Make a Tardis and a Dalek keyring!

You’ll need rectangular acrylic keyrings with a space that measures 30mm by 50mm. I used Framecraft brand ones (UK).

Use 20 count white Aida and stitch with 1 strand for whole cross stitches and back stitches. DMC colours.

Some time later…

Iron flat and cut out the designs so that the size of the Aida exactly matches the size of the charts square for square.

Leave the backing paper in the keyring (or select some pretty paper or card of your choice). Make sure it is not too thick or the keyring won’t fit together. Happy stitching!

Big versions coming soon…

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gf visiting Kid, Law, Bartolomeo, Hawkins and Marco in the hospital (you can choose the reason why they are there)

Upon request, all pronouns are she/her.

Also, Mod Miny is playing with a few headcanons in a couple of these.

Kid: He felt like absolute hell. Literal shit. And he was not happy about it. Kid was the worst patient a doctor could have. It was part of the reason why he never went to get treatment for any of his injuries. Nobody ever wanted to deal with him. Hell, the only reason he was in the hospital now was because he’d been unconscious when his crew brought him.

He’d lost his fucking arm.

_________ came by the visit him every day, looking less than pleased each time she walked into the room. Kid couldn’t exactly blame her. He was fucking irritated too. But he was the one that was injured. Not her. 

“What the fuck is your problem?” Kid demanded. God he hated being stuck in this hospital bed. He couldn’t wait to get the fuck out of here.

“You almost died, dumbass,” was her hot reply. “Just because I can patch up most of your injuries doesn’t mean I’m as good as a real doctor. What you did was reckless.”

“That fucker tried to take you.”

“You should have just let him. I could’ve handled myself there.”

Nobody takes my crew away from me.”

“You lost your fucking arm for me!”

“Worth it.”

Law: Despite being a doctor, Law was not very good at being a patient. He was restless, and he already knew all of the things that were needed for his treatment. He wasn’t sure why ________ had insisted upon bringing him here in the first place. There wasn’t anything in this hospital that he didn’t already have on the ship. All he needed was an extra set of… 

The thought stopped him as he looked back down to where his right arm once was. Even after reattaching it in Dressrosa, his body had rejected it as though it were a foreign object. It was more than frustrating. It was infuriating!

“You need to rest,” ________ insisted as she entered the room, pressing against his good shoulder to force him to lie back down.

“I need to be on my ship,” he answered easily, but his girlfriend shook her head.

“You can do that after we deal with the necrosis on your arm.”

“What remains of it.” If he sounded sullen, he didn’t care. He was the Surgeon of Death. He was a Shichibukai. Something as simple as reattaching a limb shouldn’t have been difficult for him. But even his powers had their limit, he supposed. And he hated. it. _________ rested a hand to his cheek, forcing him to look her in the eyes.

“Silly man. Your ability isn’t magic.”

Bartolomeo: _________ smiled softly as she watched Bartolomeo sleep soundly in the hospital bed. He’d sustained so many injuries in his latest battle that it seemed only right to bring him to see proper medical care. Especially given the way he had pushed himself so hard to be of use to the Straw Hat Pirates. _________ knew how much he idolized them, and while she was upset by how injured he was, she was happy that Bartolomeo got to see his hero in action. He shifted suddenly, slowly coming back into the waking world, and the first thing he saw was ___________’s smiling face. It was funny that she was the only person who had ever bothered to get close to him, because she came off as such a soft person and he was known as ‘The Cannibal’. Of course, that was because nobody knew what a crazy killer she could be in a fight.

“I got you something to make you feel better,” she said, extending a simple card towards him. Bartolomeo took it, and couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw that it was signed by each and every member of the Straw Hat pirate crew with messages of thanks.

Doctors needed to be called in to restart his heart after that.

Hawkins: He had been in the hospital for three days now, and he still hadn’t awoken. It only made _________ worry more and more with each passing moment that Hawkins remained motionless in the stark, white bed. She hadn’t left his side the whole time, even when doctors had tried to escort her out when visiting hours ended. They learned after the first evening not to tamper with her.

When Hawkins had told her the reading in his cards only a few days prior, she hadn’t thought it would be so serious. He’d mentioned that he would fall ill, but he had seemed completely unconcerned. So _________ hadn’t given it much thought. Until he had started coughing up blood and promptly passed out on the battlefield. _________ reached out a hand and placed it upon his burning forehead.

“I wish you would be more clear with me sometimes,” she murmured. “I’m not as good as you at reading the cards.” Hawkins stirred and, after a moment, slowly opened his eyes. He was greeted by a teary-eyed, grinning woman.

