mini tunnel


Bumblebee really likes this mini crinkle tunnel we got him. But he just likes to lay inside it!
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concept: steve, bucky and sam standing around a fresh grave stone with bucky’s name on it, steve’s on an identical one beside of it. they walk away as free men and rent a small house in the country away from the prying eyes of the public (who will never buy their untimely deaths) and live next door to sam who has moved on after riley and is madly in love. when steve and bucky marry (it takes them less than 2mths of being back together because they’ve been to the very end of the line together and they’re ready to go back to the start) sam signs as a witness and grins so hard that his face hurts because hes never saw steve this happy before 

Hiding in Shadows

I think I’ve got something. 

I was watching the latest trailer for tonight  (and ugh-Kate) when I noticed this. 

Its Wee!Derek and Kate walking thru the mini-tunnel at good old BHHS. Its the same location that Derek and Jennifer had their ‘moment’ in 3A. But what caught my attention is the shadow. Notice you can only see one person in it.

It reminded me of this: 

Derek and Jennifer in 3.12 and again, hiding in someone’s shadow.

Now, you might be thinking, “Anda, its just a coincidence” but I also remembered (and I can’t find the image, so sorry) there was a picture from the set passed around that looked like JR Bourne, but with Hoechlin hiding in his shadow. You could only see Hoechlin if you looked at his feet.

Now, once is an incident. Twice is a coincidence. But three times? That’s a pattern and its purposeful. Derek is losing himself in the shadow of these women.  Which is a pretty mean feat, when you consider how large he is. But the question is why? Is it something to do with his mother- since he no doubt spent time in his childhood in her shadow? Or is it something more supernatural? or Maybe something more menacing? Both these women have been serious bed news for Derek, so I’m fairly certain it doesn’t indicate anything good. 

I’m not really sure how much it signifies or even what- but its something I think we should watch for.