Bandai America Releasing the 2017 Tamagotchi Mini This Fall

Following in the footsteps of Bandai Japan, Bandai America is bringing the 2017 Tamagotchi Mini to the United States! We couldn’t be happier, but we must say we are not surprised. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the original Tamagotchi here in the United States Bandai is releasing the 2017 Tamagotchi Mini and bringing Tamagotchi back to America.

Placing their bets on nostalgia Bandai America is hoping that fans that nurtured the original virtual pet in 1997 will purchase the new 2017 Tamagotchi Mini decorated in the original 6 Japanese shell designs. The 2017 Mini is identical to the one just recently released in Japan, with the ability to raise 6 characters, however the packaging is a bit different. The 2017 Mini will feature unique packaging resembling the original packaging to pay tribute to the original version released in the United States. We can definitely see ourselves purchasing more than one for our collection!

“For many Generation X kids, the Tamagotchi device can be considered America’s first and favorite digital pet,” says Tara Badie, marketing director for Bandai America.  “The enduring power of Tamagotchi is its clear expression that nurturing and love never goes out of style. It’s such an honor to bring back one of the most beloved toys in a way that captures the magic and joy of a generation while embracing the sensibilities of new generations.”

The device is definitely being marketed for its nostalgia, hoping that fans back in the 90’s and perhaps even in the early 2000’s with the Connection devices will want to relive the good old days. This definitely seems like a good approach as many millennials have been flocking to nostalgic products that have been re-released.

The 2017 Tamagotchi Mini will be available this November in the United States, pre-orders will be available starting October 10th at various North American retailers for $14.99. As retailers post their pre-orders we will definitely keep you updated!

So what do you think about Bandai America releasing the 2017 Tamagotchi Mini in the United States for the 20th anniversary? Will you be ordering it? We want to hear from you!

oxymitch  asked:

Hello there! There are questions I like to ask....What would happen to the coma patient(s) when there's a power outage on not only the hospital but also the nearby areas of the town/city? And since the coma patient is kept alive by machines, would he/she die when the power is out? Also, what can the hospital staff do during the power outage for the coma patients?

Hey there @oxymitch​! Thanks for the ask! This is an interesting one :) 

First: I’m going to assume that your situation is going to last more than a couple of days, that they’re going to be isolated, and also that it will happen with no warning. Why? Because that’s the model I have to build an answer on. 

Easy ones: If the backup generators work, the power stays on, and the patients will be fine. If the loss of power is transient, less than a few hours, staff can be used to take over the machine functions in the short term. If the hospital has notice and they think they’ll lose power, they can actually transfer out their sickest patients to other facilities. Even if they lose power but the hospital is still accessible, they can request transfers for their sickest patients. Critical care transport units will transport those patients as far as needed to get them an ICU bed somewhere. 

Now, let’s look at the truly catastrophic scenario, because of course we should. 

So, first things first: hospitals have backup generators. As long as t he generators work and have fuel, your hospital will generally function in its usual manner, excepting that they will not permit surgeries in case of a total power failure. 

However, these generators are typically kept at, or even below, the level of the hospital, and flooding can knock these out. It happened in New Orleans during Katrina and I believe it happened in New York during Sandy, with a couple of major hospitals closed due to flooding. 

Let’s assume the power goes down completely – the worst possible case. Worse, help isn’t coming or can’t arrive any time soon – the true disaster scenario. Ambulances can’t get there by ground, all the air support is tied up on other missions or the storms are too bad to fly a helicopter. 

So, what happens to the coma patient in the ICU? Honestly, their outcome isn’t going to be great, and they’ll likely die. 