Marco: He still felt like hell from the last fight he’d been in, but he hadn’t thought much of it until he’d been left completely unable to move. The rest of the crew still hadn’t quite let him live it down, getting taken down by exhaustion. Marco let them have their laughs. They didn’t get to do much of that anymore. _________, for her part, was always helping the nurses take care of him. Really, all he needed was bed rest and to stay hydrated. It wasn’t anything major. But _________ was insistent and he couldn’t very well deny her anything.

“The rest of the crew is staying out of trouble,” she said as she walked into the room today. “Jozu has been keeping everyone in line while you’re in here.”

“It’s still over a hundred people-yoi,” Marco reasoned, but ________ merely rolled her eyes at him.

“And you’ve been keeping them all taken care of since Oyaji…” She cleared her throat. Even two years later, nobody could really say what had happened. “My point is, even you can take a break once in a while.”

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Scenario with sanji finding out his S/O is a really good baker/cook? Maybe even more so than him? Thanks! +w+

Cooking is an art, baking is a science.

Sanji was surprised to find the scent of delicious baked goods wafting through his kitchen. He normally didn’t allow anybody in his kitchen, whether or not he was there. He was about ready to start biting someone’s head off, regardless of how good their food smelled, for tampering with his kitchen. But then he saw _________ working busily, flour smeared across their forehead and up their arms. They had a bowl of what appeared to be some type of cream next to them as they set a pan of puff pastry on the counter. The sight of them stopped him in his tracks.

“What are you making?” he asked, causing his s/o to jump in surprise. They smiled at him from across the room.

“I’m trying to make Napoleons for the crew,” _______ answered. “I’d hoped you wouldn’t be in here for a little while. I wanted to surprise you. And clean up the kitchen before you could see this mess.” To their credit, the kitchen was in far less disarray than Sanji would have expected, given the work that went into making Napoleons from scratch.”

“You want any help, now that I’m here?”

“No, thanks. I want to finish this myself. I haven’t made them on a ship before. I like the challenge.”

When all was said and done, and the pastries were finished, _________ let Sanji have the first bite. After all, it would have to pass his standard to be able to get to the rest of the crew. The first bite was all it took. The dessert was light and fruity, lace with notes of vanilla and oaky flavors. It was absolutely delicious. He didn’t think he could have made it any better if he tried.

“I think I love you.”

So, I had a dream last night that I was like a mini-Doctor and The Doctor was there but me, Amy and Rory were looking for The Doctor and then we bumped into an old guy in some freezer compartment and he had The Doctor’s sonic and pointed it at us and he was like “I’ve got a screwdriver!”. So I pulled out my mini sonic and pointed it at him and was like “I’ve got mine too” and then the guy flicked The Doctor’s sonic’s switch and nothing happened and he was like “I drained all it’s power” and then he threw it on the ground, I picked it up and then the guy turned into a giant Pitbull and started chasing after us. We ran on a bench and The Doctor was sitting on a chair there. I glanced at The Doctor’s sonic which was in my hand, along with mine and said “The Doctor’s not gonna like this” and then Amy looked at The Doctor as we were running and was like “And he’s drunk aswell. At a time like this!” Rory grabbed the drunk Doctor as we ran and we ran straight into the TARDIS. Then we ended up in some olden times city which was being taken over by scarecrow monsters and we lost the TARDIS so Amy and Rory split up to look for her while I went with The Doctor, who suddenly became sober during the whole space travel. As we entered some shopping centre, I was like “Come on, Sexy, where are you?!” and The Doctor was behind me, we were both running. We ran into a music shop and I asked the lady at the counter if she’d seen a blue police box and she was like “A blue police box?…Are you serious?” and The Doctor told her “Very much serious” and then I woke up.

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I'd like a match please c: I'm a 18yo bisexual girl with brown hair and brown eyes. I'm about 163cm tall. I'm pretty quiet, only really talking to people when I get closer to them. One my free time I like to read/write. I'd say my style is punk-ish, with lip piercings, tattoo and black clothes etc. I can be pretty short tempered. I like quiet places, manga, sweets, animals, piercings/tattoos, music. I dislike bugs, loud places, snobbish people. Thank you c: ♥ Love this blog!

Matchup: Perona

Why they like you: She is definitely the type to try to get you to talk more. If for no other reason than that she gets lonely. She thinks your style is pretty cool and complements nicely with her Gothic Princess type of look. Your short temper might spark hers, so any arguments may be pretty big. But the two of you always seem to make up in the end. She can provide you a quiet place to read/write when you need it, and you can share your thoughts with her because she likes hearing you talk.