesn’t even wake him. 

Then the rest of it would be that Aunt Cass still offers to have them move in, but Tadashi, being old enough to become Hiro’s legal guardian decides he doesn’t want to be a burden to her and takes on raising Hiro on his own, later with some help from the team. Shenanigans with watching baby Hiro during development of Baymax ensue and no one else dies ever. The End. YAY!

Not really well thought out, but baby Hiro was just so cute.

I don’t know how to draw kids at all. It’s like those gothic paintings where the baby Jesus just looks like a miniature adult because they didn’t understand how children’s proportions were different. Except I understand, and yet still can’t make children look right.

Breeding seahorses to conserve their wild cousins

The courtship of Pacific seahorses begins with an awkward dance.

Over the course of several days, a female and a male seahorse will start to mimic each other’s movements. As their synchronization improves, the couple perfects a routine that involves circling each other, holding tails and swimming upward in unison.

“Their courtship dance involves going up the water column, so they need a few feet of vertical space,” says Jennifer O’Quin Anstey, senior aquarist at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Her responsibilities include looking after a suitably tall holding tank, in a back room with soft light, behind the aquarium’s ¡Viva Baja! exhibit.

Nearby, smaller tanks are full of baby seahorses. They look like miniature versions of the adults—but begin their lives a dark hue. Their color alternates between black and yellow as they mature.

“People kept telling me how difficult it was to rear them, which only made me more determined to do it,”Jenn says.

Giving tanks

Aquarist Jenn Anstey raises Pacific seahorses (Hippocampus ingens) behind the scenes of the Aquarium’s “¡Viva Baja! Life on the Edge” special exhibit.

Wild Pacific seahorses may give birth to 1,500 offspring or more at a time, but perhaps as few as 1% of them survive to maturity. Jenn knew she could improve on that—but the right culturing tank would be key.

She tried out various designs, including cylindrical “kreisel” tanks made to hold other delicate animals. She tried black-out tanks and light-penetrating ones. Finally, she had some encouraging results with a 3.5-foot-tall, cylindrical black tank. It seems absurdly large for seahorses so small, but it worked the best.

Four broods in, she now has about 180 Pacific seahorses in the lab. “It was getting better with each batch,” she says. “I was euphoric.”

Of dozens of known seahorse species, Pacific seahorses (Hippocampus ingens) are among the largest, with fully-grown adults approaching a foot in length. Yet, they give birth to some of the smallest seahorse babies: Newborns are barely the size of a grain of rice, and they can be picky eaters.

Seahorse baby food

An aquarist feeds Pacific seahorse fry behind the scenes at Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Our Pacific seahorses dine on very tiny crustaceans: copepods, brine shrimp and mysid shrimp. Figuring out how to provide our seahorses with enough of the appropriate food source at each developmental stage is crucial for successful culturing.

To ensure a stable supply of the right feed at the right time, Jenn and her colleagues raise several species of copepods, which are especially nutritious for baby seahorses (or “fry”). They also feed probiotics to brine shrimp, which packs them with more nutritional punch. Once the fry reach two to three months of age, they transition to eating mostly mysid shrimp, which are a lot less work to raise behind the scenes.

“The first two months are the hardest,” Jenn says. “After that, you start to breathe easier.”

Raising both seahorses and their food is more than a full-time job. Jenn and three other aquarists—Sarah Halbrend, Kacey Kurimura and Alan Young—team up to provide the necessary seven-day-a-week care.

Seahorse culturing is about more than the strange cuteness of baby seahorses. Our team’s ambition is to ensure a healthy and self-sustaining Pacific seahorse collection for our ¡Viva Baja! special exhibition without relying on additional wild collection. Our success will allow other public aquariums to exhibit this species, and share its conservation story.

Threats to wild Pacific seahorses

Pacific seahorses range from the coast of Southern California all the way to South America. The International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources lists them as a vulnerable species.

Jenn describes the threats to Pacific seahorses as a mix of coastal development, incidental capture and targeted catch. They’re collected and sold as curios, and used in traditional medicine, as well as for the live aquarium trade.

Part of the reason we’re working to breed Pacific seahorses in-house is so that fewer are taken from the wild, according to Jonelle Verdugo, curator of fishes and invertebrates at the Aquarium.

“This species in particular is not very commonly displayed in aquariums, and isn’t as readily available,” Jonelle says. “Wild capture is something that we would really like to avoid.”

Breeding Pacific seahorse populations in captivity, however, can introduce the problem of dwindling genetic diversity. Without new wild seahorses bringing different genes to the pool, subsequent generations may face health issues. This is another challenge we’re addressing, with help from aquarium colleagues in Los Angeles County.

Swapping seahorse notes

In 2015, ocean researchers trawling in Southern California waters happened to catch two pregnant male seahorses, and donated both to Cabrillo Marine Aquarium in San Pedro. (Seahorses are part of that rare group of animals in which males carry their young to term.) On the drive to Cabrillo, one of the seahorses gave birth in a bucket.

