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It’s like 1am & i’m still crying over Ymir x Christa

A bit late, but here’s the Cartoon Network schedule for Tuesday, April 4 to Monday, April 10.

The Powerpuff Girls reruns got pulled before they even started, kinda unsurprisingly. Mini Teen Titans Go! marathon and a movie marathon on Monday leading up to the premiere of Ben 10′s reboot. New episodes will premiere at 5:00p and encore at 6:30p on weekdays.

New episodes Friday to Monday:

  • Justice League Action - Saturday at 7:30a
  • LEGO Nexo Knights - Two new episodes Saturday at 7:45a
  • Ben 10 - Series premiere and 3 more episodes Monday at 5:00p
  • We Bare Bears - Monday at 7:00p

Top 3 shows:

  1. Teen Titans Go! - 131 - 42%
  2. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs AND The Amazing World of Gumball - 63 each - 20% each

The top 3 shows are roughly 82% of the schedule.

uhhi-there  asked:

What if Petra, Hanji, and Erwin all put mistletoe in almost every hallway and they keep trying to get Levi and Eren under it? ANYWAYS. I love your blog! And happy holidays!

Erwin steeped his fingers, covering the lower half of his face. He gazed at his subordinate intently, weighing his options. It was reckless, it was ridiculous, and if he was honest, it just might work. However…

“I really don’t think “they need to fuck already” is an argument.”

“Oh but Erwin, it is! Our little Levi is growing up, and he needs his mama and papa to push him in the right direction. We need to help our son!” Hanji ranted, gesturing wildly.

The blonde considered her words, excluding the part about implied adoption, it wasn’t as though he could stop her, even as the Commander, it was a harmless thing to do. And he’d be lying if he said he didn’t find the idea of Levi floundering about because of it adorable.

“Fine. But if this blows up in your face, I had nothing to do with it.” Erwin sighed.

“And if it goes perfectly according to plan?”

“Then it was all my idea.”

Levi strolled leisurely through the halls of Castle Utgard, certainly not looking for a certain brunet brat. No, he was just hoping they would bump into each other by pure coincidence. The thought of accidentally, totally not on purpose, meeting Eren this early put him in a good mood.

However, as he turned down the next hall, something felt… off. It was strange, every time he’d walk through a doorway there was just something there, nagging him. He shook it off though, and hurried his slow pace since Eren wanted to be elusive this morning. As he hurried, he did bump into a brunet, just not the one he wanted.

Hanji spun around from where she’d just magically fucking appeared, because he surely didn’t collide with her by his own mistake. “Ah-ho, Levi! Darling! Ha-what are you doing?” She exclaimed, a nervous, too big grin set on her face. Honestly, he asked for an Eren. What did he get? A Hanji. This was what happened when Santa was a dead titan.

“I could ask you the same thing. And what the hell are you hiding?” Levi groaned in annoyance.

“Oh this?” It’s my… snack!” The squad leader answered too enthusiastically.

Levi squinted.

“Then eat it.” He whispered.

Hanji took a moment to sweat.

Mostly because if Levi were to see the mistletoe she hid behind her, he`d make it his duty to take down each and every one of them. But also because his whisper was very unsettling, why was he even whispering? Creepy old man.

“Well?” Levi prompted.

Hanji took a deep breath before shoving the decoration into her mouth, crunching painfully on the horribleness that was dried mistletoe berries. She made an effort to smile and moan and how delicious her snack was, and was forced to keep chewing until Levi hummed with suspicion before letting it go.

“I’ve got my eyes on you four-eyes.” He mumbled as he walked off.

Immediately she spewed out the disgusting ornament and hoped dearly that all of this would be worth it.

Petra patted herself on the back for getting the mistletoe that high. Ignoring the stares she got as she dangled from her 3DMG was easy, when she knew what she was working towards. When Hanji had recruited her for this, it had seemed silly at first, but the thought of finally getting the most obvious couple ever together appealed to her.

“Petra ma'am? Are you okay?” A voice sounded from below her. The redhead squeaked as Eren`s big green eyes stared up at her, his furrowed brows making him look ridiculing without meaning to.

“Training of course! You can never be too sharp y`know!” Petra answered casually. Eren`s face scrunched up, which she was sure Levi would have melted at, and he looked skeptical at best.

“Indoors?” She could tell Eren was trying his best to keep his respect for her afloat, which was hard when she was dangling from the ceiling, spinning slowly while still trying to look casual.

“Well yeah! W-what if there were hundreds of mini titans running around in here? You can never know what to expect!” Petra explained, feeling stupid just saying it. It was bad enough she was the most overlooked on the team, she had to go and crush the little respect she had with a story like this.

