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I don’t can draw all fanart i want to of this miniserie (i want draw 5 more, but i so tired -o-)

Elements it’s so cool and beauti
I like the Lumpy Space Princess to be the hero of this history and the new sorprise in the end to Jake (PUM! SPOILERS!)

Sorry for my english bad :P

You’ve heard of h20vanoss? Well prepare your anuses for; the entire banana bus crew being in a huge gay polyamorous relationship.

[NCT127] Reaction to having a short s/o

A/N: This was a request by @markleetrashh   @cherrymargarie, my dear first friend here heh THANK YOU FOR THE REQUEST and good luck for your oral tomorrow love ❣️

Style/ Genre: Reaction– headcannon
Date posted: 12/07/17


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  • probably the kind that would like a smaller s/o
  • our oldest isn’t v tall anyway
  • would enjoy ruffling your hair
  • would feel even more protective of you
  • would think you’re a vulnerable bean before realising you’re a mini warrior
  • probably think you’re x1000 cuter
  • would actually like being the bigger one
  • technically drowning in taeil’s love because of him feeling the need to protect and caring for you 24/7
  • okay idrk about taeil i’m so sorry 😂 


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  • enjoys teasing you for your height
  • but the height difference would be absolutely adorable
  • “oh my little smol lovely beannnnn”
  • would enjoy hugging you and see you being engulfed in his chest
  • and chuckles whenever he does it till you can hardly breathe and have to resort to hitting his arm before he lets you go
  • him voluntarily helping you take stuff from higher shelves even before you asking him
  • enjoys picking you up and swinging you around off the ground
  • looking around and pretending he lost you
  • okay but they would be times when he actually wasn’t pretending

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First of many in my RuneWars army. Seeing as how my fiancé won this awesome war game for us in a Facebook giveaway, I let her pick the colors for the opposing armies and we settled on Slytherin VS Hufflepuff of course! We’ll be representing our houses respectively. Overall pretty happy with this paint job. Pretty basic green and silver house colors. I went with a golden axe to represent Slytherin’s house artifact. All that’s left now is to seal and base him… and then do like twenty more.


suuuper quick sketches bc I was at work but !!!! I love undertale!! I caved and bought it a few weeks ago and it’s really exceeded my expectations. here you are!! even though they are quick, I drew two things! first one is solid monster au, and second is merged with characters from undertale ehehe!! (bad excuse to practice drawing ut characters ngl)

Soulmate AU: A Tattoo with your soul mates favourite colour appears on your skin.

Murphy always wondered why he had a small mark of a green flower on his right arm, it was werid. He had asked his mom and she had said “John it’s your soulmates favourite colour.”

It didn’t make sense to Murphy at the time, but when he got to earth he figured it out, it was when he was with Emori, they were just about to go get some more supplys, when he noticed something he didn’t before.

Emori had a small tattoo of a planet that was dark blue on her wrist, his favourite colour was dark blue, but it must of been a mistake right?

He decided to ask Emori where she go the tattoo her reponse was “I don’t know it’s just always been there.”

“Emori what’s your favourite colour?” He asked her next she said it was green, in that moment he knew, he knew that she was his Soulmate, but then again he already knew that long before this moment.

Murphy caught Emori of gurad when he suddenly hugged her, he savoured the moment.


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I just thought of that, but how would Jataro react at Halloween? Jataro: *carves the end of a pumpkin* Jataro: *puts his head in it* *few minutes later* The others: Jataro, wtf? Jataro: im stuck lolol

that’s a pretty cute headcanon!! thank you for sharing!! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Obsidian circled high in the sky above, his gaze sweeping over the area looking for any sign of intruders getting too close to the current area the Huns were calling camp for the night. His gaze soon finds a single figure and he immediately flies back to land upon the gloved arm of his handler. 

Khojin had been sitting upon a high branch in a tree not that far from the camp line when her pet returned with his findings. She gave him his reward and hopped down from her post making her way towards the direction her falcon had come so as to cut off the stranger before they got too close.

She waited just behind a tree and once the person was close they were met with a blade aimed right at their nose. “You have no businesses being here! Leave now and I may consider sparing you!” The warrior demands, her golden eyes narrowing to show her threat was genuine.