It was a stroke of luck, according to Cabrillo Culture Aquarist Cody Larsen, because he’d been thinking about how to get Cabrillo’s seahorse breeding program in gear. Once the young Pacific seahorses were several months old, Cabrillo gave five of them to Monterey Bay Aquarium’s team, adding to our existing broodstock. Since then, Cody and Jenn have kept in touch to fine-tune their culturing protocols.

“I was very excited to hear from Jenn that she started having success rearing Pacific seahorses,” Cody says. “They’ve proven to be a difficult species to raise. To have a shared success makes me feel hopeful, because for a while, they had disappeared from almost all aquarium collections.”

As more of our young seahorses reach maturity, around four or five months of age, Jenn intends to share some of them with other aquariums. That will add the necessary new genes to existing captive broodstocks elsewhere.

“They’re going to go like hotcakes!” she says.

The work of Monterey Bay Aquarium and Cabrillo Marine Aquarium may make this impressive seahorse species more widely and sustainably available to other public aquariums in the U.S. That, in turn, will help reach more people with important stories about seahorse conservation.

“It’ll increase the genetic diversity of the captive-reared populations at other aquariums, while helping wild populations,” Jenn says. “It’s nice to know I can help spread the love.”

- Written by Daniel Potter

shutthefuckupandlistenidiots  asked:

What are your thoughts on the Tympole->Seismitoad and Poliwag->Politoed lines starting with tadpoles, but Froakie->Greninja line starting with a fully formed frog hatching from an egg?

HMM good question, I’ve never really thought about that, however a quick scan through most first stage evolutions (i.e. hatchling stages) quickly shows that pokémon with larval stages, like poliwag and tympole, or caterpie, weedle, larvesta etc. are the exception rather than the rule, and in that context froakie doesn’t seem that odd. I’ll give you some examples

A good rule of thumb is that invertebrates (except for cephalopods, some insect and arthropod groups and some others) will mostly have hatchlings and larval stages that look VERY different from their adult forms

For example we are familiar with this in insects such as the butterflies with their caterpillar larvae that undergo metamorphosis into adult butterfly bodies (caterpie -> metapod -> butterfree). This type of metamorphosis, with distinct larval and pupal stages is called holometabolic metamorphosis, and it is found in not only the butterflies, but in most higher orders of insects (including the flies, the bees wasps and ants, and the beetles). This means that beetle pokémon for example, such as ledyba, should have a larval stage like caterpie or larvesta

(below, upper right are newly hatched ladybird larvae, lower right, a ladybird pupae and ladybird older larval stage - note the stark difference from the adult form, and likewise from ledyba, a first pokemon stage, like froakie )

Marine invertebrates especially tend to have strange looking, often microscopic larvae, as these larvae drift in the plankton before committing to a benthic adult life. For example check out this sick starfish early larval stage, look at the baby starfish (to the right) -> completely different to the adult form that is seen in staryu

everyone loves molluscs (well I do) but people especially love the nudibranch pokemon but check out it’s creepy tiny larvae

Ok well these are all invertebrate examples, but froakie and tadpoles and lovely amphibians are vertebrates!

Well fancy that, there are examples of wierd looking hatchlings and larval forms in the vertebrates too (aside from ones we know, such as tadpoles)

For example, fish larvae often look very different to adults (nice yolk sac bro)

Even in the egg laying mammals, the monotremes, hatchlings are usually near unrecognisable (for example in the echidna)

And of course, baby bird hatchlings are… well you know what those are like (and furthermore, even older juveniles are unlikely to have adult plumage and colours until they mature)

In fact, some of the only egg laying vertebrates in which we really DO see hatchlings that look like miniature adult forms, as seen so often in pokémon, and like in your example of froakie, is in the reptiles, snakes, lizards etc.

TL;DR Many animals have distinct larval and hatchling stages that we do not see in first stage of pokemon evolution, so froakie is not an exception

I’m not going to put out a scientific reason, because it’s blatantly obvious that from a design perspective most larval stages are too tiny and wierd

so there you have i-


hahaa I actually had the REAL answer to your question all along


in 2012, Gomes-Mestre et al. carried out a comparative study of 720 frog and toad species, representing the majority of frog and toad families, and found that whilst over half had the classic aquatic tadpole metamorphosing into adult life cycle, the other half displayed a huge diversity of life cycles, including hundreds of species with no tadpole stage at all like this beautiful lady here with her beautiful froglet babies, in which frogs grow by direct development  (i.e. no metamorphosis, like us)


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Ever since Kaylee moved to town when she was fifteen, she spent most of her time at Jade’s house. Their place was always so fun and light, as opposed to Kaylee’s intense atmosphere. She was treated like a teenager instead of a miniature adult and parties were fun. It wasn’t much her scene, but she liked them sometimes. 

It was fun to be around Jade’s brother, most of all. He was her polar opposite and had a presence that had her intrigued from the day she met him, but he was so much older. Kaylee considered him a friend until she realized she had a crush on him. Instead of being snarky and witty around him, she turned into a stuttering mess. That was two years ago. Now she was freshly eighteen and in a place of her own. The apartment wasn’t luxurious, but her parents had graciously paid her deposit, first month’s rent, and last month’s rent as a graduation present. Kaylee had furniture from her grandparents arriving the next day, but she had a mattress on the floor in the living room, Wi-Fi, TV, and utilities. Her clothes were in garbage bags in her bedroom. 

