BTS Reactions - You finishing their work for them

You walk into the study of your apartment with a cup of tea, and find your boyfriend asleep at the desk. He’d been finishing packing some ‘goody bags’ for his share of the 2000 fans coming to their BTS Birthday Event, and he’d fallen asleep after doing 63. You drape a blanket over his shoulders and pack the remaining ones, before heading to bed yourself, about 2 hours later, leaving your boyfriend to rest.

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K A I R O S | 02 |


(n.) the perfect, delicate, crucial moment; the fleeting rightness of time and place that creates the opportune atmosphere for action, words, or movement

An arranged marriage AU.

Paring: OT7.
Genre: fluff, angst, a lot of suggestive parts and eventual smut.
Word count: 6 912 -ish
Author’s note: Surprise!! :DD bet yall didnt see this coming hmm. okay but im really nervous about this one.

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“But mom, I’m not going to live with a bunch of strangers-!”

“I had the maids pack your things last night, your bags are outside.”


Cliche is underrated.

Especially when you just got kicked out of your own house by your ever so loving parents to stay with seven boys you’ve only heard notorious things about.

Oh, and you’re supposed to pick one to marry by the end of next month.

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Wife of The Divine

Originally posted by readtheeyes

Summary: Being the wife of God himself has it’s fair share of marital issues, especially when it comes to the topic of children

Pairing: God!Chuck x Winchester!Reader, Sam, Dean.

Warnings: flashbacks, light angst. Literally over all fluff, slight comedy (its really lame, i’m not that funny.)

Word Count: 1,485

Chuck and Gabriel Appreciation Week (masterlist)

“ Come to mommy, you can do it!” Your voice rung sweetly, your hands out to the small child who stood on his own. His chubby legs wobbling and one foot lacking a sock unlike the other. He gurgled at you, big brown eyes flicking to yours and a gummy smile across his cheeks. He took a step forwards before falling to his bum. The dream begun to blur, noises of the real world become louder and harder to ignore. The baby in your dream began to cry and the light of the sun became harsh. You opened your eyes.

 The scent of breakfast lured you,

bacon and pancakes on the menu. Currently you and your celestial husband were staying with your brothers. Thankfully, they let you stay to get out of harm’s way.

 Your hand slowly inched to your stomach, brushing the sheets away from your sweaty skin. Chuck had been a little rough last night, soft purple fingerprints littered your skin. A reminder of the bittersweet love. Of the challenges you were currently facing that wasn’t his sister. Baby Making.  

 “ Not now, y/n, I’m exhausted and I need to get this book done.”

 “ God dammit, Chuck, you’ve been looking at a blank screen for the past hour. I’m sure if you cleared your head you could write in the morning. Come to be with me-” You hold out your hand slightly, head titled to the side.

 He let out a soft laugh, rolling his eyes at you. He knew it was a wrong move, but he knew what you wanted. He just couldn’t bring himself to do that.

 “ You know, you don’t need to say my name twice and use it in vain. I can hear.” He winced slightly at his own comment, cowering slightly.

Your feet gently padded against the tiled floor, making your way throughout the cool morning bunker. The scent of breakfast slowly becoming stronger.  You turn the corner, h/c curls brushing the apples of your cheeks. Sam and Dean sat at the island, mugs of coffee for both and forks piled with mini stacks of pancake. The topic of this morning’s breakfast: Lucifer and his tantrums.

 “He wants a big, wet apology.” Chuck sighed as he flipped, Dean and Sam looking at one another before Dean spoke up.

 “Then give him one.”

“I can’t say I’m sorry if I don’t mean it.”

For some reason that comment hit hard, as if it were lightly also directed to you. You sat down between your boys and waited for your plate. Chuck stood on the other side with a ‘World’s Greatest Dad’ mug in hand. You scoffed softly, causing all three men to look up at you.

 Cautiously you look up with red cheeks. Chuck stared at you and your brothers returned to their meal. He tensed, gripping his mug a little too tightly, “ What’s wrong, Y/N/N?”

“Nothing at all.”

“Don’t give me that crap, Y/N..”

You frowned, sinking into your chair. Sometimes you swear that if he wasn’t your husband and he wasn’t so desperately in love with you, that he would smite you on the spot. His testing look made you now your head and you sighed softly.