Eren wanted to argue, he really did. But, Petra was an elite soldier wasn’t she? And he was only a rookie, so who was he to question her training methods? In fact, that was a perfectly plausible idea! He should follow her example.

“I see. Thanks for the info Petra ma'am! Keep up the hard work!” Eren saluted, absolutely taken with his senior’s dedication, he march off happily and thought of way he could become that diligent in his own duties.

Petra hung there in disbelief, Eren had just went with the outlandish story! She sighed fondly, wishing she could just squeeze his gullible little face. Levi was a very lucky man, or would be, if she had any say.

Levi had just began to give up finding Eren as he switched hallways for the millionth time, only to be met with a hard head and a groan. Levi looked up to find Eren holding his head slightly, only to smile brightly at his Captain as their eyes met.

“Good afternoon, Captain!”

Levi was about to huff and puff about how dumb of Eren it was to be so happy to see him now, with his shitty brat ass avoiding him all day. But then that weird feeling stirred in his gut again, and this time, he looked for a source.

He wished he hadn’t.

No matter how much control he had, he couldn’t hold in the gasp at the mistletoe oh-so conveniently placed above Eren and he. His staring prompted Eren to look as well, which resulted in a red-faced cadet snapping his gaze away from Levi.

Levi let out an awkward chuckled, which was followed by Eren`s even more awkward giggle, and it just went back and forth until they were both laughing uncomfortably in the doorway, shuffling tensely.

The laughter died down.

Damn it Ackerman, you are right here, with him, with a perfectly good excuse to steal a kiss. The actual fuck are you acting like a preschooler for?

Even as he thought that, the Captain made no move to grab Eren`s pretty face like he fantasized about, didn’t push a strand of hair from his face and lean in close, because if he was honest, rejection scared the literal shit out of him.

Suddenly, Eren jerked forward and his lips were on his. He never expected Eren to make the first move, hell the kid seemed so surprised maybe he didn`t even know, but he wasn`t complaining. He couldn’t complain, not when he was all but melting into Eren`s arms, unsure as they may be, the brunet was into the kiss just as quickly as he was.

He should have been ashamed, making out under the mistletoe like a high school student in plain sight. But who the fuck cares, Eren Jaeger was kissing him and all was right with the world.

Merry Christmas to all and to all fuck off.

Erwin smugly kept on his way down the halls, he wondered whoever could he have pushed into? Ah well, he was only pushing them in the right direction, and he`d let Hanji think it was all her doing too, because it was Christmas and he was a nice person. Truly a wonderful kind soul!

P.S. Santa, I would still like a blonde coconut for the holidays. Just letting you know.

Bad Influence

This was written in 10 minutes and is kinda messy, but ya-ssui had the best art and I couldn’t help my fingers…
- - -

“You’ve been staring at yourself for the past ten minutes.” Robin yawned and closed the book Raven had brought him from the Wayne Manor library, setting it off to the side. “Nothing is going to change if you don’t change it yourself.”

Raven turned around and looked at herself from the back. “I don’t like the dress.”

You didn’t pick it out.” Robin rolled over on her bed and let his head hang off the edge, looking at her with an almost bored expression. His lips twitched in annoyance and he sighed. “Alfred picked that out, right? That’s what you get when you let butlers pick out your clothes.”

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submitted by Jonathan Tayag

Your EDC knife is only as good as the steel in its blade. A knife made of good steel will be sharp, stay sharp, and won’t break on you. On the other hand, knives made of dubious steel are unreliable and downright unsafe. They tend to dull easily and end up chipping and breaking when you need them most. There’s a lot of blade steels to pick from, and each has its own set of advantages to consider for your EDC. In this guide, we’ll go over what to look out for in a steel before buying your next blade. To make things even easier, we’ll give a few examples of our favorite knives made of each type of steel.

What to Look for in a Good Everyday Carry Blade Steel

  • Hardness and durability: You want a durable knife that won’t bend because its steel is too soft. You don’t want a steel that’s so hard that it becomes brittle and chips over time either. A good mixture of these two qualities is best.

  • Sharpness and edge retention: You want a knife that can get real sharp and stay sharp through repeated use. A knife that is easy to sharpen and maintain is also good. How hard a blade steel is also affects how sharp it can get. That’s determined by the amount of carbon in the steel. Other elements can affect how well a blade can hold that edge through repeated tough use too.