Ventilator-dependent patients require a machine to breathe for them, with very specific settings: volume, pressure, PEEP (positive end-expiratory pressure, essentially the “pushback” from the vent), etc. If the machines go down someone has to ventilate them manually, squeezing a bag 10-20 times a minute, indefinitely. It ties up staff that could be utilized in other places. Hell, that staff member can’t even leave the room for five minutes to pee

The other big issue is that IV pumps go down, too. Most IV pumps have some battery life, and some will last for hours, but many – especially those that are used strictly in-hospital, and have batteries only to get the patient to the bathroom and back – won’t work after 30-180 minutes. So the medications that are keeping most ICU patients alive won’t flow, and getting correct doses by drip – by pure gravity and the graces of a drip set – is next to impossible, especially in the dark. 

So these patients – many of whom are on 3, 8, 10, a dozen medication drips (plus their ventilator), are in deep, deep shit. 

[There is an  ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL podcast] about what happened in a hospital in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, based on a book [Five Days at Memorial by Sheri Fink]*. The hospital lost power, lost backup power, were isolated, lost radio contact, kept hearing stories about looting. They were surrounded by water and couldn’t leave. And, surprisingly quickly, the doctors began to euthanize. 

Their logic was this: these patients need machines to breathe for them, to pump them full of medications. Hell, most medication dispensers – the mini-pharmacies on units – absolutely require power to dispense any meds at all

These patients were going to gasp to death without ventilators, or were going to drown in their own fluids from heart failure, or meet whatever end the ICU was barely keeping them from. So doctors decided to give big doses of fentanyl and midazolam – a painkiller and a sedative – and ease their patients’ suffering once and for all. 

Right or wrong, the intent was kind. Right or wrong, their actions probably meet the legal definition of homicide. (Right or wrong, we do this for our pets all the time.) 

The concept of triage is about the greatest good for the greatest number. A fictional hospital might make the choice to allow all ventilated patients to breathe on their own – or not, but to not give them any support. That frees the staff up to save the patients they know they can help. Save who you can, and let go who you can’t. This is done in disasters every day by EMS. 

I’m not saying what happened at Memorial was right, or that it was wrong; that’s not my place. (The NPR podcast goes into that at length.) I’m just saying that it happened, and that you might find it an interesting reference point for your story. 

Hope this helped! 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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NCT 127 Discuss the Group's Unique Concept, Breaking Into U.S. & More

In January 2016, SM Entertainment founder Lee Soo-Man announced the formation of Neo Culture Technology (NCT), the globalized band with an unlimited number of members divided into units, tasked with bringing K-pop beyond Korea’s borders. Months later came NCT U, the foundational alpha unit to which members from any of NCT’s local units can be added. Later in 2016, two more units made their debut: NCT Dream, the delightfully poppy unit featuring the bright-faced youngest members of NCT and KCON NY 2017 performers NCT 127. The nine members of NCT 127 sat down with Billboard before their Saturday night performance to discuss the possibility of smaller units, the boundary-defying nature of their concept and the potential for more shows in America.

Though NCT 127’s base is Seoul – the 127 represents Seoul’s longitudinal coordinate – the unit has enraptured American K-pop fans without so much as a concert in the States thanks to their Western-leaning sounds. They take direct cues from trap, drum ‘n bass and the latest chart-topping hip-hop, and have worked alongside producers The Stereotypes (Bruno Mars) and Dem Jointz (Janet Jackson, Anderson .Paak). They’ve even garnered support from Apple Music as the first K-Pop act featured on Ebro’s Beats 1 show with their debut song “Firetruck.”

The unit made their debut last year with Haechan, Taeil, Mark, Yuta, Taeyong, Jaehyun and Winwin; this year, they made two additions with Johnny and NCT U’s Doyoung. With the nine current members of NCT 127, each member possesses different talents, from traditional Chinese dance to DJing. As such, the possibilities for duos and subunits are endless, as the members explained. “There’s a limitless amount of units that could come out just with nine people,” Johnny says. “One day, maybe if I DJ and some people come out to sing, some people come out to rap – there’s a lot of things we could try out.”

“I don’t think you can expect which unit will come out next in the NCT team, it’s so unexpected,” Mark adds. “It’s just something we all have to look forward to.”

