This is my on-the-go stim toy collection (photos one and two):

- Non-food-grade silicone pink-and-yellow peace sign pendant on black cord. I made it from a keychain. (The keychain was $1 from K-Mart.) It’s very flexible and makes a nice sound when you fold and flick it.

- Genderqueer pride bead ring necklace, on black cord, made by me. (I keep necklaces in my pouch in case I forget to wear one or decide I need to fidget with something while out. Necklaces are great for me because I don’t have to grasp anything.)

- Green jointed snake (from Sunday).

- Bead ring made from yellow, orange and red wooden beads. I get the big bead rings from Daiso, $2.80 for five. They open up so they’re much easier for threading.

- Bright pink balloon stuffed with flour squish ball. Made by me. Lovely on the hands!

- Pink glitter-glue-and-silver-glitter-stars tube/jar with black screw top. Made by me. The glue-water consistency on this one is slow and gooey, so I watch the bubble move up and down the tube.

- Blue-top clear jar of blue (knock-off) kinetic sand. This stuff is the best thing ever.

- Orange, yellow and green telephone cord hair ties on keychain ring. I flip these around on my fingers. It’s surprisingly fun. Hair ties from K-Mart and on discount at twenty cents for a packet of four. Keychain ring came from the peace pendant.

- Purple squishy bath toy fish. Nice and soft. One of a 3 pack, $4.50 from Coles.

- Yellow tub of Yellow Play-Doh. Play-Doh was my first stimmy thing before I came online and discovered all the stimmy things (and how to make some of them).

- Bambi mini Tsum-Tsum plush. $3 at Target.

- Red and white polka-dot bean bag. Made by me. I usually scent mine, but because I might use this out of the house (with psychologist, on the train, wherever) I haven’t scented this one. Even though I only use pure essential oils, I know people suffer chemical and fragrance sensitivities. I consider fragranced things to be my-house-only stims if there’s a chance they’ll bother others.

The purple nubbly bean bag (photo three) is one half of the mop head (from Sunday). I wasn’t sure how well the seams would hold up, since the material frays as you look at it, so I just stitched three sides to see what happens, but it’s holding, so I’ll do the other half with button eyes and a felt tongue. Even without those things it looks a little like a swamp creature. I scented this one with lime essential oil and it smells so good. I run my hands through the nubs and they come away lime-scented. I’m happy.

(EtA: I don’t know why Tumblr blurs the top image. It’s entirely non-blurry in Photoshop. I’ve tried uploading large and small versions and they all blur. I give up.)