“World’s greatest dad? I want that to come true someday. You know children.” Sam shifted besides you, becoming slightly uncomfortable as Dean choked on his coffee. When it came to their little sister and her odd marriage with God, they were always awkward.

Then Dean spoke up,

 “No. You’re not having children. I let you date him. Marry him. But children? Hell no. I’m not having little brats running around here. Plus it’s dangerous, were hunters, Y/N…especially since you’re married to God! Isn’t that sinning?” He spoke, jaw locked. You shot a glare at your brother before your husband spoke once again.

“You have the angles, they are technically your children as well now. So you do have children! World’s Greatest Mom!” He laughed weakly, his soft grey eyes wrinkled with laugh lines.

“I want a baby Chuck, I..I want to be pregnant and I want to have your children. A baby, a small little bundle of joy.” You spoke, cheeks burning and lips quivering in disappointment and embarrassment. Turning away, you quickly and stood with tears glazing your eyes.

Your brothers were now looking the other way, shifting awkwardly and coughing here and there. Your husband stared at you with those big orbs of his and he shook his head.

“It’s not a good time, especially with my sister on the loose. Anyway, we have the angles to take care of.” he muttered in a distant tone and faced away to tend to breakfast.




The bathroom had become your personal hell, coming in to only leave with crushed hopes. During the five years you had been married to Chuck you started asking about children two and a half years in. Every time you would bring the subject up, he seemed to have some excuse or would direct the topic to  something different.

During these last couple years of trying to land pregnant, it seemed to be getting harder and harder. Almost as if he were purposely laying down a blocking spell to ensure you lack of conceiving. Though you knew he wouldn’t do such a thing without your consent. You gathered the tests into your hands and slowly slid down the wall, head dropping in between your knees. The pressure in your chest begun to build, higher and higher as it soared into infinity, the sobs coming out choked and breathy.

It felt like the world was against you.

Against your wish for children.

For a family.

Those stupid, singular blue lines on the sticks each felt like a blow to the heart. Maybe, you weren’t ever meant to be a mother. It still didn’t stop the jealousy that raged through you every time a happy couple came along with their own sweet child. A knock came from the door, a soft and gentle one. Almost timid and unsure. You stood, flicking the lock and slowly creaking it open.

There stood the man you loved, still dressed in his pajama lounge pants, plain tee and sweater. His mug gone but his hair still as unruly and unkempt as ever. He grabbed the door slightly and opened it wider, but you pressed a soft hand to his chest and kept him in place.

“ Don’t.”

“ Y/N/N..please let’s talk.”

“ After years of begging and asking and dreaming, you finally want to talk?Here-” And with that, you shove the three wrapped up tests into his hand and looked up to him, his lips barely noticeable through his thick beard.

He slowly peeled them open, already knowing the what the results would be. The negative signs and the blank Were no surprise, although it still broke his heart to see you so distressed over this. His excuses were to keep you safe, to keep you from being tracked by heaven and hell alike. The angles would be fascinated, the rogue would want to kill it and hell? Hell would want to take the baby to use its power to overthrow heaven.

But there was one other reason to why he didn’t want any children.

He already had failed as a father.

And now as a husband.

You lay in the sheets, naked. Your nightgown still bunched around your hips and his hands brushing over your breasts. Sex was supposed to be about intimacy–yet, this time it felt wrong. It didn’t feel like love anymore, it felt like release. It only felt like a release from the stress and the heart ache.

Chuck buried his face into your neck and slowly pressed kisses down to the crook in his hazy half asleep slumber. Chuck nearly died at the hands of his sister. After all the ruthless fighting he had finally come to a compromise with her after the years of being neglected. She had her own plane to create her own world.

Saying goodbye, both you and Chuck went back ‘home’. A little house in the middle of nowhere and peace. The sex had been tearful and hesitant touches. The morning after now felt like a mess of emotions and…vomit.

You stood quickly, pushing Chuck’s arms away and bolted through the small house naked. You stopped and dropped in front of the bowl, gripping the sides and wrenching up last night’s dinner. You felt dizzy and confused, but with a curious mind you took out a test and went through the slow and painful ritual.


And Chuck stood behind you, robe on and ‘world’s greatest dad’ mug in hand.The steam of coffee slowly billowed off the top as a warm, yet worried smiled crossed his lips.

Maybe this wasn’t that bad after all.

