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New Baman Piderman Mini-sode: Holiday Winter Friends Special!

No matter what, when, and with whom you celebrate, take a little time out of your day to be grateful for all the important friends, family, and sentient tubas’ in your life. ….wait what. Where am I.

Special thanks to Mari Kidder for helping with coloring! Look out for a full length episode coming close on this one’s heels. This mini-sode is an extra, so it doesn’t count as one of the ten KS shorts! It’s a Happy Winter Friends gift from us to you, our bestest internet buddies.

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Anyone ever see that lost mini-sode (“Apples and Breaks”) of JonTron that starts out just like something STRAIGHT OUT OF A LOST EPISODE CREEPYPASTA???

Like, the intro is normal until it distorts, then you hear Jon crying and he’s sobbing something to the effect of “it’s all my fault” and “he’s gone”, and you immediately think something horrible has happened to Jaques, but it’s really his DS he’s talking about.

Geeze, man… JonTron really knows how to mix horror with humor.


Sherlock Lives.

Today, we are all Anderson.


here it is, what you’ve all been waiting for
Sir Yips and the Big Ips!
written by, directed, and acted out by the 7D crew

New Baman Piderman special holiday mini-sode comes out next week! We wanted to do a special thing for a special month. Whatever you celebrate and whomever you celebrate, we hope you have a fantastic sparkly time!

In the christmas special River says that the Doctor kept putting off taking her to the towers, so that means that the mini-sode where Eleven encounters the two Rivers, its implied that future him is taking one of the River’s to Darillium but he just says ‘spoilers’—that now means that he was going to take her but put it off last minute. maybe he took her somewhere else or he got them side tracked with another adventure or maybe he disappeared on her, left her and she just shrugged sadly thinking he didn’t love her enough but really he just wanted to save her, give her one more day. Maybe when he saw past him going on his first date with River he was both envious and sad because what was beginning for him was also ending for her and it just wasn’t fair. So he runs from her deadline. If he’s away from her, then she lives for a little bit longer. That was his logic and I am forever distraught. 


Many Happy Returns - BBC Sherlock mini-sode

i have a might need for a Tentoo/Rose spinoff or even mini-sode. like seriously there are still so many unanswered questions

  • how long did they wait before they kissed/hooked up/got married
  • how many kids do they have
  • what sort of annoying pranks does Tentoo pull on Jackie
  • does Tentoo work for Torchwood
  • have they met alternate versions of Donna, Jack, Mickey, Martha, etc.
  • how long did it take for the TARDIS coral to grow up
  • does Tentoo still wear the suit and converses
  • what sort of appliances did Tentoo try to “improve” upon before Rose put up a no tinkering policy in the house
  • does Rose still call Tentoo the Doctor or is his known by a different name
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This is a previously released Doctor Who mini-sode that, up until now, has somehow eluded my radar. Discovering footage of a character who just made his exit, is kind of akin to getting an encore.

Edit: Apparently, there are five installments. I’ve updated the link to include more of them.
Here are links to all the mini-sodes.
Bad Night
Good Night
First Night
Last Night
Up All Night

I really want mini-sodes of Captain Singh having his day ruined, and his food stolen courtesy of Barry, and Eddie.

He finally gets the everything bagel with salmon, cream cheese, pickled onions, and extra crispy bacon, and sits down to eat it, and then it’s gone.

He thinks it’s the universe’s way of telling him that Hartley is right about his cholesterol levels, and that he should be smarter about his food choices.

Hartley is strangely unsympathetic when David comes home, and tells him about the idiots who work for him. Hartley has met both Eddie, and Barry and kind of understands.