Seventeen Performance Unit (GOING SEVENTEEN CONCEPT PHOTOS) Lockscreen/Wallpaper

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SOPE Unit Mini Album: Hwagae market (The Misunderstood Vocalists)

Track List

1.Intro: Jhooooooope (Jhope #1 Fan) Suga’s solo Track

2.I Believe I Can Fly (Remix Cover) Ft Namjoon

3.Cypher pt 4.2 (Savage Duo: We won’t Let you Live)

4. WKWLLIT (We Know We Look Like Idiots Together)

5.Chill Fam, Hands Holding is Platonic

6. We Dabbed Ft Taehyung & Jungkook

7.We Laughing At You, Not With You (A dedication to Jin) 

8.To Be Tall Ft Jimin

9. Halmoni & Haraboji

10. We Ship Ourselves More than ARMYS

11.Outro: OMG (His Attempts At Aegyo) JHope’s Solo Track

I *breaks wall* Need *crashs window* The *flips table* Fuckin *breaks chair* Mini Mini UNIT!!!!!!*roars*


I’m at the stage where all I’m doing is gluing, correcting highlights and mistakes and well, taking pics of the almost final product. I figured I will post one mini (or unit) a day until I arrive to the grand finale, the purpose being to tease @petepaintswarhammer until the reveal of a magnificent group shot, just to mess about with him. Figured I take some awesome pics and everyone gets a treat.

Scheduled New Releases: March 2017 - Week 3

This list will continually be updated when MVs, iTunes links, & additional new release information become available.

GOT7 - Flight Log: Arrival (6th mini-album)
Title Track: Never Ever [MV]
Release Date: March 13th
iTunes -

HIGHLIGHT - It’s Still Beautiful (album pre-released digital single) [MV]
Release Date: March 13th
iTunes -

MVP - Manifest (debut mini-album)
Title Track: Take It [MV]
Release Date: March 13th
iTunes -

LOOΠΔ 1/3 - Love&Live (unit debut mini-album)
Title Track: Love&Live [MV]
Release Date: March 13th
iTunes -

Cao Lu (of Fiestar) x Yerin (of GFriend) x Kisum - Why Is It Spring Again? (digital single) [MV]
Release Date: March 16th
iTunes -

7 O’Clock - Butterfly Effect (debut mini-album)
Title Track: Echo [MV]
Release Date: March 16th
iTunes -

Henry (of Super Junior-M) - Girlfriend (digital single)
Release Date: March 18th
iTunes -

I know there is a rumor about NCT Dream being the “mini rookie’s unit” and how the members would probably be between 99-02 liners (I’m not 100% about the ages tbh), but I don’t understand why some people are automatically writing them off and saying they’ll “pass” on them just because they’ll be a group of younger boys. Just because they are younger doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give them a chance.