mini underwear

Mimsy Farmer in Spain, in the Canary Islands, in Lanzarote, in 1969, during the filming of ‘La route de Salina’ by Georges Lautner. Photo by Philippe Le Tellier (Paris Match magazine)

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When it's summer I love wearing no underwear and mini-skirts. I always get groped when I go on the train or bus and even got fucked in a few toilets.


I like this one :)
Intimate, but not too nsfw
And the underwear is perfect ;)
I can imagine them buying these pants for each other.
Ok, no, Tony brought both pairs and when he showed them to Steve he was pretty gobsmacked and said he is not going to wear those.
But he actually grew to like them.
‘You’re wearing the pants I bought you,’ Tony said with a smirk.
‘Shh,’ Steve whispered, smiling as he kissed Tony’s lips. Tony chuckled and then they fell on to the bed together, intimately interwoven.