I love mini NCT members (people should have already stopped calling them rookies, cause they already graduated) and I wait for their debut! It’s so close wow!

I know this is a way to promote and make them better known outside the world, while other members will be in Hawaii resting, cause my 7th sense (lol citing NCT U song) tells me some of the already debuted members will be on the October unit along with those who haven’t made yet an appearance on stage!

So please guys, love them equally as artists and keep away your biased feelings…they are still young and you know…they have internet access too and they can still see your comments! Don’t hurt them by putting them down, using your love for other NCT member/s (this is really harsh..)! Fighting NCT Dream! 

PS: I really hope to see these guys all together again!

I know there is a rumor about NCT Dream being the “mini rookie’s unit” and how the members would probably be between 99-02 liners (I’m not 100% about the ages tbh), but I don’t understand why some people are automatically writing them off and saying they’ll “pass” on them just because they’ll be a group of younger boys. Just because they are younger doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give them a chance. 

When We Were Young (PART ONE)

Request: No request, just a little idea I had.

Reader: Female Reader x Mike Dodds

A/N: I’m making this into a series (only 3 parts or a few more)

 It happened so fast, one minute you were helping your elderly neighbor with her groceries and the next you were knocked out cold, blood gushing from your head and bruises forming. 

  They hadn’t sexually assaulted you, but you couldn’t say the same for Mrs. Kennedy, who was now in the hospital. You were taken on an ambulance, waking up as they were taking you inside of the hospital. You were scared at first, the bright lights affecting your vision and your arms being held down by nurses.

  They explained to you that you had been found in the stairwell of your apartment with a gash on your head that needed a few stitches and a broken wrist from the fall. You had never broken any bones before, even when you played sports in high school, so the pain was excruciating and brought tears to your eyes as they set the bone back in place before putting a temporary cast on.

  You were then told that the police were on their way, the Special Victims Unit to be exact. You sat on your hospital bed, the covers pulled up over your shivering body and covering the many bruises from your nasty fall.

 The nurse informed you that the police were here and as soon as they talked to Mrs. Kennedy, who was now awake, they would talk to you. You nodded, not wanting to talk. 

 “Mrs. L/N, I’m Detective Carisi–” 

“Y/N?” You looked up, surprise written across your face as you realized that the other man was Mike Dodds, who you dated in high school and part of college. 

“Mike?” You asked, wanting to make sure it was actually him, not just the concussion you had.

“In the flesh. It’s been a long time, Y/N.” He said as you looked at him.

“Sarg, you two know each other?” Carisi interrupted the two of you.

“Sargeant, huh? That’s a big step up. I’m guessing you’re handling Mrs. Kennedy’s case?” You said.

“And yours.” Mike said, sincerity lacing his voice.

“What do you mean? I got pushed down some stairs, I don’t think that really makes me a special victim Mike.” 

“You have a broken wrist, stitches, and bruising. Adding your assault to the charges can make the DA’s case even stronger. Now can you tell us what happened?”

“I got home and I saw Mrs. Kennedy needed help bringing up some bags. Her husband died last year so now she lives alone, I thought it would be nice to help, you know?” Mike kept his eyes trained on you, watching the way you talked.

 “I was bringing up the last bag, I was almost to the hallway. This guy came at me. He had a ski mask on, I think he hit me with the gun. He was taller than me, 6′3 maybe?” You started to feel bad that you couldn’t tell them more about the perp. “I’m sorry I can’t tell you more, I should’ve paid more attention I was just…” You trailed off, your voice shrinking into a whisper. “Terrified.”

 Your hands were now shaking, your teeth biting down harshly on your bottom lip.

“Y/N, you did great okay.” Mike sighed, placing his hand on your shoulder to comfort you. “This isn’t your fault. I promise you that. I’m gonna find this guy okay?” He says and you believe him. 

  They ask you a few more questions, just basic things. Mike asked you to come in tomorrow to meet with a sketch artist and you agreed. You wanted to help the case and a small part of you wanted to see Mike again.

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What is nct dream?

the next NCT unit that will debut next month and it’s a mini rookies unit (BUT ITS MERELY A RUMOR AS OF NOW!!)

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what rumor???

There’s a new rumor that the next NCT unit (NCT Dream) will debut next month and it’s a mini rookies unit. I personally don’t believe it because of the NCT B coming in October thing and it doesn’t follow along with any of the other rumors. Or maybe it could be real but it’s just for a SM Station track and NCT B will still come in October …. I hope this is the case because I really want KunJohnSol to debut lol :(((

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ahh i didn't think about that they could get negative backlash, that's true, but still, it just seems unlikely to me that they'll debut a minis unit lol also i didn't mean that i don't want johnkunsol debuting bc omg i do i was just saying that it's kinda weird to put only the kids we know in all the units when there's like 25 more boys waiting to debut, at least imo. but omg if they really do debut all the minis i'd be okay too, i certainly wouldn't hate them or not pay attention to them

yeAH DONT WORRY i didnt misunderstand, i totally get you– i’d be scared for them since they’re all little kiddos and ?? how could they face backlash ?? how could they face scary fans ??? my babies !! i’d support them as much as i could my children ;;



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I'm so excited for nct dream. I really hope it's the minis unit. It does seem like it will be so far, from the rumours to tiny Jisung's teaser. But then I always think about how MarkHyuck would get time to prepare for dream while promoting with 127. Maybe it's not a minis unit? Idk

If they are in NCT Dream then I think maybe they have been training before the announcement of NCT Dream, and the thought of Mark having to practice for NCT U, NCT 127 and NCT Dream and Haechan practising for NCT 127 and NCT Dream all at once makes my heart feel heavy. 

(or maybe they aren’t in nct dream and they get to rest)