  • it’s finally here
  • i’ll try not to make it too cliche like
  • wOw WoNwOo ReAdS!!11!1!
  • no but obviously he’s a very big book person
  • when you first see the apartment there are mini stacks of books wonwoo’s halfway through reading
  • he’s not a party person, that’s for sure
  • he actually finds u at a cafe, crying your little heart out
  • you’ve just been kicked out bc you can’t afford to pay rent
  • you’re stuff is still in your old place and you have three days to move out
  • you ordered your regular drink and sat down at a random booth
  • but the booth is actually wonwoo’s
  • he comes in so often, he practically lives there
  • specifically, in the booth you’re currently sat
  • he walks in, holding his latest novel
  • he’s surprised to see you in his space but you look really upset so he just slides into the next one over
  • it’s all fine until you start sobbing
  • he gets worried and can see some people staring
  • he sits opposite you and puts his book down
  • “hey, are you ok?”
  • you’re extremely shocked but you hold a wobbly smile
  • “yeah, don’t worry about me.”
  • “lies. what’s up?”
  • so you decide to tell him because what the hell lol
  • he’s silent for a while and then he’s like
  • “want to move into my apartment?”
  • and you’re about to say no bc you just met and it’s weird
  • “i know you’re probably going to say no but i’m genuinely looking for a roommate as well.”
  • “what university do you go to?”
  • “the same one as you,’ he replies
  • and you’re like what the fuck
  • turns out he’s actually in your english lit class and always stares at you from his seat 
  • “oh wait, you’re wonwoo aren’t you?”
  • he’s surprised you know his name but lowkey happy about it
  • “yep, that’s me.”
  • so you do eventually move in and it takes a long time for wonwoo to warm up to you
  • like yes, you’re in the same class but
  • wonwoo is socially awkward and introverted
  • but then again, so are you
  • you both share book recommendations and read together
  • you don’t actually talk but you’re in the same room you know?
  • since neither of you can cook for shit, mingyu always comes round with some food for u both
  • “you really need to learn to cook.”
  • “but that’s effort.”
  • it’s ok, mingyu’s food is great
  • you learn about his seafood allergy when you wanted to have seafood ramen for dinner but he obviously can’t
  • so you ordered a different one instead and he kinda felt bad
  • “it’s ok wonwoo, i don’t just like seafood.”
  • you always see him wear the same three sweaters over and over again
  • every christmas or birthday it’s basically a sweater party
  • you even get him ugly christmas sweaters, which he loves
  • you tease him a lil when u find out he wears glasses
  • you secretly wear them when he’s gone tho
  • gradually, you become wonwoo’s bff
  • and you enjoy every second of it
  • so when you find out he can’t pay his rent because of family issues
  • you pay the whole thing for a few months, no questions asked
  • you don’t want to lose wonwoo and the place so you’ll do everything
  • in between your busy schedule, you get a job at the cafe
  • lol mEmOrieS1!!!1
  • you constantly tell him he looks sexy when he’s tired
  • you say it like you’re joking but you’re dead serious
  • wonwoo is embarrassed
  • all the time
  • but he loves u a lot

can i get an amen for roommate!wonwoo?



look at his smile im crying

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The Dove and the Peacock | Joshua vs Junhui

Genre: fluff/angst, meta (abstract concept), a little bit of everything its just a wild ride

Pairing: Reader x Joshua vs Junhui

Word count: 8.4k (this is the longest fully written scenario I’ve ever written omg)

Synopsis: All she had to do was choose between the dove or the peacock. Easy enough, right?

A/N: This was originally written for the same friend I did ZA!Hwiyoung for!! This is written in a completely different writing style than what I usually do (I wanted to try something new), but it still has “me” elements, if that makes sense LOL. This concept is a little abstract and difficult to understand, but I hope you still enjoy reading and pls give me feedback! THIS IS SO LONG I CANT BELIEVE ITS FREAKING 8.4K HOLY CRAP SLKFFL IT SUCKS IM SORRY BUT HAPPY READING FROM YOUR FAV MOM!!!!

Just choose one.

Blank, empty walls surrounded her body, if one would even call it that. She floated around mindlessly, a soul having left her body. She didn’t feel tied down as she did earlier, a weight having lifted off of her. Her limbs freely moved as much as her thoughts wildly ran. Her eyes glazed over the sight in front of her with serenity that would expectedly send one into hysteria.

A hundred – that’s how many birds occupied the empty space, particularly doves and peacocks.

