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A/N: BEFORE SOME OF YOU HAVE A FIT, THIS IS POSTED ON. MY DEVIANTART. BAD BITCHES DON’T PLAGIARIZE. STAY IN SCHOOL. This had been an idea in my head for a while and it was so fun writing it.

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If any of you got caught, Captain Levi would kick your assses with no questions asked then wouldn’t hesitate to give you stable duty for a month. You don’t remember whose idea it was to sneak out for a late night swim but you were pretty sure it was you. Actually, it was you. But it was for a good cause!

Its so fucking hot.” Jean groaned as he ran his fingers through his damp hair.
“Tell us something we don’t know, Jean.” Eren said rolling his eyes. Jean glared at Eren lazily not in the mood to fight with him. It was far too hot.

It would be you guys’ luck to have a heatwave on the day you have an ODM assessment, hand to hand combat training and extra chores. Due the the scorching temperature, it made everyone really lazy and in a ‘meh’ kind of mood.

Looking around you saw Sasha sprawled out on the floor muttering something about food. Ymir and Krista were on the couch to your right. Ymir had her head laying on Krista’s lap. Jean and Connie were sitting in an open window looking for any kind of breeze. Armin, Mikasa and Eren were sitting on the couch in front of you. Eren had his legs on the coffee table with his hands behind his head. Mikasa didn’t seem to be bothered about the heat and Armin had flushed cheeks and his hair was in the cutest fucking man-bun. Reiner and Bertholdt were trying to fan themselves from the heat sitting at the couch on your left. And you?

You were sprawled upside down on the couch dying from the heat. You felt like you were melting under Satan’s ballsack. Water is what you needed right now. That’s right! Water! You flipped yourself up on the couch making everyone look at you with curious eyes from you sudden gain of energy.

“What’s up, (Name)?” Armin asked curiously.“
"I have an idea..”

You snuck through the halls with your towel tight in hand being careful to not wake anyone or cause a commotion. You were excited for three main reasons:
1.) You all got some well deserved off time.
2.) You got a chance to cool down from earlier.
3.) Hot shirtless guys. I mean come on.

The deal was that everyone met up at the stables so you all could ride out to the lake. The lake was about fifteen minutes away from HQ. It was probably the most relaxing thing you’ve ever encountered. The water was crystal blue and it had a mini waterfall. One the other side of the falling water was a cave that was nice to float in. There were crystal like rocks that made the walls twinkle. The water always seemed to be just the right temperature to cool anyone down.

When you finally got to the stables you found everyone there and you heard excited whispers filled the atmosphere as you walked closer to the group.

“Took you long enough.” Jean said with a playful smile as he elbowed your arm. You punched his chest lightly.
“Shush. I didn’t want to wake anyone.” You said with a smile.
“Alright. Let’s go before Captain shows up and kills us.” Eren said as he got on his horse.
“He’s right.” Connie said while getting up on his horse.

“Hey, (Name). Wanna ride with me?” You turned around and saw Reiner with a smirk on his face.
“You ride like a girl, I wanna go fast.” You said poking his chest. Everyone snickered at your comment making Reiner roll his eyes.

“How about you ride me instead?”
“Not interested, Braun~” You sang and got up on your horse.


You all had arrived at the lake and it was beautiful. The moonlight shined bright illuminating the beautiful blue water. The water seemed to be twinkling. Everyone got off their horses and tied them to a post nearby before racing back to the water.

This was the fun part: Stripping.

The guys spent little time discarding their shirts and shorts leaving them in their trunks and jumping into the lake. They looked pretty fucking hot if we’re being honest here. They all had nice toned bodies but one guy shocked you in particular: Eren. You expected him to be fit but not this fit. He had a full 6 pack and muscled biceps and the V line. He had the fucking V line.

Your cheeks flamed to a hot red when you realized you were staring and saw Eren, Reiner and Jean smirking at you. Jean something that was inaudible then they started to engage in a conversation. They looked hella suspicious.

You shook your head and unbuttoned your shorts sliding them down and stepping out of them, revealing your (favorite color) swim suit bottoms. Then you quickly discarded your shirt, showing your matching top.

“Hey, (Name).” Jean walked up to you with a grin.
“Hi, Jean.” You greeted him but something felt off.
You suddenly felt a hard slap on your ass. You whipped around to see Eren looking terrified but very accomplished at the same time.
“Eren, what the fuck-” You soon felt yourself being picked up bridal style and headed towards the lake. You looked up and saw that your captor was Reiner.