  • Corrosion resistance: This determines whether your knife is stainless or not. Non-stainless steel knives need oil and maintenance to keep rust away. Stainless steel knives are more forgiving, but they can still end up rusting if neglected. The amount of elements such as chrome and vanadium present in the steel alloy help this out.

Knife manufacturers have a wide set of names for each kind of blade steel. The specific alloy used in making a knife is usually disclosed, letting you judge the quality. Generally beware of dubious knives that do not advertise their blade steel. Unknown steel should raise a red flag in your mind when you’re trying to buy a knife.

Now that you have a general understanding of blade steels, let’s look at specific examples of 10 good steels.

1095 Carbon Steel

1095 is a non-stainless carbon steel, with approximately 0.95% carbon in the blade. This makes for a tough knife that holds an excellent edge, but it’s prone to rusting if you don’t take care of it. Frequent lubrication and proper storage will keep things in good order. 1095 blades also tend to be thicker because a thin knife made of hard 1095 can be too brittle.

External image

Example: TOPS Bartender Defender

The hardness of 1095 steel is great for making fixed blades, and the Bartender Defender is an excellent example. It’s a sharp and compact EDC knife that’s also pretty handy because it packs a bottle opener as well.

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D2 Tool Steel

D2 is a steel normally used to create large industrial tools needed to cut and stamp softer forms of steel. Because of that it’s incredibly tough and wear resistant. It’s a bit more resistant to corrosion than carbon steel but it’s not truly stainless. And while it makes for a very hard, yet durable knife, it can be difficult to sharpen without the right equipment.

External image

Example: Schrade SCH601TI

The blade on the Schrade SCH601TI features both a drop point and recurve design that makes it very versatile and suitable for your everyday cutting tasks. It also sports a solid frame lock construction as well as a gorgeous textured ergonomic titanium handle.

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420HC is an old-school high-carbon stainless steel that you’ll mostly find in classy gent’s knives and outdoors hunter designs. It’s not as hard as some of the steels on this list, but it’s great for knives that go through constant hard use. It’s extremely easy to sharpen; in a pinch, even the unpolished bottom of a ceramic plate will do.

External image

Example: Buck 110

Few things are as timeless as a Buck knife, and the 110 folding hunter knife is one of the classiest gent’s knives you can carry. The brass and wood grain features make it more than just a tool in your hands. It also features a traditional clip point hunter’s blade that locks into place with a solid lockback mechanism in the handle.

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Sandvik 12C27 / Sandvik 14C18N 

Sandvik 12C27 is a medium carbon (0.6%) blade steel that features a large amount of chromium in the mix. Blades made of this steel exhibit strong durability and wear resistance. It’s very resistant to rust as well. Despite the lower carbon content compared with other blade steels in this guide, Sandvick 12C27 can become very sharp if heat treated well.

External image

Example: Opinel No. 8 Stainless (Sandvick 12C27)

The venerable Opinel usually comes with a non-stainless blade, but they use Sandvick 12C27 for their stainless options. These knives cut at a level that’s comparable to their non-stainless brethren while being easier to maintain as well.

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Example: Kershaw Leek (Sandvick 14C18N)

If you’re looking for something with a bit more carbon but still in the same family as this blade steel, take a look at knives made of the 14C18N variant. The best knife made of this steel is by far the Kershaw Leek, a small EDC folding blade with flipper assisted opening and a modified wharncliffe shape. It’s extremely popular in the EDC community, and it’s affordable too.

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This is one of the more ubiquitous on the market today because it delivers solid performance at a cost that is very budget friendly. The name denotes the actual content of the steel, with the main points being 0.80% carbon and 13% chrome. It’s a good all-around knife for affordable everyday carry with solid sharpness, edge retention, and durability. There are variations of this steel, but knives below 8Cr tend to not hold an sharp edge as well because of the lower carbon content.

External image

Example: CRKT Vizzle

The Vizzle has an attractive Voxnaes design that features a 3.35” 8Cr13MoV blade with an upswept tip. With its flipper opening and IKBS ball bearing assist, it’s ready to go as soon as you need it.

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AUS-8 has similar properties to 440C stainless steel, but it features a large amount of vanadium in its creation. It’s an excellent blade steel when made properly, but its quality is very dependent on how well it is forged and heat treated. If you’re looking at an AUS-8 knife, make sure you’re buying from a maker who’s up to snuff. While it gets sharp, AUS-8 also tends to dull quickly, so make sure to sharpen it regularly to get the best results.

External image

Example: Ontario Knife Company RAT II

Ontario Knife Company is well-regarded for making sharp knives that stand up to hard use. Their RAT folding knife series is one of the most popular folders carried by the EDC community as well. Their latest iteration features a sharp 3” satin finished AUS-8 drop point blade and grippy G-10 scales on the handle.

