just wanted to make a bigger version of each of my mini 1D babies :)
….since I always have them made so tiny…..

and idek about the words…they’re random. haha

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K so. Harry is sweaty and he realizes he forgot a hair tie so he's back stage like oh no and then there's Louis with his ready to go for Harry like here babe

Harry runs backstage, heart pounding, shirt sticking to his back, and hair in his eyes. He feels his wrists for a hair tie and curses when he doesn’t find one. “Shit,” he whispers, carding a hand through his hair.

It’s not like Harry to forget a hair tie. But he did. Today of all days. He sighs and makes his way back to the stage, head down and hair hanging in wet, loose curls.

He bumps into someone who lets out a small, “oof” and instantly he knows it’s Louis. And not just because Louis’ hands are tugging at his hair gently. He lifts his head to follow Louis’ hands and Louis is smiling at him, cheeks red.

“Alright, love?” he asks. Harry shrugs but nods and Louis knows he’s lying. Louis lifts Harry’s chin with two fingers. “You sure?”

Harry shakes his head. “I forgot my hair tie. My hair is a mess,”

Louis giggles and holds up an arm, using his other hand to pull the hair tie off. “Good thing I’m always prepared. My boyfriend would lose his head if it wasn’t on tight,” Louis chuckles.

Harry blushes and Louis reaches his hands up, getting on his tippy toes and gathering Harry’s hair in his hands with deft fingers. His eyes meet Harry’s and he peppers Harry’s face with tiny kisses and he fixes his hair into a bun.

Louis smiles. “You,” he says, kissing Harry’s forehead, “Look,” a kiss to Harry’s nose, “So,” and then to his right cheek, “Cute.” Louis finishes, placing a soft kiss to Harry’s lips.

And now Harry’s heart is racing for a totally different reason. Louis is pressed up close, their chest almost touching. Louis’ hands leave Harry’s hair and Harry whines.

Louis laughs and leans in to suck Harry’s pouted lip between his teeth, nibbling gently. “We’ve gotta get back,” he whispers against Harry’s lips.

Harry moans and Louis swallows it as he kisses Harry once more before pulling away and walking back to the stage, hips swaying.

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