Torontonians! Visitors to Toronto! Comics fans! I will be tabling at TCAF for the first time this weekend and I’d love it if you’d stop by! I will have copies of:
- Ghost Zine
- Cheese Squeezer
- Shark Bite Capital of the World
- Pascal (Limited quantity, never to be reprinted!)

I have also pre-cut a whole bunch of 5 x 7 bristol boards on which I will draw a ghost for you at your request! Holy crumbs!

Buy something! Say something! Exchange awkward glances! See you soon!


K.M. & R.P. & MCMLXXL (1971)

I did a few comics for my senior thesis, but this comic was kind of my central focus. I wanted to share a preview, but I’ll post the comic as a whole later this summer.

I’ll have copies of the book for sale at both CAKE in June and upcoming TCAF, but it’s also already available through my store and through Gumroad!

Anyway, it follows two private high school girls on the brink of graduation as they try to each write a novel. I tried a couple neat things with it and it’s been printed nicely through RA Comics Direct. I can’t wait to share the full thing!


Out Now: Disney/Marvel’s Figment

It’s here – the collected edition of Disney and Marvel’s comic book mini-series, Figment! Written by Jim Zub (Skullkickers), with art by Filipe Andrade (Captain Marvel), Figment is a steampunk fantasy adventure that reveals the never-before-told origin of the inventor known as Dreamfinder and his adorable dragon companion, Figment!

“Expanding the story of Figment has been intimidating, but I’m genuinely enjoying it,” says writer Jim Zub in an interview with “I want to do right by Disney fans and new readers alike, creating an entertaining story and that comes from working with engaging characters. Digging a bit deeper into Figment and Dreamfinder has been a fun challenge. In so many ways this story really is a ‘Journey Into Imagination,’ in both word and deed.“

Editor Bill Rosemann adds, “After years of requests from Figment fans for new content starring their favorite purple dragon, the Imagineers suggested we expand upon the story told in the Journey Into Imagination attraction. Aiming to surprise them with an adventure they thought they’d never experience, we’re traveling through the mists of time – and from Victorian-era London to the Nightmare nation and revealing how one intrepid inventor became the hero known as Dreamfinder…and also created his famous friend.”

The Figment hardcover is currently 25% off on Amazon.

Comic shop cuties. You can get a much better look at my display case/counter. I used a whitmans chocolate box so I could use it for storage as well. I was going to put clear packaging over the front, but that batman mini figure on the bottom shelf falls over so often it’s just easier to leave it this way. I use the mini cards from conventions and inside my nerd blocks to get my “mini comics” and other geeky items, like the nerd play card pack. The wallpaper is recycled from old game informers, and my wonder wolf packaging.

gracedetherow asked:

hello beautiful. (sorry if that was too casual) i really love your work. your comics are beautiful and they just leave me wanting more every single time. oh right i have to ask you a question :) is an easy one. can you keep making such amazing comics and share them with your kingdom? :) harder one: can you make a mini comic where april cooks for donnie? (last question is optional)

Oh my… yes thousand yes ! As I enjoy doing them, there will be comics, pictures and other stuff like this every week ^^ Reading messages like yours is like the best reward I could ask for, so yeah, I will keep doing this ^^

If I have some time maybe I could draw something, but my to-do list is going to explode right now so… wait and see~ 


Ba-zam, the mini I whipped up real fast for Heroescon! A little less polished than I usually like, but hey I was on a time crunch!

I haven’t been working traditionally very much since I started my webcomic so it was a little weird going back to pen, it was really difficult but kinda fun! I’ll definitely be doing more mini’s in my sketchbook. I think keeping things loose and unrefined let’s me power through pages without getting too bogged down by my perfectionism.

Anyway, I really dig apocalypse stuff but always get turned off by the gratuitous violence/gore. I think It’d be really fun to do a long-form zombie story where you never actually see the zombies. Or at least, they never rip someones head off… I’m way more interested in the characters dealing with the new world order than the monster fighting aspect anyway.

If someone were to want a zombie apocalypse story centred around some awesome chicks, I know a comic artist in need of a job! ha ha