All Grown Up (Christmas AU)

Hello friends, I’m back with a Christmasy scenario based on this post! Enjoy! :)

Summary: Jungkook is back from his first semester of college for the holidays, and you’re thrilled to see him again, but what happened to the shy nerd who could barely talk to girls? And when did he get so dang good looking?? 

Genre: Fluff (like major fluff) Word count: 1,410 Pairing: ReaderXJungkook

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anonymous asked:

so i downloaded the game (ks).. but i dont know how to enter it? its doesn't load the game it just gives me those.. idk how you call it but its like a mini stack of books... i hope you understand what i mean. Does the fact that im using a windows pc have to do with it? or am i just stupid?? help im confused

Restart or turn off your antivirus software

Damaged mini stack! Lord of the Flies by William Golding, The Maze Runner by James Dashner, Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales and Wildwood Imperium by Colin Ellis

Working in a bookstore means I’m able to get an enormous amount of books for free! Usually when a book comes in damaged from the publishers, either damaged through postage or misbound at the printers, we put through a claim and are refunded for the books as they are unsellable. Some publishing houses ask for the books to be sent back but others only ask for the barcode or back cover. Cue a booksellers dream! Yes the books are damaged and not in the best condition but I don’t think that means a book should be thrown away and I’m more than happy to add them into my collection. 

hello everyone!

brunch was this stack of mini wholemeal vegan pancakes sweetened with stevia&cinnamon, topped with blackberry soy yogurt, sugar-free raspberry jam, banana, kiwi fruit and 4 chopped dates