She had just finished her dishes when she heard a knock at the door and she opened it, wiping her hands on the front of her tank top. “Hey,” she commented, that familiar flush threatening her once more when she spotted him. “Come in. Sorry, the place is still…bare.”

Things I need from the revival
  • Luke and Lorelai already married, maybe with a kid (though I can’t decide if this might seem weird…but they really did want kids.) Luke being supportive and loving to Lorelai throughout the emotional tumult of losing her father.
  • Richard’s death & its emotional impact on the other characters being appropriately addressed. I think his funeral would be a really interesting starting point for the first episode.
  • Lots of Lorelai/Emily/Rory time - as a threesome, but also as pairs. I want to laugh and cry along with them.
  • JESS. ALL THE JESS. Jess with Rory, Jess with Lorelai, Jess with Luke, Jess with everyone. And yeah, Jess ending up with Rory.
  • Adult Logan. Maybe it’s just my obsession with Matt Czuchry’s character on The Good Wife, but I really do want to see where this dude is at now. I also hope he gets some sort of closure with Rory.
  • I oscillate between hoping Dean grew up and moved on and is happy and being convinced that he basically turns into the guy in the bridge of Taylor Swift’s ‘Mean’.
  • Paris and Doyle, being…Paris and Doyle. Possibly with mini-Parises and Doyles running around. Let’s be real…they probably have a monopoly on the entire world at this point.
  • Lane having accomplished something really awesome. Her character was given such a raw deal towards the end that I really need to see her living her dream in some way.
  • Mrs. Kim. Being Mrs. Kim.
  • Sookie and Michel. I need lots of Sookie and Michel. This show is not complete without Sookie and Michel.
  • Kirk and Lulu with a son named Kirk, who is basically a miniature clone of adult Kirk. 
  • I’d really like to see April make an appearance, though yeah, this may be mostly because it would make me excited to see Bay Kennish turn up in Stars Hollow. 
  • But for the love of all things holy, please no Anna.
  • Town meetings, complete with our beloved townies.

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"it’s about how the size difference makes Karkat look like a kid, maybe, if you don’t actually know what children look like" -- maybe they've been looking at too much medieval art and think children look like very very muscular miniature adults? because, you know, Art Affects Reality (in one very specific way that never changes or is subtle or nuanced in any way of course)

Great, now I’m envisioning traditional Alternian art giving all post-pupal trolls the Renaissance Babyman Treatment - probably would be for similar “children are awful, I’m going to improve this child” reasons, too.

Portrait Power Rankings: How Do You Even Paint a Baby Anyway edition

Think “little man from the Renaissance,” floofy collar and all. That should do it.
(Jean-Honoré Fragonard (1732–1806), Head of a Boy (called Alexandre-Évariste “Fanfan” Fragonard) (detail), c. 1785, oil on card. The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens.)

Give it a gigantic forehead and no neck, and surround it with people that clearly want nothing to do with its baby nonsense.
Ranking: NOVICE
(Matteo di Giovanni (1435–95), Virgin and Child with Saints Jerome and Sebastian (detail), mid-15th century, tempera on canvas, transferred from panel. The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens.)

Babies like scones, right? Make it look like its mouth is already full of scone, but it’s trying to shove even more scone in. And make it be asleep.
(Thomas Gainsborough (1727–88), The Cottage Door (detail), c. 1780, oil on canvas. The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens.)

Giant forehead (but yes on the neck this time). Sadistic look in its eye. And twirling a blood-spattered toy held together by a nail.
(Charles Amédée Philippe van Loo (1719–95), The Artist’s Son, Louis (detail), 1764, oil on canvas. The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens.)

Babies look like hunched over, stoned aliens, right?
(Francesco Francia (c. 1450–after 1526), Virgin and Child with Saints Anthony and Francis (detail), c. 1490–1505, tempera and oil on canvas. The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens.)

Make it have lipstick on, but the lipstick is smeared all over its face. And it’s trying to hand a flower to a barely clothed lady. Plus, it’s concerned. Very concerned.
(François Boucher (1703–70), Venus and Cupid (detail), 1769, oil on canvas. The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens.)

Curly gold locks, chubby cheeks, and the expression you have when you’re stuck in a meeting that’s dragging on forever and ever and ever and ever and ever but you’re trying to still look professional.
Ranking: MASTER
(Cosimo Rosselli (1439–1507), Virgin and Child in Glory (detail), c. 1470, tempera with gold leaf and gesso on panel. The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens.)

We’re overthinking this. It’s simple. We were all babies once, right? And now we’re adults. So babies are pretty much just miniature adults. So make it a tiny adult, but naked and with no eyelashes or eyebrows. And it’s being held by someone with REALLY LONG FINGERS.
Ranking: NAILED IT
(Attributed to Adrien Ysenbrandt (c. 1500–51), Virgin and Child (detail), early 16th century, oil on panel. The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens.)