James Keziah Delaney    What do we know so far? 

(my summary via trailer, articles; no real spoilers, but there is background & story information)

• He is the heir to a fortune. He has spent a decade in Africa. Most people thought he was long dead.

• He returns home to London to inherit what is left of his father’s shipping empire. But his father’s legacy is “a poisoned chalice.”

• There are hints of very dark things in his past. He is “a man who has been to the ends of the earth and comes back irrevocably changed.”

• He worked for the East India Company, which was far more than a trading behemoth and the first multinational. The Company had its own army and, as an agent for the British government, it governed large areas of India. “As a colonial power whose primary allegiance was to the maximisation of profit, the misery and horror of the transoceanic slave and drug trades were perpetuated.” <>

• James returns and “takes on everybody.” It’s suggested he wants to extract revenge for something terrible he was party to with the Company in Africa.

• Since he worked for the East India Company, he would know its secrets and how to damage it. James is “a dangerous man to know.”

• He refuses to sell his father’s business to the Company, and moves to expand his own empire. This plunges him into the middle of the War of 1812 between Britain and the US.

• The East India Company (1600-1833) lost much of its powerful position in 1813, so the Taboo story takes place at a pivotal time.

• With “enemies lurking in every dark corner, James must navigate increasingly complex territories to avoid his own death sentence.”

• His mother may have been plagued by madness and it’s implied James has some in him. "Encircled by conspiracy, murder, and betrayal, a dark family mystery unfolds.”

 Taboo is an 8-episode mini-series created by Steven Knight from a story co-written by Tom Hardy and his father, Chips Hardy.
 Directed by Kristoffer Nyholm (Ep 1-4) and Anders Engström (Ep 5-8), and Luke Scott (pilot..?)
Premiering on BBC One in the UK and FX in the US.

Main cast:
Tom Hardy as James Delaney
Oona Chaplin as Zilpha Geary
David Hayman as Brace
Michael Kelly as Dr. Dumbarton
Jonathan Pryce as Stuart Strange

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Chocolate chip peanut butter fudge by @somethingvegan 💛

1 cup natural peanut butter (the kind made with only peanuts)
2 cups powdered sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
3 Tbsp. almond milk
¼ cup mini vegan chocolate chips (optional)
To a bowl, add peanut butter, and powdered sugar. Stir until evenly combined. Add vanilla, and almond milk. Stir until smooth–it should be almost as thick as cookie dough. Transfer fudge to a loaf pan lined with parchment paper. Press the fudge down and smooth out. Sprinkle with chocolate chips. Cover and refrigerate a few hours, or until set. Remove from the pan, unwrap, and slice. Store in the refrigerator. Enjoy! #letscookvegan

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8 Naked Cakes That Prove Less Really Is More

It turns out that less is (way) more when it comes to cake decorating.

Skimp on the Icing

The naked cake is the perfect example of how restraint can be a good thing — even when sweets are involved. By leaving the sides bare, you appreciate the cake layers’ texture (and the ingredients between the layers) in a whole new way. Plus, the frosting and decorations on top can truly shine. Try one of these eight ideas for your next celebration — or mix and match your favorite components to create a confection you’ll love.

Dulce de Leche Brownie Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting

This truly indulgent confection plays with all your party guests’ favorite vices. Start by doubling your favorite brownie recipe and baking it in three 6-inch round cake pans. Spread an irresistibly thick layer of peanut butter frosting between the cakes, and top it all off with dulce de leche, artfully dripping down the sides. Finish with peanuts and mini chocolate chips for extra crunch.

Try the Technique: The Perfect Drip

Dulce de leche is often found next to the sweetened condensed milk or in the Hispanic-foods aisle at the grocery store. Heat it in the microwave for 30 seconds to make it a little easier to spread. Use a spoon to push it over the edges of the cake for a drippy effect.

Bright Macaron Cake

Double the dessert is double the fun — especially when cake and cookies make their entrance in such bright hues. Buy ready-made macarons in any three colors you love. Divide white cake batter into three portions and use food coloring to tint the portions to match the macarons. Bake as directed, and trim the cake edges with a serrated knife or pastry ring so the brilliant colors are even more visible. Brush the cake layers with jam and stack them. Frost the top of the cake with buttercream and finish with a circle of macarons standing on their sides.

Try the Technique: A Pretty Palette

For the most-cohesive look, choose macarons in colors that will pair closely with the food coloring at your disposal. A complementary palette, like these vibrant pastel hues, ensures that your cake will look deliberate and pretty — not totally crazy.

Double Bundt Cake with Sugared Berries

A smart stack of Bundt cakes looks impressive but still delicate. Bake two cakes: one in a 12-cup Bundt pan and the second in a 10-cup Bundt pan (here, we used pound cake batter). After the cakes cool, brush them with apricot jam and stack the smaller cake on top of the larger one. Finish with a dusting of powdered sugar and sugared berries.

Try the Technique: Sugared Berries

Reconstitute some meringue powder with water (the right ratio should appear on the package directions). Dip berries in the mixture and then roll them in granulated sugar. Leave to dry at room temperature for 1 hour. The sugar and meringue will harden into a crust that discourages the berries from macerating.

Mini Lemon Thyme Cakes

It’s a sheer delight to see a personal-sized cake appear on your plate. Bake a lemon sheet cake in a 13-by-9-inch pan. Cut out mini cakes using a round pastry ring. Heat a simple syrup (one part water mixed with one part sugar) with lemon extract and thyme leaves. Brush each mini cake with the syrup, and then cut the cakes in half crosswise, creating two layers. Frost with lemon buttercream, and garnish with lemon zest and fresh thyme sprigs.

