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14 also with oikage?? Im also trash

OiKage 14. things you said after you kissed me (it’s ok i’m trash too) 

Their first kiss was unplanned and hurried. A desperate pull into an alley after another flirtatiously antagonistic meeting on the street. It was awkward angles and unskilled motions. Oikawa tried his best to steer the kiss in a less clumsy series of slow pecks, but Kageyama’s novice desperation pushed them into a frantic, biting mess.

Oikawa pulled back after a few minutes, their lips separating with a slick wet sound. His eyes fluttered open to see Kageyama’s face, red-lipped and puffy. Their breath mixed together as their foreheads touched, leaning close into each other. Kageyama’s hands were fisted tightly in the lapels on Oikawa’s uniform and Oikawa had his hands clasped on either side of Kageyama’s face. Oikawa couldn’t let go.

“Don’t let go,” Kageyama breathed, his lips chasing Oikawa’s.

“Never,” Oikawa whispered bending down to kiss him again.

Their kiss after their first real fight was tender, if just slightly rough with sorrow. Oikawa’s hands clung to Kageyama’s shirt, hoping for forgiveness as he kissed him. Ardently pressing their lips together, Oikawa licked his way into Kageyama’s mouth earning a small mewl from Kageyama who could do nothing but get caught up in their motions.

Fighting off desperate tears, Oikawa wound his tongue around Kageyama’s, hoping he couldn’t taste the litany of horrible things he’d said still lingering on his tongue. Kageyama brought his hands to grasp at his boyfriend’s waist, pulling them close together as if saying “I accept your apology.” Oikawa couldn’t take that as a given though, he needed to know he hadn’t ruined everything.

“Kageyama,” Oikawa murmured as he lifted off his lips from Kageyama’s. “I’m so sorry, please know that I’m so sorry.”

“It’s ok,” Kageyama exhaled softly. “I know you didn’t mean it.”

“I didn’t,” Oikawa said shaking his head gently. “I’m so sorry. I know I can be so mean sometimes I’m awful I’m just the worst I”m–”

“No, stop,” Kageyama interrupted. “You can’t think like that. You’re not awful, you’re not.”

“But I hurt you,” Oikawa whispered hopelessly.

“I…” Kageyama began. He swallowed thickly, looking at Oikawa in the eye. “I could only be hurt if you meant it.”

Their kiss when Oikawa landed himself in the hospital was heated and impassioned. Crawling onto the hospital bed, Kageyama hungrily pressed Oikawa down, throwing his leg over his waist and straddling his hips. Oikawa could do nothing but be pushed down and just receive all of the flurried whirlwind that was Kageyama. He placed his hands on Kageyama’s hips and tilted his head back as Kageyama kissed down his neck.

Oikawa lasted about 2 minutes into the attack before Kageyama accidently brushed his leg against his injured knee. Practically jackknifing on the bed, Oikawa let out a pained gasp and instinctively reached for his knee. Surprised by his sudden movement, Kageyama was thrown off his lap, falling backwards onto the floor.

“Fuck,” Oikawa gasped, holding his right knee that was bandaged up in several layers of gauze and cotton. “Oh my god.”

“Oh no,” Kageyama said horrified. “Did I hurt you?”

“No you didn’t hurt me,” Oikawa croaked, closing his eyes tight trying to block out the pain. “I hurt me, you just kind of reminded me of it.”

“I’m so sorry, holy shit I can’t believe I hit your knee. I came here to try to make you feel better and I made things worse,” Kageyama heaved kneeling on the floor by the side of the bed.   

“It’s ok, you were making me feel better,” Oikawa said tightly. “I’m just way worse off than I thought.”

“I’m sorry,” Kageyama breathed getting up from the floor and moving over to Oikawa’s bandaged knee. He bent over and placed a gentle kiss just below the end of the bandage. “How bad does it hurt?”

“Oh you know,” Oikawa said feigning nonchalance. “Just a bit.”

“You need to be more careful,” Kageyama said kissing his thigh just above the end of the bandage.

“You always say that,” Oikawa smirked ignoring the dull pain in his knee.

“Because you never listen,” Kageyama mumbled, as he moved to sit next to Oikawa on the bed.

“I maybe I just like hearing you tell me what to do,” Oikawa grinned shifting aside so Kageyama could sit comfortably next to him.

“You’re in the hospital and you’re still being obnoxious,” Kageyama frowned.

“Yeah but you love me,” Oikawa smiled nudged his shoulder gently. Kageyama looked at him out of the corner of his eye before relenting and pressing a small kiss to lips.

“I do,” Kageyama sighed contentedly.

But it was their kiss when Kageyama dropped the last box of his stuff into Oikawa’s apartment, that felt the most important. With a small grin from both of them, they came together, crashing their lips with a hurried need. Hands pulling at each other, desperately trying to get closer, they kissed as tenderly and sweetly as they could while still igniting the furious passion that filled their mouths.

To them, this kiss was more than a meeting of mouths. It was the marking of the beginning and the closing of an ending. It was important because that was the first of many kisses they would share in their apartment. It was like they’d finally found home. They would get to laugh and cry and kiss and yell and fuck and scream and whisper and do all the things they had always done but this time there was no leaving. This time at the end of a wonderful day Kageyama didn’t have to go home, or after spending the weekend Oikawa didn’t have to leave. This time after each kiss they would pull apart, holding onto one another like they’d disappear if they looked away. And Kageyama would say:

“Don’t let go.”

And to that, Oikawa would smile at Kageyama, and from now and forever finally mean it when he’d say: