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My mother in law was wondering what happened to her furniture from when she was little. Of course it had just happened to make its way into my retro dollhouse. Not much done in this room yet. I did make the knitting needles out of a pair of toothpick and glass beads. They are turned smaller by sanding them by turning them with a drumel tool.

The cute little owl is a wade figurine. They used to come in packets of tea many years back.

One my funky retro finds was a bunch of pears on wire. I think they are from the 1960’s perhaps early 70’s. They could easily be earlier. They are a shiny enamel over a cellulose centre.


Finding and making things for my doll houses never gets old, I’ll probably do it forever.  Here are a few ideas:

To make pencils try using colored paper clips.  Cut with wire cutters to the size you want and sharpen one end with sandpaper or a file.  Paint the tip black for a #2 pencil or leave as is for colored pencil.

To make weights get some long nails, remove the heads and points, then get some washers and put on each end.

Use golf tees, turn upside down and push a large wood bead or a styrofoam ball onto the pointed end to make a hat stand.

Use electrical wire caps for bowls and vases, they come in different sizes and colors.

Cookies can be made using a hole punch and fun foam, decorate with tiny beads or glitter.

Take a piece of plastic canvas and cut it up to make quite realistic ice cubes.

To make knitting needles and a ball of yarn, wrap embroidery thread into a ball. Paint two straight pins and stick them through the ball.

Children’s old knit gloves can be used to make a winter knit hat, cut the finger tip end off and roll.

Use plastic ties that hold the price tag onto new cloths, cut off both ends and you have a realistic straw.

To make chandeliers, use a three-pronged fish hook, cut and file off the barbs, glue glass beads to each hook.

For cotton candy use the colored Q-Tips and cut off the ends.  Use a colored marker to add color, use a straight pin to fluff it.

September 5, 2012


Oh Canada. What is more Canadian then using a canoe as a hall bench, an HBC blanket as wall art and trudging in the urban wilderness in your Hunter boots? With your Birkin in hand. 

In 1:12 scale

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