Summary: At nine months old, Gideon seems to favor Belle in looks, interests, and mannerisms, and Papa Rumple is jealous.
Rating: G  Word Count: 1200 
A/N: A little family fluff fic, based on the contents of this post about Rumbelle parenting headcanons.

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“Say ‘Pa-pa,’” Rumple coaxed. He crouched on the living room floor and dangled a whittled wand in front of nine-month old Gideon.

Gripping the edge of the coffee table with one hand, Gideon sidestepped toward his papa with one arm outstretched. Their little man was growing fast, and in a matter of weeks, he would be walking unassisted.

His eyes widened in delight when Rumple rotated the wand in a small, teasing circle.

“Come on…just two little syllables.” He paused until Gideon’ gaze was focused on his mouth, then enunciated the oh-so-important word slowly: “‘Pa-pa.’”

“Mama!” Gideon chortled and snatched the wand from Rumple’s grip, waving it over his head.

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