Ruger Mini-14

Classic semi-automatic rifle chambered in .223, the Mini-14 gets it’s name from the fact that it mimics the M14 but in smaller caliber. It has gained a popular following due to its ease of use and general affordability. There are also numerous aftermarket parts out there to fully customize the rifle. One often pointed out flaw is the fact it uses proprietary magazines. Many people had hoped for a Mini-14 that uses AR-15 magazines. (GRH)

Okay guys, my mini 14 has had issues for a while now. At one point, I had figured out that the extractor spring was broken. At that point, I replaced the spring and threw in a new extractor for good measure. But, problems still have hung around for about 6 months now. These kind of malfunctions are the most common. Sometimes failures to extract or double feeds happen though as well. I don’t know if it’s related, but the ejection pattern the rifle is pretty inconsistent too, in normal mini fashion throwing brass 20ft, other times barely dropping brass out, and all at varying directions including straight back over my head. They happen around every 30 rounds or so. Whether it’s .223, 5.56, brass, steel cases, remanufactured, fmj, frangible, shooting fast, shooting slow, it doesn’t seem to matter. I do have some promags which of course have issues, but these malfunctions still happen with factory magazines.
Any body have any ideas? Maybe I fucked up putting the extractor back in. I thought it was maybe just stiff and would loosen up after some time, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.
@coffeeandspentbrass channeling the local tumblr gunsmith