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Childhood Friends Au

Yoongi allows the man to guide him to the couch despite knowing his way around Namjoon’s apartment with his eyes closed because that hand is just so damn warm and soft.

“Have a seat,” the man says. “I’m going to prepare tea,” and he disappears into the kitchen.

“Here,” the man hands a warm cup of green tea to Yoongi and he wonders just how long he’s been spacing out. He takes the cup and mumbles a quick thanks before frowning at how ridiculous the situation actually is.

Yoongi slowly lowers his cup. “It might be too late for me to say this, but.” He meets the man’s eyes who smiles expectantly at him. “Who are you, and why did you let me in when you probably have no fucking clue who the hell I am?

The man pushes the cup back in Yoongi’s hand. “Drink it while it’s still hot,” he urges to which Yoongi quietly obliged.

“Look here,” says Yoongi after finishing his tea, finally placing the cup down on the coffee table across him. At some point, the man even prepared a plate of pastries for him. “Don’t you have a sense of danger? You let a complete stranger in without asking who I was or how I’m related to the owner of this place, and now you’re even feeding me better than my grandma. I would like to be suspicious of you, but I don’t have the energy to do so.“

The man is now sitting on the floor across Yoongi, his legs folded beneath him. Yoongi watches as his expression changes from utter confusion to an abash smile while ducking his head.

“Didn’t your mom tell you not to speak to strangers?” Yoongi continues to babble not knowing why he can’t shut the fuck up. “You should’ve just yelled behind the closed door. Told me Namjoon’s not home or to get lost.”

“But mister…”

“It’s Yoongi. Min Yoongi.”

“Yoongi…” the man repeats with such a soft and lulling voice and Yoongi’s chest suddenly feels uncomfortable. “You’re reprimanding me so earnestly that I find it hard to be suspicious of you,” he smiles sheepishly.

“Stop that.”

“I’m sorry..?”

“Stop smiling like that.” Yoongi scratches the nonexistent itch on his neck.

The man chuckles behind a hand. “You’re a funny man, Yoongi.”

Yoongi decides it’s time to go because there’s definitely something wrong with his chest. He prepares to get up, but something tugs on hem of his shirt.

“Um… I-I just got here in Seoul from the countryside and I don’t know anyone else besides Namjoon. So.. if you don’t mind, w-will you stay for a bit and watch a movie with me?”

This guy just never listens.



“What’s your name.”

“Jin! Kim Seokjin. But you can call me Jin.”

Yoongi sniffs. His chest will just have to calm the fuck down. He walks toward the collection of dvd’s and starts going through the selections. “You better help me pick a good movie before I change my mind.”

“O-okay! This one,” Jin pulls out Inception. “Let’s watch this one. Give me a minute and I’ll bring us some snacks.” And he disappears into the kitchen in a flash.

Yoongi bites his lower lip and stares at his phone showing 20 missed calls from Hoseok and a very angry text. He snorts, pocketing his phone as he turns it off.

Part 1

Valentines Event (From Voltage)

All that is happening here are mere imagination of the creator herself (me) so the script is not officially made by Voltage. In case you can’t take the joke in the heart, then don’t follow/read this. Everything’s at your own risk so I warn you all. :p

DAY 6 : If you think Voltage stopped from the 2 times arrows idea, then you’re wrong. Because to add fuel on the fire, they included 4 popular men that is on par with the latest guys. To make things worst, those added guys still have their games on even though they are not fully aware of it.

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