Those sneaky little shits.

“Reiner, you better not!” You yelled as you both got closer and closer to the water.
“Hold on tight.” You heard him say and before you knew it you felt the water consume your body. You swam to the surface and popped your head out of the water and saw everyone laughing at what just happened.

Out of the corner of your eye you saw Reiner, Jean and Eren high five each other.

Jerks. They better be happy that they’re attractive.


“Okay, everyone get into teams!” Sasha said.

You all were having a “nice and fair” game of chicken fight. The teams were: Sasha and Connie, Reiner and Krista, Ymir and Bertholdt, Eren and Mikasa and Jean and yourself. Armin was the scorekeeper.

You soon felt yourself being lifted out of the water and on Jean’s shoulders. He rested his hands on your thighs to keep you balanced.
“Hey, I’m finally in between your legs.” Jean said. You could practically hear the grin in his voice.
“You’re so crude.” You said and rested your hands on his head.
“So you know we’re going to have to fight dirty, right?” Jean said and looked up at you.
“Of course.” You smirked.

You all went in rounds and the winner of each round continued on to the final round. The first round was team Mikasa vs. team Krista. Reiner had a big fucking mouth until Mikasa pushed poor Krista off his shoulders in one swift movement. Round two consisted of team Ymir vs. team Sasha. Because Bertholdt was so fucking tall, they had a clear advantage and quickly knocked Sasha off Connie’s shoulders.

The last round was a triple threat. You and Jean, vs. Team Mikasa vs. Team Ymir.

“You ready to get your asses kicked?” Jean asked confidently making Eren roll his eyes at him. Bertholdt kept quiet but Ymir was throwing him a glare.
“Ready? Go!” Armin yelled starting the match.
You all stared at each other waiting for someone to make the first move. Ymir and Mikasa locked hands and started to knock each other off. You and Jean sat back and watched them go at it until surprisingly, Mikasa fell off of Eren’s shoulders. Ymir raised her arms up in victory.

It was time to play dirty.

“Hey, Bert?” You called for him and he looked at you a bit confused. “You look extremely sexy when you’re all wet like that.” You said in your most seductive voice. Bertholdt froze and his face turned a bright shade of red. Ymir looked down at Bert trying to get him to get him to get focused.

This was your chance. Jean charged at Ymir and Bert and you quickly pushed Ymir off his shoulders. You smirked as she hit the water.
“Wooo!” You yelled in happily. A few seconds later she popped her head out the water.
“No fair, (Name)! You can’t use your hotness to win!” She yelled and you just shrugged. “And I think you broke Bertholdt.” She added on with an amused look. He was still in the same spot with wide eyes and a heavy blush.
“Don’t hate the player, hate the game.” Jean said.


It was getting late so you all decided to head back to HQ. You guys put back your horses and headed into HQ quietly.

It was quite. Too quiet.

“Hey guys, something feels…off.” Eren said looking around.
“Yeah, I can’t explain it-” Armin was cut off by a strict deep voice.
“Can someone care to tell me why the fuck are you all coming into HQ at this time of night?” Captain Levi stood in front of you all with his arms crossed and a very pissed off look.

“We- um-” You started and looked around uncomfortably.

“He can’t beat all of our asses, run!” You all scattered throughout the hallway and ran your separate ways.

Let’s just say training the next day was a bitch.

The Best Distraction // Harry x Reader

Request: earth - 2 harrison wells x reader, maybe? reader has just been added to the team and she doesn’t really know how to control her powers much so the team often leaves her at the lab with harry but he’s super distant and reader just wants to get to know him but he doesn’t like to talk to her cause he’s super attracted to her innocence and smut ensues :0 love your work by the way 💕💕💕

Warnings: MY BOO REQUESTED THIS AW HEY also feelsy angsty smut aye. (A/N: this was really fun to write tbh)

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A Sense Of Security [a Kyle Spencer imagine]

Request: Can you do a cute and fluffy Kyle imagine before his accident? Like protecting him from his mom and just really cute and fluffy things?

a/n: hell yea i can my feels hurt now *sigh* i love my Ky Ky…

Soft navy blue sweater sleeves wrap around your body, securing you to the plush bedspread. Your head leans back, hitting a squishy but firm wall, pushing your Y/C/H hair upwards. A content hum escapes from your lips. This is pure bliss at its finest. 

Blond waves collide with your neck, tickling skin. “I love you.” Kyle whimpers; arms clutching you tighter. “I don’t wanna go home.” His distant southern accent muffled. Fingers play with the hem of your shirt; the cotton red fuzzy one that you ‘borrowed’ from him awhile ago.

