No passado mês de Maio tivemos oportunidade de fazer parte da caravana MINI Portugal no maior evento internacional da marca que teve lugar em França. Ficam aqui algumas fotos e o último parágrafo da revista Top Gear: “Por contar, ficam também muitas outras histórias passadas nos "bastidores” da caravana lusa. Obrigado companheiros, até à próxima!“ in Top Gear n.º 12 (Junho 2012)

Mini Photo Calendar (50 units)                   HKD1400

Product code                               PHK-FS-068
Content size                                (W) 55 x (H) 90mm
Paper material                             Artcard
Minimum order                             1 batch for 50 units (same design)
Production                                   15 working days



JPEG is on the left

We had a short mini-unit where we experimented with the difference between RAW files and JPEG files. We set our cameras to record one photo as both a RAW and as a JPEG. I then downloaded the photos into photoshop, and applied the same exact editing to each, so that I could really see the difference between the two types. 

I noticed that the RAW files (on the right; JPEG is on the left) are very colorful, but the colors seem more muted at times because there is less contrast between the colors. I prefer the more sharp contrast that the JPEG file photos provide. However, the JPEG files are more easily affected by shifts in color, like the eraser photo- the JPEG file turned a shade of blue, where the RAW file only has a little hint of blue. In that sense, I would prefer the RAW file, because then I could fine tune the image with a larger margin for adjustment. 

Overall, however, I think I prefer the JPEG files just because I enjoy the sharp differences between color. It helps define the photo much more prominently. Plus, JPEG files are easier to work with. RAW files have to be downloaded and converted, and need more tuning. 


New μ's Mini Unit Songs

Printemps - MUSEUM de dō shitai?

BiBi - Saitei de saikō no Paradiso

lily white - Otohime kokoro de koi kyūden

Hit maker Sean Tizzle meets MMG rapper Wale

Hit maker Sean Tizzle meets MMG rapper Wale

While more than half of Nigerian music industry has met with MMG rapper Wale, Sean Tizzle isn’t among the long list.

The hitmaker finally met the man as he takes a mini tour of the United States.

Sean Tizzle will be hoping to get a verses off Wale as he looks to release his second studio album in 2016.

Wale recently released his third studio album tagged The Album About Nothing and has since…

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