I wish I had some way of adding to the 30/40k community. So many people here are good at writing, drawing, and/or painting the minis. All I can really do is consume all of your guy’s great content and I’m very thankful for everything you make.

I will be at Fanexpo Canada (Toronto) this week at A235 in the Artist Alley! I figured I would open up a few mini gouache commission slots before the convention and see if there is any interest! These slots are limited and would be available for pickup Friday Afternoon - Sunday morning (I am away on Thursday due to schedule). I will not be taking painting commissions on site if I am filled, so this is your chance!

These little babies will cost $65 (one character, and gradient/minimal bg like in the samples), and measure 4″x6″ - perfect to be framed!

If you are interested, send an email to nnekamyers(AT)gmail(DOT)com with the subject line MINI PAINTING PREORDER. 

Hoping you guys make my dream come true and give me lots of princesses and mermaids to paint…


Got Ahriman finished.. it’s a beautiful model - but that crack in the pauldron - I couldn’t close it anyhow! Had to fix scratches and stuff as I tried to close it..
But well, there’s that and it’s okay! 🤗


I’m back, with a new laptop and the ability to do Tumblrs again!

So here’s the other members of my Guild Ball Morticians - Obulus, Cosset and Graves, as well as the team goal that I scratch-built! I’m very pleased with these fellows so far - I’m about 50/50 on wins v losses so far, which is way better than my usual odds haha!

Hope you like them!