Got my bunny today! So happy! He spent a couple of hours hiding in various corners. I didn’t chase him when I needed to pick him up, don’t want to scare the poor guy, but he didn’t try to move away when I picked him up anyway. He sat with me through an episode of smallville before doing laps of the couch then curling up in the blanket. We’re thinking of calling him Gambit :D

Strawberry for you

Was sitting on kitchen floor eating strawberries, offered one to Nightwing but he just sniffed it and went away, don’t think he realised you can eat it xD.

Eventually he will get to free roam everywhere in my apartment(minus bedroom) whenever i’m home(not when i’m sleeping tho). Till he gets comfortable of life outside of cage he gets to run in kitchen every now and then everyday, and because there’s nothing there that would be dangerous to him(no cords, no tiny spaces he could get stuck/lost into etc)

(Sidenote: i have used this picture already but who cares because it’s so cute  :3 and back then i didn’t tell what happened so :P)

Managed to just capture this exchange of dominance between Luna & Aurora. These two are pretty close however both are dominant does with real spunky attitudes. if you watch closely you will see this is all pretty harmless and mostly for show and testing one another. Any “nips” are only pulling out some lose fur but not going into the skin which is why i am not splitting them up or interfering. The reason they just started is 10 minutes earlier i opened up their shed door so they can all have run of the garden for some extra space which can bring out dominant behaviours

As usual it’s my does and the rest are nowhere to be seen to leave these two to sort themselves out haha.
Excuse the mess of their run

Chelsea’s Rabbit Warren