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440C is a stainless steel with a durable crystallite structure and a high chromium content. It generally has a higher amount of carbon than 1095, but the chromium content makes it far more resistant to corrosion. As one of the alloy steels, it’s also far less brittle and more wear-resistant than 1095. Unlike 1095, it’s more suited for folding knives that are far less hefty than fixed blades.

External image

Example: Spyderco Chicago

In this example, the Spyderco Chicago is a compact folding knife made in the classic Spyderco style with a sub-2”, 440C flat ground, plain edge blade. Its ergonomic handle also sports grippy G-10 scales, giving you precise control.

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154CM is a further development of 440C stainless steel. With the addition of molybdenum, the durable alloy in 154CM exhibits superior sharpness and edge retention than standard stainless steels. 154CM is great for knives that will be used often, making it perfect for EDC. While still being tough and durable, it’s fairly easy to sharpen 154CM on your own.

External image

Example: Benchmade Mini Griptillian

The Mini Griptillian is a venerable knife that’s extremely popular in the EDC community. Its razor-sharp 2.91” drop point 154CM blade makes short work of your everyday cutting tasks. The ambidextrous AXIS lock and excellent grip afforded by the handle makes it a joy to use everyday.

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This is a premium high-carbon stainless steel that gets so sharp that you usually find it in some of the best kitchen knives your money can buy. Combine that with its excellent rust resistance and its ability to be forged into the waved patterns of Damascus steel and you have something that brings your EDC to a higher level.

External image

Example: Boker Plus Kwaiken Mini Titan

The Mini Kwaiken pairs an ultra-sharp 3” VG-10 alloyed blade with a gorgeous titanium handle. The blade deploys with a flipper assisted by IKBS ball bearings and a liner lock keeps it in place during use.

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S30V is a blade steel designed for extremely high quality knives. It’s a result of a collaboration between Crucible and Chris Reeve, of whose knives represent the grail for many in the EDC community. S30V uses vanadium carbides instead of chromium to achieve stellar toughness and sharpness. Because of the work it takes to make this steel, you generally only find it in high-end and custom knives.

External image

Example: Zero Tolerance 0350 (CPM-S30V)

The 0350 represents everything I look for in a knife, and it is my personal EDC daily driver. It has a beautiful organic modified drop point blade that has a huge belly, increasing its cutting surface. The 3.25” blade’s S30V steel gets sharp and stays sharp. SpeedSafe assisted opening ensures it’s out quick, and the ergonomics make it a joy to hold.

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External image

Example: Chris Reeve Small Inkosi (CPM-S35VN)

With the addition of niobium and a few more tweaks to the formula, S35VN makes for an even sharper version of S30V. The greatest example of this blade steel in current production is of course Chris Reeve’s Small Inkosi. It features a sub 2” hollow ground blade that’s sharp enough to cut through most anything you throw at it. The handles are 6Al4V titanium and feature the signature Reeve integral lock. It’s absolutely stunning, and it’s definitely worthy to sit alongside the Sebenza line as a grail knife for everyday carry.

View on Amazon

You’re bound to encounter more kinds of blade steels on your hunt for the perfect EDC knife, but by now you should be familiar with the most popular of the EDC-worthy options out there. What’s your favorite steel and why? Let us know in a comment below.

nightglider124 replied to your postWhy are some comic books fans so goddamn…

Wow, cannot be said loud enough tbh

Right? I don’t get why people are like this. Whether you only watched the cartoon/animated movies, read only the old comics, read all the comics, read newer comics, or maybe dabbled in a bit of everything like me, you’re still a valid fan.

Your opinions are still valid

You are not some uncultered swine just because you weren’t even fucking conceived when the original run started. 

And yet, this attitude exists so much in this fandom. Like, some of the meanest folk are typically these ‘comic book elitists’ with their ‘don’t you dare come into my house’ nonsense.


That’s the wrong kind of attitude to have.

Also, not the best way to get other fans into reading the comics when all you do is belittle them for what they like, or what got them into it.

How about, instead, we explain and discuss and be patient and respectful if a person says: that sounds cool and all, but I’m not really into it, thanks. I prefer _____. 

Why is the concept of not being an asshole so hard? 


Signing and selling at NYCC 2014 - it was four days of total madness but I had a wonderful time, thank you EVERYONE who stopped by my Artist Alley table. (I badly underestimated the amount of traffic and had to overnight a shipment of prints - must prep better next year!!) Check out my Instagram for more photos!