As part of the global initiative at the heart of NCT, NCT 127’s members are a mini United Nations, where Japan (Yuta), China (Winwin), Canada (Mark), South Korea (Doyoung, Jaehyun, Taeil, Haechan, Taeyong) and the U.S. (Johnny) are represented. NCT 127 stars alongside other unit members in NCT Life, a reality show where they travel and explore various cities, from NCT U member Ten’s hometown of Bangkok to Yuta’s hometown of Osaka. “We do come from various cultures, so we do have some times where we conflict with each other,” Yuta says. “But I feel like we go in with the mindset of trying to understand each [member] and respect each other.”

“The more we don’t understand each other, the more we try to understand each other and try to help each other out in navigating different things,” 127 unit leader Taeyong adds.

The language barriers and cultural differences have led to some sitcom-worthy situations in the dorms. “This guy here, Winwin, the way we talk to him, he picks [it] up really quickly,” Johnny says. “In Korean, there’s a way to raise your formality [based on age]. What happens is if we talk to him with formality, which the younger kids usually do, he’ll speak back to them with formality, because that’s what he hears. When the older guys [use informal speech, or banmal], he’ll speak back to us like that.”

One thing that manages to transcend linguistic barriers is their complex and powerful performances. They’ve worked with noted choreographers Kevin Maher and Tony Testa on “Limitless” and “Cherry Bomb,” respectively. The members have gone on record to note how exhausting their choreography is and how much effort the moves require – six members ripped their pants while doing the memorable split leg choreography from “Cherry Bomb.” “Because we’re singing in Korean, our fans abroad may not understand what we’re saying, but our strength is in performance,” Doyoung says. “I feel the way we see a performance is universal. If fans worldwide would see our performance, they would immediately catch what the essence of NCT is.”

NCT 127 flew in late Friday and had an Apple Store performance in Williamsburg the next morning at 10 a.m., giving them little time to explore New York City. Beyond their short and simple to-do list (Times Square, pizza and hot dogs – the members seem to love fast food), Johnny wanted his bandmates to get something more important out of the experience. “What I really want everyone to experience is the energy that New Yorkers can give us,” the Chicago native says. “We already can feel everyone looking at us with bright eyes. I wish everyone could get that energy and go back to Korea like, 'Whoa, we just came back from New York with good vibes.’”

When asked if there will be more American shows in the unit’s future, they didn’t hesitate to keep the possibility open. “If there’s an opportunity, yes!” Johnny says. “We really think this is the beginning.”

And if the lines of fans camped outside the Apple Store at 1 a.m. post-KCON were any indication, this is only the beginning of something huge.

Scheduled New Releases: October 2017 - Week 2

This list will continually be updated when MVs, iTunes links, & additional new release information become available.

Im Siwan (of ZE:A) x Jo Hyunah (of Urban Zakapa) - Tick Tock (digital single)
Release Date: October 9th

NU’EST W - W, HERE (unit debut mini-album)
Title Track: Where You At [MV]
Release Date: October 10th

GOT7 - 7 for 7 (7th mini-album)
Title Track: You Are [MV]
Release Date: October 10th

TRCNG - New Generation (debut mini-album)
Title Track: Spectrum [MV]
Release Date: October 10th

HASHTAG - The Girl Next Door (debut mini-album)
Title Track:  ㅇㅇ (Hue) [MV]
Release Date: October 11th

Davichi - To Me (digital single) [Lyric MV]
Release Date: October 11th

Wooyoung (of 2pm) -  Still Here (digital single) [MV]
Release Date: October 11th

RAINZ (from Produce 101) - Sunshine (debut mini-album)
Title Track: Juliette [MV]
Release Date: October 12th

SF9 - Knights of the Sun (3rd mini-album)
Title Track: O Sole Mio [MV]
Release Date: October 12th

VARSITY - U & I, Date (1st mini-album)
Title Track: Can You Come Out Now? [MV]
Release Date: October 12th