“There’s far too many,” she whispered. She took in every corner of the room, every feather, every color. Where would she even start?

As if reading her mind, the voice cried out again.

You’ll know.

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‘And She Was’ (Simon x OC x Negan, Part 7)

Title: “And She Was”

Characters: Simon (The Walking Dead), Negan (The Walking Dead)

Tags/Warnings: Explicit language, explicit sexual content, canon-typical violence, Negan being Negan

Art Credit: Art is mine, y’all!

NOTES: Savannah strikes a bargain with Simon, and realises that Negan might be the key to helping her get what she wants. (Thanks for all the lovely comments btw <3)

Taglist: @simons-thirst-squad @backseat-negan @collette04 @sppplendiferousfinch @kuenie @neganisking @isayweallgetdrunk @toxic-ink(if you’d like to be added, just let me know!)

Part one!

Part two!

Part three!

Part Four!

Part five!

Part Six!

My tongue is stuck behind my woolly teeth, sandpaper dry. My entire body bears a dull, throbbing ache, and my neck is twisted where my head leans against the cool ground. I feel panic begin to ebb inside me, and for a fleeting moment I numbly wonder if I’m outside. I slowly open my heavy-lidded eyes, and am confronted only by dense, velvety blackness. Like the soft underbelly of a bear, inescapable and all-consuming. A sliver of light splits the dark like a blade of grey, and I twitch my fingers. Experimenting with movement. Mouth open, saliva trailing over my chin. From beyond the door, the muffled echoes of footfalls and conversation. It passes over me as if I were underwater, the lip of the ocean foaming and rocking above me, crisp and clear and icy blue.

“Mom.” I croak, and the word echoes hollowly in the cell. I war with myself, simultaneously trying to remember how I got here, but also wary enough to press the memory far away from me. Better to not remember some things. “I messed up. I lost her.”

And then it happens – the inevitable – and I curl onto my side and start crying. The concrete feels like a relief underneath me, firm and unyielding and anchoring me to the earth. Blinking, my eyes adjusting to the darkness, I spot a pillow and a flask against the brick wall. And then the sensation of his arms around my middle brings me back with a devastating crash to the present moment, of the events preceding this. Negan threatening the Doctor. Simon grabbing me. Voices raised, and my head rolling back to stare at the dust particles rising like tiny angels to the high ceiling. The sensation of being sucked down a long, soft black chute. The respite from thought and emotion that was almost pleasant.

My chest aches with bitten-back sobs, and I gingerly force myself onto my knees and crawl to the pillow.

“Mom, I fucked it all up.” She’s not here. She’s god-knows-where, but within the metre-by-metre room I’m certain no one can hear me speak. And since what happened by the fishing lodge, I’ve refused to divulge. “There was a girl, and she was counting on me. And – and I couldn’t help. And it was so wrong and so ugly and I…” My face finds the pillow and I murmur into it, fingers curling into the fabric. Crushing it. Tears bristling into rage. “…I couldn’t do anything. It was like time stopped. After what happened with dad, I thought we’d had our share of bad luck. It thought it was over, you know? But-”

I glimpse shadows fracturing the thread of light underneath the door, and I freeze. Lifting my head from the pillow, I prop myself up and scramble to the corner of the cell, pressing my back into the wall. The door opens with a creak, and I throw an arm over my eyes as light engulfs the space. Throws itself off the dank walls thinly coated with grime. My eyes blister with it, and I duck my face into the collar of my shirt, hiding.

“Have you cooled off now, doll?” A voice says, and I refuse to remove my face from my shirt. My pulse races, and through the cotton I can see Negan’s silhouette fill the doorway. “Doll.” He sighs, as if exhausted. I hear the door creak half-shut behind him, and I slowly lift my gaze from my collar. He leans against the door-frame, looking down the bridge of his nose at me with a look of fatigue and pity.

The rage I felt has subsided into a simmering discomfort. I draw my feet closer into myself and huddle tighter against the wall as he watches me.

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Ice-cream n chill


“Stop locking me out of my own car.” Sasuke stuck his face against the drivers window glaring at the girl.

“I didn’t mean to! Its just that i thought you were a ghost! Or a murderer!” Hinata explained and fiddled the lock open.

Sasuke settled himself at the drivers seat, still glaring at her. She bodly reached out to and placed a cold hand to his cheek saying her apologies repeatedly. He sighed defeated , taking hold of her hands warming it up with his. The plastic bag around his arm made noise as he moved.

