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Bad Influence

This was written in 10 minutes and is kinda messy, but ya-ssui had the best art and I couldn’t help my fingers…
- - -

“You’ve been staring at yourself for the past ten minutes.” Robin yawned and closed the book Raven had brought him from the Wayne Manor library, setting it off to the side. “Nothing is going to change if you don’t change it yourself.”

Raven turned around and looked at herself from the back. “I don’t like the dress.”

You didn’t pick it out.” Robin rolled over on her bed and let his head hang off the edge, looking at her with an almost bored expression. His lips twitched in annoyance and he sighed. “Alfred picked that out, right? That’s what you get when you let butlers pick out your clothes.”

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~Little Goldfish Mermarco.6-3~


Anyway, heeeyyyy guuuyyyssss… remember me? yeah, this is me. And I bring with me the next part of the Goldfish!AU comic thing I kept promising I was working on. And I wasn’t lying. I just never got time to actually sit down and do it. Between being sick constantly and working nonstop, I’ve barely had any breaks to do anything but brief doodles… BUT NOW. NOW I HAVE SUMMER VACATION. WOOHHOOO!! (  ´ o `) / <3

So here are more… s-sads… I-.. I’ll tell you all now that I never planned for it to turn out like this?? The way it was going with this part, I had to add the human versions reacting (FINALLY) in the end so that I can make ONE LAST FINAL PART to bring back the happy ending I was PLANNING to have. YES. YOU HEAD ME RIGHT, THERE WILL BE ONE LAST SHORT BIT TO SPLASH Y'ALL IN HAPPIES AGAIN.

But it’s mostly because I’m so sick of having to draw all these tears and panicked innocent fishbutts… I’m a.. horrible person and I accept my fate of any hate or anger or upset hearts you may have towards me.. *sobs*… I didn’t meeaannn toooo… Angst just happened for whatever reason I cannot explain. I’M HURTING TOO, Y'KNOW?? I HAD  TO DRAW THIS PLUIE. GAH!

Oh! And if anyone is confused about what happened here and want and explanation, read below the cut. