Exposure - Minicat

When Basically had texted him the address, Wildcat hadn’t expect his own goddamn apartment. The group had been tracking this infamous hacker for months and Tyler felt like an idiot once he realized it was his own stupid ass boyfriend doing it right under his fucking nose. Basically didn’t know, of course; he couldn’t have know. They all agreed to not have personal lives mix with their crime fighting ones.

“Really?” Evan had asked when Tyler had brought it up at the little emergency meeting he called. Evan, aka Vanoss, was the only one who actually knew who everyone was so in case this sort of thing did happen and they needed someone to talk to. After all, he’s been through it before. “That’s rough man.”

“I don’t know how the fuck I’m going to deal with this.” Tyler complained, practically wanting to slam his head into the table of the small cafe. Or a wall. The wall was preferable.

“Well, do you have tell Craig it’s you?” Evan asked innocently. Tyler nodded his head solemnly.

“Unless I’m completely not myself, then there’s no fucking way he’s not going to me.” He complained. “Unless he’s as oblivious as Brian is sometimes.”

“Yeah.” Evan chuckled, before switching to a more serious tone. “Look, it just seems like you’ll have to cross that bridge when you come to it. That’s really the best thing I can tell you.”

This is were Wildcat was now. Standing outside Craig’s bedroom door of their shared apartment after climbing through a window that he purposefully left unlocked so he wasn’t heard. He wasn’t wearing his mask this time as he wanted Craig to feel and understand the same emotions he’s going through. He sighed, not wanting to face the unavoidable truth, before slamming open the door.

“MINI, YOU LITTLE SHIT!” Wildcat yelled, shocking Craig. He then somehow managed to spin his seat 90 degrees before knocking himself and the chair to the ground all in the span of 2 seconds. “Wow, real professional.” Tyler commented.

“Come the fuck on!” Craig shouted almost as loud as Tyler. Not quite, but almost. “Tyler, what do you want?”

“What I want to know? What I want to know is why my boyfriend is a goddamn criminal?”

“Criminal?” Mini questioned, acting dumb. “What the fuck do you …” He paused, seemingly placing all the puzzle pieces together. “Oh.”

“Oh is right, Mini Ladd.” Tyler spat out the hacker’s name. “Can you please try to weasel your way out of this one?”

“Which one are you then?” He replied as his eyes tried to avoid his boyfriend’s.

“None of your fucking goddamn business.” Evan had suggested not revealing his superhero identity at the little make-do conference that Tyler had taken him up on it. “I just want an explanation, man. That’s all I want.”

“Do you know how expensive college is?” Tyler shook his head. “I didn’t either. I was barely surviving on my own through my bachelor’s degree and to even get a good job I have to pay 3+ more years for my doctorate.” Mini rose from the floor, quickly grabbing Tyler’s cheeks. “I need the money, Ty.”

“That doesn’t mean you become a hacker!” Tyler protested as he shoved Craig’s arms away.

“It’s just … a hobby.” He tried to justify. “Nothing long term.”

“Oh, and I suppose rape is just a one night stand, too. Nothing too serious. That’s bullshit.”

“Then what else am I supposed to do?”

“How about, hm I don’t know, not be evil!!” Tyler felt the volume of his voice raise and his cheek begin to grow redder.

“I did this for us!” Craig shouted back. Tyler felt himself begin to choke.

“Don’t you say that. Don’t you dare say that.” He backed away from his boyfriend and towards the door. “This wasn’t us. It was all you. Your choice. Your actions. Your consequences.”

“Tyler!” Mini half yelled, half begged as Tyler slammed the door. Both men knew that Craig had, indeed, fucked up. The question was instead who was more affected by it. One, who remained standing where he was as he stared at the door like a lost puppy. Or the other, who sunk to the floor and buried his face in his knees on the other side of said door.

“Why did we have to be on opposite sides in this war?”

This photo.  I’m dead.  I *just* joined Tumblr, so I hope I’m doing this right - I just wanted to share this story with everyone.

MegaCon Tampa 2016 was my (and my kids’) first con and it was the most amazing experience.  I was so nervous about the photos because I paid a LOT of money for the photo/autograph package and my kids tend to make silly faces in pictures and not smile.  My 3yo (mini doctor) does not like strangers (and I wasn’t sure whether, at his age, he would make the connection that this tall bearded man is the actor who plays “the spiky hair Doctor” on TV and therefore we love him.)  Afraid he would just see DT as “random bearded stranger”, I was envisioning an awkward disaster, but reminded myself that whatever happened would be a fun memory regardless.

I was elated to find out that our photos and autographs would be 1st thing in the morning since we had purchased the “Ultimate Fan Experience” package.  I knew at least the kids would be at their best and probably not cranky yet.  We arrived early and stood in line with some of the most amazing people.  My mini doctor was finally allowed to play with his sonic screwdriver, and everyone was very patient with his incessant “sonic-ing” at their costumes, jewelry, merchandise, and various body parts.