Try the Technique: Cake Cutouts

Pastry rings, biscuit cutters or cookie cutters can be used to create a bunch of smaller cakes out of one sheet cake. Three-inch-wide portions will provide a generous single serving for each guest.

Raspberry Rose Cake

Brush vanilla chiffon cake layers with rosewater-infused simple syrup. Layer the cake with cream cheese frosting, including a healthy serving on top. Scatter fresh raspberries and insert pink rose stems for a beautiful buffet centerpiece that’s perfect for a bridal shower or garden party.

Try the Technique: Floral Decor

When decorating a dessert with flowers, it’s important to pick blooms that have not been treated with pesticides. Ask your local florist to point you in the right direction — an edible variety (like these roses) can often be a good choice. Cover the stems in plastic wrap before you insert them into the cake, for additional protection.

Confetti Birthday Cake

Covering up a confetti cake with frosting sort of defeats the point, doesn’t it? Let’s see those colors! Add rainbow sprinkles to yellow cake batter and bake in three 8-inch pans. Use a knife or pastry ring to trim away the edges of the cake layers to best reveal the confetti interior. Add sprinkles to vanilla buttercream and layer it between the cakes. Frost the top of the cake, and add more confetti and a bevy of candles.

Try the Technique: Vibrant Patterns

Birthday candles make exciting and inexpensive cake toppers. Chose a variety of shapes, colors and patterns for a truly festive display.

Red Velvet Cake

Double a red velvet cake recipe and bake the layers in four 6-inch round pans. Slice the rounded top off each layer to level it, but save the scraps. Frost the layers with a dark chocolate frosting. Crumble the cake scraps with your fingers to create crumbs, and use them to decorate the top of the cake. Finish the look with an extra indulgence — store-bought chocolate curls.

Try the Technique: Amped-Up Frosting

Simple cocoa buttercream or ready-made fudge frosting gets elevated to even tastier heights with 6 ounces of melted dark chocolate. Allow the chocolate to cool slightly before stirring it into the buttercream.

Tropical Fruit Cake

Exotic, eye-popping fruit makes this cake extra special, but we also added a little coconut extract to the chocolate frosting for even more fun. Layer the frosting between three 9-inch chocolate cake rounds. Frost the top of the cake and sprinkle with shredded coconut. Garnish with tropical fruits like papaya, sliced kiwi, mango and lime slices.

Try the Technique: Cool Fruit

Choose bright, blemish-free fruit for the most-impressive presentation. Tropical greenery like palm fronds and bromeliad make for a fun, thematic accent, too.

By Heather Baird via Food Network

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To celebrate my first day of school I made a yummy vegan protein smoothie bowl for breakfast! For the smoothie bowl I used the new @pescience vegan protein, frozen banana, cashew milk, & ice, and topped it with some @annieshomegrown frosted oat flakes & @enjoylifefoods mini chocolate chips!😋

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“You know what the best chocolate cake you’ve ever made was, Dad? Whichever one is in front of me right now.”

— Luke, age 11, with chocolate all over his mouth.

As I do almost every year, I made a dark chocolate layer cake from scratch for my wife’s birthday. This year’s twist was that, after frosting it, I coated one half with shredded coconut and the other half with Ghirardelli mini chocolate chips. Then I stenciled her initials in cocoa powder at the center of the cake, though the powder was blown everywhere when she blew out the candles. 

This year, Beth (age 8) helped out considerably with the ingredients and assembly, and of course both kids helped out with the licking of frosting beaters and spatulas. Every year, it’s the best cake ever.  Some day they will realize I’m just following the chocolate cake and frosting recipes off the box of cocoa powder.

Beth said that, next time, I should make the two halves into a yin-yang pattern.  I don’t think that would be very birthday-like for my wife, but maybe we can come up with another excuse to bake a cake.  Is there an International Yin-Yang Cake Day?  If not, maybe we should invent it. There’s both great opportunity and great risk, I think.

Can we talk about my beautiful, perfect, DELICIOUS post-workout pancake? I use 1 serving of Kodiak Cakes power cakes mix, ½ serving of nestle mini semisweet chocolate chips, lay down 1tbsp of maple syrup (underneath the pancake so it can soak in), and 1tbsp of soynut butter spread on top.


uhhhhhh greek yogurt chocolate banana muffin night cap?! do you see a pattern today🙈🍫🍌 my trip to the dentist yesterday must have triggered my sweet tooth || I’m all about finding healthy dessert alternatives and these did not disappoint ||
»dry ingredients:
1 C oat flour ◆ 1 TBSP cornstarch ◆ ½ tsp baking soda ◆ ¼ tsp salt ◆4 TBSP cocoa powder ◆1/3 C mini dark choc chips ◆1/2 C dark choc chips | .
💦 ingredients :
1 egg ◆ 1 C @siggisdairy Greek yog ◆ ¼ C melted coconut oil ◆ 1 tsp vanilla extract ◆ ½ C brown sugar◆ 2-3 super ripe bananas |
Mix all the dry ingredients together | mix all the dry ingredients together → combine wet and dry ingredients together and distribute into muffin tins → put into oven (350F) and bake for 20ish min 👌🏽 ya welcome 😛 .
[crucial ➡for the 💦-️ mash bananas alone before mixing them w other wet ingredients AND briskly whisk greek yog and egg together before adding in rest of wet ingredients also] .