“Right, I almost forgot.” he took out the contents out of the bag. Afterall, they came out of town to this one convenience store in the middle of the night and nowhere to get
Hina some ice-cream that only sold in this particular store im the middle of nowhere. He of course did not admit that he too wanted some cold sweet treats. Although, he never liked sweets, a certain woman changed his healthy diet that involved NOT eating SUGAR.

And now here he is in his black mustang eating ice-cream with his girlfriend.

“Please tell me you got the Dreyer’s butterfinger and peanut butter cups with fugdge chocolate swirls-”

He tossed her the ice-cream stick and she immediately opened it, taking a bite. He shivered ‘How can her teeth handle that?’ he thought. His thoughts distracted by her moaning and whilst he devoured her ice-cream.

“Agh, so good. Oh my god agh kill me now, youre so good. ” she moaned. His eye twitched slightly as he watched his love moaning for an… Ice cream. He was getting a bit irritated by the fact she only moaned when well… With him. And now she is expressing such love for an ice cream in a way made him jealous.

“Can you eat THAT quietly, stupid ice cream ” he mumbled. And he too started his share of cold treat that he brought, eating the mint chocolate chip ice cream grudgingly.

She stopped and stared and him in awe. A flush forming her pale face. She was beyond embarrassed but giggled. 'he is jealous!’. She quietly finished her treat and turned to him moving herself forward and kissed him leaving him in defenceless. She quickly took a big lick on his Ice-cream.

“Fine” he fed her his Ice-cream and she slowly took a bite, him being impatient shoved the stick a bit roughly making her laugh. Her mouth reached for another bite but was stopped when he turned to his side. He ate the rest greedily than intended fearing she would devour his like an Ice cream monster she is.

When he was done, he got pulled back by Hinata and brought their lips together, both still cold. She then deepened the kiss pushing her tongue inside his mouth. He lether take control, suprised and turned on by her once in a blue moon actions. Usually he was the one taking in control, but when she sees him eating sweets somehow she likes to take the wheel.

She pulled back, and placed herself on his lap whilst placing small kisses on his neck, making him heaven, his hands roamed her back feeling her smooth skin under her blouse.

From that day on he promised himself that he would get a mini fridge stack with her favourite icey treats next to their bed. He mentally hi-fived himself and let out a small chuckle.

She stopped, pulled back now that their faces touching, “I want more” she simply said.

“hn, after we’re done” he kissed her lightly.


An: Im craving for fucking ice cream but im broke. Fuuuuuuuuuck a duck.

…does anyone else feel like Adrien would collect Tsum-Tsums 

Originally posted by tinkeperi

Just…get the mini ones and stack them on the shelves. The medium ones he cuddles to his chest when he watches anime and looks at the Ladyblog. Uses the big ones as pillows.

Just…he needs cuddles and since his mom isn’t around to give him any, and his dad clearly doesn’t give him enough…Tsum-Tsums make a nice friendly substitute, right?

Adrien and Tsum-Tsums…

when you have a full stack of mini queen jennah’s you can put them in the mystic forge to make yourself an actual, real-life sized queen jennah

All Grown Up (Christmas AU)

Hello friends, I’m back with a Christmasy scenario based on this post! Enjoy! :)

Summary: Jungkook is back from his first semester of college for the holidays, and you’re thrilled to see him again, but what happened to the shy nerd who could barely talk to girls? And when did he get so dang good looking?? 

Genre: Fluff (like major fluff) Word count: 1,410 Pairing: ReaderXJungkook

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Some of my latest reads, my favourite probably being Little Fires Everywhere. Ng’s writing is descriptive, fresh and thrilling. I’ve since eagerly ordered her debut - Everything I Never Told you.

I enjoyed Swing Time a lot more than expected, particularly after a lukewarm reception from seasoned Smith readers. Again, this is the first of hers that I have read, and I felt that she deliberately kept the reader at a distance, a kind of disconnect - just as the main character seems to be largely disconnected (whilst also inextricably linked to) the people surrounding her. Swing Time made me think deeply, and I admired its construction greatly. I’ve since ordered her earlier collection of essays to read.

Finally, I was surprised by Mozley’s debut. A novel about family, land ownership, and greed. It is well-written, and the descriptions of the landscape are beautiful. It is a slow-paced novel, though there is a constant underlying tension which kept me engaged throughout. 