MASC - Do It (2nd digital single)
Title Track: Do It [MV]
Track: Run to You [MV]
Release Date: October 12th

DIA - Present (3rd mini-album repackage)
Title Track: Good Night [MV]
Release Date: October 12th

UP10TION - 2017 Special Photo Edition
Title Track: Going Crazy [MV]
Release Date: October 12th

HA:FELT - Meine (1st single album)
Title Track: I Wander (feat. Gaeko) [MV]
Track: Read Me (feat. Punchello) [MV]
Release Date: October 12th

Doyoung (of NCT) x Sejeong (of Gugudan) - Star Blossom (digital single) [MV]
Release Date: October 13th

Yu Seungwoo - Tonight (digital single) [MV]
Release Date: October 13th
Making a map of Scotland — Lord of the Rings Style – Callum Ogden – Medium
I recently published a map of Scotland on the /r/Scotland subreddit as well as my own Tumblr page:
By Callum Ogden

A few people asked how the little map of Scotland was made, so I wrote a brief overview of the key stages over on Medium - click the link above to read it.

If you’re interested in maps or the general process, hopefully it will give you some ideas on the kinds of tools and resources I found useful in this mini project.

I *breaks wall* Need *crashs window* The *flips table* Fuckin *breaks chair* Mini Mini UNIT!!!!!!*roars*

Arby’s Joins 2017 Tamagotchi Mini Love Fest

Yesterday was the official launch date of the 2017 Tamagotchi Mini in the United States. As we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Tamagotchi here in the United States we are so happy to see the attention the Tamagotchi brand is receiving!

Who would have though that Arby’s would be just as excited? Arby’s has just tweeted out an AWESOME gif of their famous curly fries and a beautiful ketchup artwork of Nyorotchi!

Be sure to head over to Arby’s Twitter page and give them a like, or even a retweet to show your support of Tamagotchi. While you’re at it head over to one of their locations for those delicious curly fries!

anonymous asked:

Do you know of any resources about those debunked arguments? Socialization, gender etc. I'd like to read more about it!

It’s 4:30AM here, and my brain is fried from a lack of sleep, so if you don’t mind, I’m going to ramble a bit.

The notion of a universal female/male socialization binary was debunked ages and ages ago along with the related notion that we only ever receive one of those binaries (it’s very well established that we take in all messages, we sort and process them for relevance, based on the value we attribute to the socializing agents, reproduce them in difference ways depending on context, etc.). And that’s not even mentioning the impact of neurodivergence on socialization processes. Like, I haven’t heard a sociologist seriously peddling any of those ideas in…well, since I left high school ages ago. More common within feminism, but even then, there’s usually an asterisk implied that it’s a hell of a lot more complicated, and an assumption that they’re speaking specifically of general patterns within cis populations.

Literally every sociology class I took discussed that at least in part, and how socialization is multi-faceted, complex, involves internal and external processing, etc., most of my profs referencing intersectionality while describing it, so…like, I’m pretty sure there’s a heck of a lot of material out there on that, and how there’s no singular experience of womanhood or universal distinct female socialization that occurs the same way and imparts the same information across all regions and cultures and demographics. Like, I severely doubt that my little mediocre university here in Canada is the only one using the books and readings we did. 

I’m sure I could go find a few dozen textbooks that discuss it (I’d look at my own old textbooks if I wasn’t using my parent’s basement 300km away as a mini storage unit for a lot of my books, given I lack the furniture and space to hold them), but, like, it was something that was present in all my readings involving socialization in any sociology class that brought it up, and even in my applied psych and group psychology classes. Only place I read otherwise were two or three of my gender studies classes when we’d study some second wave feminist writings.

Privilege is something where some folks still cling to the old 1950s-1960s views on how privilege functions, back when theorists happily reproduced notions of oppressions all being separate and distinct from each other, and when theorists were neck-deep in cissexism and refused to actually consider trans and NB people’s existences.

