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when ppl were whining abt yoonmin being dead but jimin is out here saying that he nuzzles his head on yoongi’s chest when he misses his hometown basically implying that yoongi is like home 😭😭😭😭

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I came home and was surprised to see a segment on my local news station about tiny homes here in Ohio. Apparently there are also tiny home communities here as well. 

Just Reduced! 11 Manor Drive, in sought after Sackville Manor, has just been reduced to an amazing $79,900! The Vendor has even included 6 FREE months of lot rent ($205/month) for anyone who makes an offer before the end of September!

Beautifully maintained inside, spacious treed lot and all appliances included - this is the perfect way to get into your own home and build equity toward a solid financial future!


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Animal Crossing Fanfiction!~

Hear me out, I know I’m getting a lot of questionable looks right now,

but I’ve started a writing project on Wattpad and I need to ask the Animal Crossing community for a little assistance.

For years I have been pushing my desire to be a writer aside, mainly because I lacked the confidence to show others my work, but I’ve decided that I’m going to see how far I can take my dreams by writing about something that brought me joy for years… Animal Crossing.

Above is a link that takes you to my original chapter, featuring an extremely short fanfiction written about a heartwarming moment between my own Mayor Rum and the sporty lion named Mott. 

From here I need some assistance, I would like for readers to give me requests of villagers, situations, or points of view for my next mini fanfic. 

I want to challenge myself by taking these ideas and writing them out to the best of my ability. I’m hoping to write at least once a day so that I may improve my skills and eventually become the writer that I want to be.

I would really appreciate the support of my fellow Animal Crossing lovers!~

Feel free to send in some requests to this blog, or on Wattpad. I’d be more than happy to post my mini chapters here so that people who do not use Wattpad can still make requests and read my work. 

Again, thank you all for being such an inspirational fandom, despite what anyone else may believe. Stay Amazing!~