I made teeny tiny baby Turtles hatching from their eggs, I hope you like them? 

I made 4 of them and they measure roughly 10mm in height, super cute xx each one is 100% handsculpted by myself so you one find another one like it! 

They are in my shop now; www.tuckshop.etsy.com

Please re-blog them if you think they are sweet, spread the live x

Thanks to everyone for your continued support, love you all x


The original Futurama, 1939.

By far the most popular exhibit at the 1939 New York World’s Fair, the General Motors-sponsored Futurama (contained in its Highways and Horizons pavilion) was a gigantic diorama showcasing a proposed futuristic world of 1960, created by industrial designer Norman Bel Geddes. Unlike most utopian predictions, the Futurama turned out to be surprisingly accurate, in that it presented a country joined by a network of interstate highways which , for better or worse, did become a reality in the 50′s. Other predictions included helipads on skyscrapers, genetically modified food, and automatic highway systems.

After the simulated flight over this world of 1960, visitors exited into a full scale replica of one of the intersections seen in the diorama, which included elevated sidewalks.  Upon exiting, visitors were given a small pin that simply read “I Have Seen The Future” (Incidentally, I still have replicas of those on my old zazzle store!)


German photographer Bettina Güber has a knack for photographing toy animals in everyday scenes that makes them appear delightfully lifelike and full of mischief. She’s created two series of photos so far, Pets and More Pets, featuring miniature animals staged to appear as though they’re having fun exploring her home, her meals, and hiding in plain sight.

Head over to Bettina Güber’s Behance portfolio to check out more photos from her Pets series as well as many other projects.

[via Photographist]