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I have an 11 year old mini schnauzer/yorkie mix. He develope diabetes about 3 years back and went blind from it 2 years ago. This past week, however, he's been seemingly deteoriating quickly? He's always gotten anxious from fireworks/thunder/smoke alarms but now he's anxious near constantly and for no discernible reason. He'll tremble and pant for hours at a time when there's nothing we can see that's triggering it. Do you have any ideas on why he's acting like this, or how we should help him?

Sometimes panting can mean a dog is in pain. I would take him to the vet.


Misa Minnie the yorkie here is like a tiny magician, executing the most adorable (albeit predictable) tricks that will make you squeal with joy. I don’t want to spoil too much, but this video includes a tiny a shopping cart, the thought of which makes my heart want to explode. Holy christ, this is cute.

Legyen Mini Yorkim,..

ne legyen Mini Yorkim. Legyen Mini Yorkim, ne legyen Mini Yorkim. Legyen Mini Yorkim, ne legyen Mini Yorkim.
Ha lenne, akkor Tipikus Yorkis lennék, akit mindenki b… fog, hogy miért van ilyen kis gyökér kutyája. Pulcsiban. Halálfejesben nyilván.

Persze a nagy álom az Olasz Agár. Várjak rá? Iszonyú árat kérnek érte :(