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“Hm.. I wonder if I can drag Yamato to the ball. I can ask Hikari too, but..” An idea suddenly came to his head and the boy grinned and went to his brother. “Hey Yama! Time to suit you up!”

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MFW guys and their child’s first day of school

Ayame pranced along her father on stubby little legs, hair braided and a new backpack adorning her small form. A careless confidence graced her steps and she skipped towards her first day of school.
“I’m going to make so many new friends!” Saeki beams down at his daughter happily.
“I’m sure you will.”

“Don’t cry, Kiyomi.” Takao murmured as he kissed his daughter’s forehead, shifting the three-year-old in his arms. “You’ll get to go soon enough.”
Norio was lecturing his younger brother.
“Remember, always ask before you run to the bathroom. Be polite to missus.” He was a returning student this year, and he took it upon himself to ‘educate’ Masao on everything related to school.
Takao smiles at his sons and embraces them quickly. The joy and wonder of watching his children grow is ever growing, and now that his second son is going to school, he felt pride glow warmly in his chest.

“Look at you two all ready to start the worst years of your life.” Yamato embraces his twins and chuckles. They look up at him nervously. Masaru scrunched up his face, suddenly quite nervous.
“It’s going to be bad?” Michiko sounded anxious, her small voice trembling.
“Nah, you’ll make friends. I’m just joking.” He grins and pats his daughter’s head. “Don’t worry, the first years will be all fun.”

Yuta was laughing as hard as his son as they walked hand in hand.
“It will be so fun.” He promised, and ruffled Etsuko’s curls. His son grinned up at him. “Tell me all the funny things that happen!”
The child grinned up his father, a small version of his own face.
“I will, daddy!”

Kunihiko laughed as his sons bickered beside him as they walked to school.
“I will NOT cry for mommy.” Tsutomu growled at his older brother. “I’m not a crybaby.”
“Yes you are. I’ll be surprised if you make it through without crying.” The ten year old smirked down smugly.
“That’s enough, Toshio.” He gives his firstborn a light smack on the head. “Don’t scare your little brother.” He smiled at his boys, feeling a familiar melancholic feeling in his stomach, same as the day Toshio first went to school. It was a strange feeling, being a father, a dad, a caretaker to these two small copies of him. Strange indeed, but remembering all the memories linked with the children, Kunihiko couldn’t imagine any other way he would want his life to be.

They had stopped to admire some late blooming flowers, pink and orange petals so captivating as they lost track of time.
Aina had inherited -if that were even possible- his love of plants. Ren loved explaining every detail to her, and she soaked up the information happily.
“Your mother will kill me!” He scooped up his daughter and bolted for the school, blonde hair flying.

“There comes Aina.” Yamato smirks at his running friend. “Ren’s lagging behind again, as always.”
“His work is quite the stressing one.” Takao smiles, running a spare hand through his hair as he remembers some of the tougher cases. Ren came running up to them, skidding to a stop and placing his daughter on the ground.
“A dramatic entry indeed.” Saeki laughed. “How late did you stay up ‘watering plants’ that you almost miss little sweetie’s first school day?”
Green eyes glared at him.
“At least they’re not late.” Kunihiko points out. “It’s just about time to go in.”
Norio was already half way up the staircase, Masao running after him eagerly.
“Gosh Takao.” Yuta shoves him in the shoulder. “Do your kids ever have fun? They’re always so uptight and beyond their age.”
Masaru and Ayame were giggling about something, and his twin sister was clinging onto the hand of their father, whining at the lack of attention from her brother.
“Hey hey hey, get the mini Yamato away from my angel.” Saeki scowled. “Come on, Ayame. Time to start school.” He calls out for the girl, and she waves from a distance.
“Nah, Masaru has better taste than that.” Yamato shot back at his friend. Prying his daughter off his arm, he kisses her head and sends her off running to the steps. Her brother scrambled after her, pulling a laughing Ayame behind him.
Aina was bent over the flower patch beside the staircase, sniffing at the large pink flowers.
“Aina.” Ren calls for her, and her blonde head snaps up. “Time to go.” A sad note crept into his voice as he watched her nod, smile, wave and race away up the stairs. Etsuko met her halfway along, and beckoned her over. Waving empty hands, he pulled a flower from his sleeve and handed it to her with a laugh.
“He’s always messing up that part.” Yuta sighs softly, eyes following his son into the school. “At least, it’s better than when he first tried.”
“They grow up fast, huh?” Kunihiko shrugs absentmindedly as he watched Tsutomu pull away from his hand and join his older brother. “I remember when Tosh was as small as a loaf of bread. Look at him, he’s already ten.”
“Don’t you feel your age now, huh Kuni?” Yamato comments, a contented smile against his lips.
“At least Takao still has one. That lucky daddy.” Yuta claps his friend on the shoulder. He touches Kiyomi’s cheek and the girl smiles sweetly. “I kinda wish I had a daughter too.”
“You could just grab your wife and convince her to have a few more.” Yamato winks.
“Don’t talk about that here.” Takao says quickly, adjusting his daughter in his arms. “Either way, the more kids you have, the more goodbyes you have to give.” He nuzzled Kiyomi.
“Want to come over and grab a drink?” Kunihiko readjusts his fedora. “Its been a while.”
“I think I need a nap.” Ren groans. “And tonight I have to document more fungi activity.”
“I’ll pass.” Yamato mumbles longingly. “I have to make and prep some tests.”
“There’s a section of script due tomorrow, and my honey wants me home early.”
“I would go, but you guys all seem busy.” Yuta sounded disappointed. “And papa Takao here probably needs to take Kiyomi home.”
“Maybe some other time then.” Kunihiko frowned sadly. “We need a baseball game and men’s drinking.” A dull hush fell over the group as they stood and reminisced the past.
“Good times, huh?” Yuta’s voice tore through the silence.
Gazing up at the school, Takao takes a deep breath. “Remember when we still went here?”
“Who would have known we’d be here now, lawyers and teachers and CEOs and fathers, sending our kids off to our old school.” Saeki chuckled and shook his head. “Time goes by too fast.”

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Valentines Event (From Voltage)

All that is happening here are mere imagination of the creator herself (me) so the script is not officially made by Voltage. In case you can’t take the joke in the heart, then don’t follow/read this. Everything’s at your own risk so I warn you all. :p

DAY 7 : Voltage also didn’t consider some characters that are slightly popular to be added on the list. Seeing their reaction that they are not included can really break their hearts into pieces. :(



Here we go! I made two versions of a wallpaper for my Samsung S4 mini with Yamato Kougami from My Forged Wedding. I couldn’t decide which one looked better, so have both. :I

Well, not bad for a first try, huh? No, let’s be serious, even a child would do better. xD I like simple stuff which is an excuse because do not remember anymore how to make fancy stuff in Photoshop. I was actually good once. No but seriously, I do like simple stuff.

CG taken from chiharuyukihana