We walked into the photo “booth” with about 2 people in front of us, as David & Billie’s faces both lit up when they saw the kids in costume.  I think Billie even pointed at mini Rose.  I told the person in charge that it would be just the kids in the photo, and she motioned me to stand by the cameraman during the photo.  I am SO GLAD I was not in the photo because I got to see the entire scene unfold.


David bent down, opened his arms enthusiastically to my son, and said, “Come here!”  Then something magical happened - my son went right to him without hesitating and David picked him right up and turned toward the camera.  It was adorable and precious and so many other adjectives but mostly just random letters produced by flailing at the keyboard because adjectives don’t do it justice.  Both kids and myself were beaming as we stepped out of the booth to retrieve our photo - but the photo checker motioned us BACK INTO the booth (I’m guessing one of the kids blinked during the photo).  I was devastated - there was NO WAY the whole scene would go as well the second time.  We squeezed back into the area, and David again opened his arms to my little guy.  He practically ran into David’s arms, like he was greeting his daddy coming home after a long day at work.  It was incredible.  In fact, my mini doctor was so enamored with David, he forgot all about his precious sonic screwdriver until David reminded him, “Point the sonic!  Right there!  Right at the camera!”  It was just amazing seeing David so attentive to my son.  Several of the people behind us in line also got to witness the magic and have told me that the scene was one of the highlights of THEIR MegaCon as well!  And most of my fangirling has been over David, but the fact that my mini Rose is also smiling in this pic is a HUGE testament to Billie’s sweetness and friendliness. We had literally practiced making a nice smile for the photo and all I got was a blank stare.  Rose is by far my daughter’s favorite companion and I know she was completely thrilled at meeting Billie and how Billie squealed over her costume (On a side note, Eleven WAS her favorite Doctor - but I think she is a TEN convert now after meeting David!)

We moved on to the autograph line and waited while David and Billie finished the rest of the photos.  My 7yo (mini Rose) wanted to say something to David - I wasn’t sure we would have time to say much at all but when we got to David I said, “She wanted to tell you something” and he patiently leaned over the table to hear her and said, “What did you want to tell me?”  She told him she loved his performance in Much Ado, and I mentioned that she was a big fan of Shakespeare after watching him in Much Ado and Hamlet.  He said “Oh, I love hearing that!” 

She also got to ask him a question in the DT/BP panel at the end of the day, but I will save that for another post!

Story Time Paragraph About Me

Some of you may not know me well enough yet since my page has been growing. I’ve had this page for a year now. I’m proud of it. I work hard on and offline.

I’m 17, I’ll be 18 on November 17th. I just got my driving permit. I work a job that schedules me crazy hours. I’m an honor roll student in school with mostly straight B’s. I try. I really do try everyday to do my best.

I’m no skinny mini. In fact my doctor says I’m obese but I’m as healthy as a horse for someone who’s obese so he’s been advising me to lose weight. So I’m trying to focus on that too by going outside and doing some running with my dog or attending marching band practices and putting in 101% I have major depression, Chronic Anxiety that’ll never leave me, ADD which will probably grow into ADHD or OCD.

I’ve been a kpop fan since I was 11 years old by starting off with Girls Generation, Super Junior, Shinee, and Psy. I got into BTS when their No More Dream era started because one of their more popular music videos popped up. I have biased them ever since. I did like other groups like BIGBANG and 4Minuet, but no group could catch my eye like BTS did… Jin has been my bias the whole time (with the exception of all the other members being my bias wrecker at some point). Point is, I can’t not love bts.. they are my world. They have helped me through impossible times.

Just recently with going to their concert in Newark… my perspective of them changed even more. Their talent, their beauty, their kindness… I knew what hotel they stayed at but I didn’t stalk them. I saw them leave the concert venue but I didn’t crowd their van. I do have self control. I could have been like, “my seats were far away so I deserve to see bts up close” and totally stalk them. But I didn’t. I have respect for them.

Please have respect for me..

Some tiny corner-of-table doodles I drew of Mini Doctor Strange

Stephen caught inter-dimensional flu, but Wong & the Cloak are there to nurse him back to health.

And I can’t remember if I posted some of them on tumblr before so if you see something you saw before, that’s why. ^^;

Stephen is frustrated by the Cloak of Levitation petting his face all the time, but the cloak can’t resist his cuteness.

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When people say “why don’t you just become a doctor?” or “can’t make it through med school?”

Just, no.

The type of care and practice of a nurse are completely different than those of a doctor. It’s not about the money, or the rank, or the education level (though I could get a PhD in nursing). It’s about what I want to do. Nurses have this special quality… I can’t really define it, but I see it and I want to carry it out. It’s a caring process. Nurses notice and catch things that doctors don’t. Nurses are the primary caregiver of the patient– they spend the most time with them. They’re wonderful, strong, special people. 

I just wish people could understand that I’m not becoming a nurse because I “can’t become a doctor”. I’m becoming a nurse because that’s what I want to do. It’s a totally different ballpark. 