Since then: 

  • the notion of a singular, universally transmitted socialization has been debunked, which troubles some of the assumptions and conclusions
  • Intersectionality has been accepted as the primary valid framework on which to understand lived experiences and power relations, further troubling notions of universal privilege. Because if we can accept that misogynoir is real, and that black women are socialized in different ways than white women are, we must also accept that black men are socialized in different ways than white men, which provides the question of how that intersection of power and marginalization impacts a black man’s ability to harness male privilege, and to which degree, in which regions/cultures/contexts/etc. This of course doesn’t mean privilege isn’t real, but it’s more complex than “You’re a man, you will always have X privileges over women”, for instance.
  • Cissexism has risen to the forefront as a framework to understand trans people’s lived experiences and oppression, which inherently troubles and challenges the notion of “male” and “female” states within the old privilege model (which they accepted as essential and immutable, when sex is actually socially constructed and far more fluid and variable), particularly when describing trans people prior to coming out, since it’s clear that trans people generally do not experience socialization remotely the same as how cis people tend to (and there is obviously always plenty of variation there as well). For instance, any notion of socialization-borne privileges of being “male” for trans women get necessarily called into question, given our socialization trends are significantly different than cis men’s.

Like, I’m sure I could find plenty of external sources saying the same stuff (maybe minus cissexism, which would be limited to trans people’s writings, usually not in academic texts or journal articles, but still perfectly valid) as I wrote above. if I had the energy to run a 20 page google scouring I would, but I don’t. needless to say, though, it’s not exactly farfetched, niche ideas. Folks have been challenging and proving wrong those simplistic notions of socialization and privilege for decades.

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The remaining shuffle units have been announced! 
Their names are QA, Warlock and Yaseiji

There will also be a shuffle unit mini album! It will contain 5 new songs by the shuffle units and cards illustrated by the shuffle unit leaders’ artists.

The songs are:
Victim Collection ~Gokujou no Ikenietachi he~ - Warlock
Setsuna no Ma Chérie - Grandmaster
Do!Do!Journey! - Yaseiji

SOPE Unit Mini Album: Hwagae market (The Misunderstood Vocalists)

Track List

1.Intro: Jhooooooope (Jhope #1 Fan) Suga’s solo Track

2.I Believe I Can Fly (Remix Cover) Ft Namjoon

3.Cypher pt 4.2 (Savage Duo: We won’t Let you Live)

4. WKWLLIT (We Know We Look Like Idiots Together)

5.Chill Fam, Hands Holding is Platonic

6. We Dabbed Ft Taehyung & Jungkook

7.We Laughing At You, Not With You (A dedication to Jin) 

8.To Be Tall Ft Jimin

9. Halmoni & Haraboji

10. We Ship Ourselves More than ARMYS

11.Outro: OMG (His Attempts At Aegyo) JHope’s Solo Track

After the first United State of Women Summit last summer, you made it clear you wanted to keep learning and connecting – and you wanted to do it in your local community. We heard you loud and clear – and that’s why we’re proud to announce The Galvanize Program! We’re bringing mini United State of Women summits to communities across the country to bring people together to tackle the challenges women are facing nationally and locally. We’re arming women with the tools and resources they need to keep organizing and fighting for gender equity, whether that’s through elected office, entrepreneurship, and everything in between. Head over to to get involved!


We killed our team leader again this year. 😜 We did a week long mini-unit Classroom Crime Scene. Our team lead was viciously murdered, and the students spent the week looking at witness statements, fingerprints, autopsy reports, etc. They talked to the text (our version of annotating), identified prepositional phrases, used roots and stems to define words, made inferences, and plotted out the plot timeline of the murder. I loved hearing all of the theories of who did it.


LOOΠΔ sub-unit Odd Eye Circle has released the choreography MV for “Girl Front,” the title track of their unit-debut mini-album “Mix & Match.”

Buy “Girl Front” on iTunes

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