Tomorrow is the start of winter break; therefore everyone has to leave campus. “It’s your mom, isn’t it?” You say solemnly, already knowing the answer. Kyle’s mother isn’t…well, let’s just say she’s almost at the top of your hate list. 

Nothing can hide the blond’s tears as he nods. “I…I don’t like it when she t-touches me, Y/N.” He sputters; breathing uneven. “I-it feels so wrong…” A sniffle comes from him. 

You turn your head to see his face. The usual smile is now a frown, framed with mini waterfalls. Red poofs of flesh surround his coal-like eyes, making him appear sleep deprived. This image of him is so familiar to you. He looks like this whenever he videochats you from home.

Moving around, your knees dig into the bed, caging his legs together. The dark sweater hangs down to your mid thigh and the sleeves scrunch to a stop at your knuckles. “Ky, what she does to you is wrong.” You stress, taking his face in your sweater paws. “I… I don’t want you staying there. At least, not without me.” You stare in his tearstained eyes, your thumbs run over his pink tinged cheeks.

His nose scrunches up as he sniffles; dark orbs rolling to the side, gazing at a wall. Posters suddenly look crooked to Kyle. “W-well, where am I s-supposed to stay, Y/N?” He mumbles, struggling to lift his arms. It feels like he has imaginary weights in his grip. “I d-don’t wanna bother you-”

“Don’t you dare finish that sentence, Kyle.” You warn, wiggling your pointer finger in front of him; he stares down at it. Yes, he sometimes resembles a child when he does things such as this. “You’re staying with me over break, okay?” Your face somehow moved closer to his.

Those perfect pink lips part, breathing out air through the small opening. Dark eyes stare back at yours; wide and glassy. “O-okay.” He nods, blond subtle curls bouncing around, causing him to look younger than he is. But, it’s cute. Even though he’s in dire need of a haircut.

“No cocky frat boy around my family though!” You joke with a snort. Your hand slides up the side of his face to his hairline. The smooth mane cards through your fingertips. He must’ve washed it this morning.

A sigh leaves from his nose. Eyelids flutter closed at your touch. He absolutely loves when you do this. It makes him feel generally safe; complete opposite of what he feels at home. “No cocky frat boy around your family. Got it.” He repeats, nodding quick. Then he lets a breath out; flipping you so he’s hovering over your body. “But that doesn’t mean no cocky frat boy now.” He smirks, peppering your face with short and sweet kisses, making you laugh. “Wait a fuckin’- is this my shirt?!” He shouts, peering down with his eyebrows knitted together; pointer finger and thumb pulling a section of the sweater.

You deadpan, looking directly in his eyes. “Maybe.”

His jaw drops and he lets go of the dark red fabric, falling back on his heels. “Babe!” He gasps, staring at you like you’ve just committed a serious crime. You raise an eyebrow, as if to say ‘what?’. “I’ve been looking at this for months!” Oops.

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26 for an angsty percabeth please!

Oh anon you did this just to kill me, didn’t you?

#26- Tears

“Percy,” Annabeth whispered, cradling his head in her palms. He hands were on his cheeks and were stroking his cheekbones with the pads of her thumbs. Large, fat tears were falling from the corners of his eyes, leaving trails in the dirt on his face. He was still covered in mud from the game of Capture the Flag. He didn't seem to notice. “It’s ok. It’s not real, there’s nothing there.” 

His eyes were wide and wet, lids brimming with tears threatening to fall and the green of his irises were almost glowing. His eyes were frantically darting around, taking in an environment that wasn’t there. 

His mouth hung open like a venus fly trap and Annabeth could see his chin shaking, throat catching. He tried shaking out of her hold, but she just tightened her grip and kept his face still. “Percy, what is it? What’s wrong?”

She saw movement from the corner of her eye and when she turned her head, her heart sank as she saw most of the camp standing just beyond the trees. What a strange image we must make for them she thought sadly Percy Jackson, son of the Big 3, savior of Olympus and Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena, leading architect for the rebuilding of Olympus, on their knees in the mud. 

She saw Jason force his way to the front of the crowd, worry written on his face. He still had his sword out and Annabeth realized he must have come straight from the other side of the woods. She caught his eye and jerked her head in the opposite direction. He took a step forward as Nico came out from the other cluster of trees. He looked down at Percy on his knees, quaking, crying, gasping, breaking and threw his hand up. 