Pen Dips Day 3

So, I didn’t exactly have a day 2 because I didn’t really like the topic, and couldn’t think of a good one to replace it. But, anyways here’s day 3:

3) Choose a location, be it fictional or real, from your own imagination or from another’s. Wait until you are hungry. Then, describe the most stereotypical yet high-quality meal that place could possibly provide.

Leandra stared wide eyed at the lavish table before her. Growing up in a poor household didn’t exactly allow her the opportunity to sit with royalty. But now, as a part of the kingsglaive, she had the opportunity to get a taste of the lavish lifestyle. The many servants at the citadel came through the double doors, dressed to the nines. Their hands full of platters that smell absolutely divine. The silver dishes were placed on the black marble table. The attendees of the party chattered in excitement as the meal was revealed. Leandra sat frozen in awe at the mini stack of seafood. The sauce pooled at the base of the tower, with drops of red and green surrounding it. She touched the tip of the shrimp tails that created a crown at the top of the dish before realizing that she probably shouldn’t be touching her food. Composing herself, the knight picked up her fork and pushed the prongs into the juicy pink and white skin of the shrimp. She managed to spear it, but the others came tumbling down into the sauce. After dipping the meat into the creamy golden liquid, she brought her fork to her lips and bit down into the meaty part of the shrimp. The orchestra that had been providing ambient music seemed to crescendo as the flavor exploded onto her tastebuds. It was a glorious melody of light seafood with a bit of creamy spice and a hint of citrus. The immigrant’s eyes rolled into the back of her head. She sent a prayer of thanks to the Astrals above for leading her life to this point. The sound of someone clearing their throat interrupted her praise. Her green eyes flew open to meet with the harsh ones glaring back at her across the table. Her commanding officer stared her down, almost mentally smiting her to the ground. Leandra straightened her back and took another bite, trying not to let the guests around her know that she wasn’t a peasant unlike them. She may have come from a different household, but to be eating this magnificent food was all that really mattered to her in the end.

Needs 🔐 😏vs Wants 🗑😍


Laptop ( Want )
iPhone 7 ( Want )
Samsung galaxy on5 ( Want )
Mini-iPad ( Want )
Ipod ( Want )
Lamp ( Want )
Hp printer ( Want )
Microwave ( Want )
Power strip ( Want )

School Supplies

Five subject notebooks ( Want )
Pencils ( Want )
Pens ( Want )
Highlighter (Want )
Flash drives ( Want )
Scotch tape ( Want )
Paper clips ( Want )
Dry erase markers
Sharpie markers
Flash cards
Master locks
Post it
Binder clips
Pencil sharpener
White board calendar


Manicure/pedicure bath pack
Olay body wash
Dove deodorants
Shea butter lotion
Aim floss
Crest white toothpaste
First aid kit
Nail polish
Q tips
Wet wipes


T shirts
Running shorts
Full suit set
Head wrap
Tank tops
Flip flop


Ramen noodles cup
Cheez it
Nature valley granola bars
Kit kat pack
Reece’s pack
Chips ahoy
Nutter butter
Kraft mac and cheese
Toasted peanut crackers
Honey buns


3 stack storage
Mini trash can
Tide pods
Laundry detergents
Wall mirror
Storage bins
Folding chair
Badminton racquets
Morgan bearcard

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My needs are things such as my food, clothes, bed and hygiene supplies. My wants on this list would be things such as my electronics, my paintings and badminton racquet.


Miniature Sized Food

Why is that miniature food can come off more appealing than the average sized portion? These petite treats are more intricate in their design and visual effect. Each bite is consumed slowly because you want to savor the few bites you can get. 

Pic #1 (collage): Just about every food can be transformed into a mini sized treat. Starting with mini pancake stacks for breakfast or brunch. Following with sliders, mini hot dogs, and fries dipped in ketchup placed in a shot glasses. These are perfect for a sports game viewing party. And nonetheless, a mini class of milk with a small chocolate chip cookie to top off desert. 

Pic #2: “A little cupcake goes a long way,” says the little note packaged in the Baked by Melissa cupcake boxes. Baked by Melissa carries quarter-sized cupcakes in a variety of flavors. This New York based franchise is booming; becoming every girls obsession. These bite-sized cupcakes are not only adorable in physical appearance, but exquisite in its taste. They would make for the best desert at any event.