It especially bothers me when “male nurses” are looked down upon for these reasons or it being a “girl’s job”.

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"The doctor, Nico. It's okay. They'll help you. You're a fighter. You'll get through this." He kisses Nico's forehead. Nico hears the sounds of the city, but he focuses mainly on Will's touches. Will's hand on his cheek, his lips in his hair, his strong arms around him. He gets a little dizzy when they exit the cab, or maybe they're entering the doctors. "I'm not leaving," he hears Will say. "I'll be right here. Nico, could you sit up?" Nico does as he's told, leaning against Will.

Things passed in a haze and Nico found himself sitting on one of the patient tables in an examination room. Will’s standing next to him, rubbing his back gently. He had stopped coughing and now he was just shivering, clutching the blanket around him. Will was whispering soft reassurances to him as a man Nico had never seen before reached out towards Nico’s neck. Nico flinched back, and Will shushed him. “Hey, it’s okay, Ni, he’s just going to feel your neck to see if your lymph nodes are swollen. He’s not going to hurt you.” Nico hesitantly let the colds hands feel around his neck before they retracted. Nico looked up at Will expectantly as the man talked to Will.

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“describe yourself how you would describe a character you’re introducing.”

she was tall and gangling and had hair out to here—and by here Lumiere meant the length of his arm, at least if you could untie the bank of curls from their knots and get them to lie straight. she looked rather like a sparrow that had been knocked through a windstorm.

“first fic/pairing you wrote for?” My first fic was Matches, a small practice run with Lumiere; my first proper pairing was Lumiere/Plumette in Lit by the Sun. I’ve written sort of mini-fics before with Doctor Who characters, and I’ve been working on another long fic for ages, but those were my first attempts at fanfiction.

“would you describe yourself as a fast writer?” Sort of. When I’ve got a good fic idea it takes me less than an hour to go from the prompt to hitting “post”; but if it’s a fic idea I really like, and really want to get right, it can take me many days to nail down the fic. Not sure it’s good to spend so long on a fic—some of my favorites only took an hour or two.

“why did you start writing?” I saw that this fandom didn’t have nearly enough Plumiere garbage in it, and when I see a need so acutely tailored to my interests I HAVE to get involved. also i’ve adored lumiere for years so the idea anyone would want to see me WRITE about him was too much to handle

ask the possum who lives in the bottom of your garbage can (me) what the fuck is happening with the writing process and what IS a writing process anyway

Mommy's Home
  • Yeah, Yeah. I know Genos still hasn't made his appearance yet in the manga. But I won't let that stop my imagination from running wild. Xp
  • -Door Opens-
  • Genos: I'm sorry it took so long to return. The repairs and upgrades took much more time to configure for the Doctor...
  • -Mini Genos' crowd around him-
  • Mini Genos': Danna!/ Welcome Home!/Mommy!
  • Genos: It's good to see everyone. Has everything been well in my absence?
  • -nods-
  • Genos: Good, I'll expect a full report from everyone tomorrow then.
  • -pats a few on the head-
  • Saitama: Ah, welcome back. Hey you guys, get things set before dinner gets cold.
  • Mini Genos: Kaaaay~!
  • -They leave the two. Saitama wraps his arms around him before he can say another word-
  • Saitama: Geez, where the hell were you? You could have at least let me know you'd be coming back today. And surprising me with those little guys without telling me...
  • Genos: I'm sorry, Sensei. I'd been meaning to, but I just didn't get a chance during my recent maintenance check.
  • -He smiled as he gave him a gentle kiss-
  • Saitama: It's fine. At least your home...
  • -Feels numerous eyes on them and looks down-
  • Mini Genos': Sensei, can't we get some, too?/If it's not too much trouble.../We'd like one...
  • -Genos snickers as Saitama rolls his eyes-
  • Saitama: Alright, alright. Line up then...But we gotta be quick about it. Don't want to miss our dinner.
  • -Before he bends down to pick up the first one he leans back with a grin-
  • Saitama: [whispers] Though I'll probably give something a little 'extra special' for you later tonight.[to the Mini Genos Crew] No shoving, I'll get to each of you runts...
  • Genos: /////////////
  • Mini Genos Hachi: ...Danna? Why are you steaming like that? Do you require another maintenance check?
Signs as Game Grumps Moments

Aries: Buttlet’s resting bitch face from Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

Taurus: Doctor! The Mini pizzas! from Trauma Center: Second Opinion

Gemini: Mycaruba from Out of This World

Cancer: Sassy old man from Skyblazer

Leo: Prayer by Haley Westernra from Endless Ocean

Virgo: Knuckles glitch from Sonic Boom

Libra: You promised me you’d never show the boy Decap Attack from Decap Attack

Scorpio: Sad Hoshi from Journey to Silius

Sagittarius: KRAF from Katamari Damacy

Capricorn: the entirety of the Mickey Mousecepade episode

Aquarius: Wind Waker Episode 19

Pisces: Ganon selfie from Wind Waker