Annabeth watched as a cover of darkness enveloped her and Percy like a wave of freezing water, and she could only just see outside it. Percy reached his fingers up to grip at her wrists and his hands were shaking. Annabeth could hear the campers from outside, whispering. 

She heard Nico’s voice cut through the fog of speculation, sharp and commanding. Not a Nico anyone was too used to. “Everyone, turn around and walk away.” He ordered. “He’s hallucinating and I don’t think he’d appreciate it if we watched.” 

She knew some campers had listened to Nico and had turned to leave, but Annabeth knew most of the camp was still watching, listening for any sounds from Percy, whispering

“Now.” Nico snapped “Before I make you.”

“You heard him,” Jason shouted to the remaining onlookers and Annabeth felt relieved that they had friends like these ones. “Everybody, back to camp. There’s nothing more for you to see here.”

“Percy,” Annabeth whispered, trying to get his eyes to focus on her, on anything. “What can I do? How can I help you?”

Annabeth looked back up and to her dismay, she saw a small gathering of campers still watching, waiting for them to come out. 

Annabeth heard knuckles cracking and both her and the other campers turned their heads to look. “Hey, Punks!” Clarisse growled, leveling a stare at the group. “Didn’t anyone ever teach you how to listen? Scram, before I scramble your brains all over the trees like eggs for the nymphs to make stew out of.”

The campers were gone before Annabeth could blink. Clarisse took one look at the black bubble and turned away as well.

Percy was whimpering, his fingers slipping off her hands. The tears were falling freely now, the trails like mini waterfalls cascading down his cheeks. He was gasping like he couldn’t breathe and Annabeth realized then what was wrong. 

“Percy,” she begged, moving her hands to grip at his shoulders and shake. His head lolled slightly, as though his neck and shoulders couldn’t hold it up. “We’re not there. We’re not in Tartarus, we’re out. We got out ages ago, remember? We got out and we’re free.”

He shook his head as he sat back on his haunches, placing his hands on his folded legs. The tears were leaving a wet puddle in his camp shirt, a map town the orange fabric. Like a leaking faucet, he was crying a steady river down his face to form a torrent.

“What can I do?” she asked again, gently resting her forehead against his own. 

A choked sob came from deep inside his chest and almost instantly, he pulled away to hide his face in her neck. She felt her shirt start to stick to her skin as Percy cried against it, and she stroked her fingers through his hair and rubbed his back as he gripped her shoulders hard to pull her closer. 

Annabeth cursed the gods that day, cursed them for making Percy hurt the way he was. She wanted to swear on the River Styx that she would make them pay, but she didn’t because she knew she could never do it and if she broke a promise on the Styx, she would be killed. She couldn’t leave Percy, not like this, not right now. 

And right now, Percy needed her more than anyone else in the world. Annabeth was fine with that, because he was her world, and she would do anything to stick the broken pieces back together. 

My Idol: Part Twenty Three

My Idol
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My Idol is a South Korean competitive reality dating game show. It currently airs on Wednesday nights on Jae-bummer’s blog. First broadcast in 2016, the show offers the opportunity for a lucky fan to go on seven blind dates with seven idols. The idol plans the date with the show throwing in specific missions to complete during the day. At the end of the initial dates, the show opens up an audience vote to decide what three idols will move on to the second date.

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Part 10 - Part 11 - Part 12 - Part 13 - Part 14 - Part 15 - Part 16 - Part 17 -
Part 18 - Part 19 - Part 20 - Part 21 - Part 22 - Part 23 - Part 24

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A not so successful hike today, but at least there was a castle.

To start it took us two and a half hours to get there, because the road I wanted was closed, and as with most rural areas the diversion was huge and long because, not many roads. And then it spat us out on the main road like ‘Look, this is where you were going, I’m done directing you now, have fun’ except that wasn’t where I was going, and I had to do a whole other loop, to get spat out on the main road AGAIN until I managed to find a road that would take me to where I wanted to go. Via most of Scotland.

Then we got to pretty waterfalls, which was nice, and were supposed to take a ‘rough path to the right of the waterfall’. Well either I couldn’t find the path, or the path was itself a mini-waterfall which would not have been fun with Mango. Either way, I stopped for lunch and backtracked home. Which isn’t so bad, we were at least halfway round, so we had a good walk. But I wanted to get up to the top of the ridge because the views over the valley are meant to be amazing. And because of the detour on the way there I broke my rule of ‘the walk must be longer than the round trip to get to it’.

As far as failed walks go, it was pretty minor though. And it was still pretty.