I made myself a bookshelf bar tonight - yippee! Because. Well. You know. (Not pictured: mini wine fridge I once upon a time won at pub trivia.) Ideally I’d love to get some pint glasses, and martini/cocktail glasses, but all in good time (and by ‘in good time’ I mean before I host “booze n’ books” club here).

Eventually the photo sitting on the fireplace (I took it in Glenorchy, New Zealand!) will be hung above the bar-bookshelf. “Eventually” because my place was built in the 1920s so the walls are solid concrete, which means I’ll have to figure out how to hang things properly (suggestions? because I tried to hammer a nail into the wall today and the nail bent in two!).

I’ll probably do a full apartment post once I’m a bit more settled in.  Because right now I have yet to pick up my TV from the post office (I wasn’t home when they delivered it), and items like coasters, a rug, blinds, fun-items seem like complete luxury items to me as my visa bill took a huge (h.u.g.e.) hit in December. Actually, speaking of money, I was also thinking of doing a budget-moving-out post. Because blimey! The hidden costs will getcha!

Anywho. This is my first real weekend since I started working that doesn’t involve Christmas or NYE, and damn, it feels good. So good to not have to look for a job, and not feel guilty every second of the day for spending money, or because I should be looking for a job.

I’m still so amazed at how quickly my life changed. I’m also really amazed at how I haven’t got freaked out that I appear to be “settling down.” Pigs fly, my friends, pigs fly.