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More dragon nonsense! One of the dragons becomes enamoured with Jesse and starts following him everywhere -EVERYWHERE. It's starting to become a little exasperating because a guy needs time to himself, yeah? But it looks at him with those adoring eyes and wants to cuddle with him at night and he just can't say no to that. Hanzo looks grumpy about it but never mentions it until Jesse finally asks and Hanzo explains the dragons represent the duality of his personality. And that one loves Jesse.

(I’ve gone for the fanon dragon names!)

Jesse initially didn’t have any objections when Udon started following him around.

He had quite the fondness for Hanzo’s dragons, often watching Hanzo sitting on the couch with Udon and Soba wrapped around him like giant long cats, bellies in the air for a scratch, whiskered faces resting against Hanzo’s. He’d tried to get close once or twice, but Soba invariably hissed at him and Hanzo would chuckle, warning him away until they got used to him.

Well, it seemed that Udon was certainly used to him. Jesse woke up one morning to find a gently snoring blue dragon in bed with him, surprisingly warm and firm for a spectral beast. He tentatively reached down and scratched his ears, and Udon woke slowly, stretched, and purred.

It was fucking adorable, and Jesse quickly grabbed his phone to send a photo to Hana and Lucio.

Having a spectral dragon in your bed was one thing. Having the damned thing follow you everywhere was quite another. It didn’t take long before Jesse started to become a little exasperated with the entire situation. Going to the bathroom, for example, was something a fellow needed to do on his own, without a long blue cat wrapped around him like a scarf. But whenever he closed the door, Udon would whine and scratch until he realised he could just turn spectral and come in anyway.

It was hard to say no to such a beautiful creature, though. Udon seemed to know his moods, and whenever he sensed Jesse getting riled up, he turned his big eyes on him and purred quietly, and Jesse sighed.

Hanzo seemed to be somewhat put out by the entire thing. Jesse noticed him glaring across the room at him one morning as he stood at the kitchen sink washing dishes, Udon stretched around him and nuzzling his neck.

“I didn’t mean to poach your dragon, darlin’,” Jesse said carefully. He didn’t want to ruin his budding relationship with Hanzo, but it wasn’t his fault Udon had latched onto him so.

Hanzo sighed and ran a hand through his sleep-tousled hair. Soba rubbed his face against Hanzo’s, letting out an inquisitive chirp. “You did not poach him,” Hanzo said tiredly. “He is driven by instinct, and no small measure of that comes from me.” Hanzo cleared his throat uncomfortably, glancing away, and Jesse dried his hands and came to sit next to him. He shyly slipped one hand into Hanzo’s, rubbing a thumb over the back of his hand, and Hanzo relaxed a little.

“So he’s latched onto me because–” Jesse prompted.

“The dragons embody aspects of my personality. Soba – “ Hanzo scratched him under the chin, and he purred – “is more easily angered because that is the part of me that he senses most. Whereas Udon –”

“Yeah?” Jesse said encouragingly when Hanzo fell silent.

Hanzo turned slightly towards Jesse, angling his body so he could lean his head against Jesse’s shoulder. Udon chirped in excitement, purring in Jesse’s ear and sliding over so he was curled around both of them. “Udon senses those I care for deeply.”

Jesse’s heart skipped a beat, and he tilted Hanzo’s face up. “I’ll thank him later,” he murmured, and gently kissed him.

Udon wriggled in joy, and even Soba started purring again.

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Totty and the Ridiculous Hat

All the Matsuno boys were really excited to go to the Aquarium, especially Todomatsu who thought it’d be really great to debut his new hat.

Upon stepping out of the house all five of his older brothers stared at him and the large, purple pompoms coming out of his hat. 

Silently they mutually agreed it sucked.

“Ah, Totty…” Choromatsu spoke up before Karamatsu put a hand on his shoulder.

Karamatsu’s eyes said no. This hat was too painful, even for him.

The End.

Annnd 3 billion years later… I finally finish the second page. This project is worth the time, though, and I’m determined to keep going no matter how long it takes. And how often things stop me from working on it.

…HAH I came through on my promise to post art by the end of the week! That feels good.

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Telepathic bonding fic where one member realizes they’ve bonded with somebody because they’re suddenly craving all these weird foods they never eat.

Like, Gabriel is working on some op and cannot get the thought of a nice, greasy grilled ham and cheese sandwich with a glass of cold milk out of his mind. It’s the middle of the night, and he’s craving a Rice Krispie bar. Then a couple of days later, he feels like he could kill for a plain, dark chocolate candy bar. And what the fuck? He hates dark chocolate. His favorite candy is a Snickers bar with all it’s gooey insides. 

It finally hits him, as he’s stuffing a tuna melt into his mouth, that he’s somehow, somewhere, managed to get bonded without noticing. It’s terribly unfair. A person is supposed to notice that shit when it happens. Also, that shit is supposed to be for young kids, not scarred war veterans.

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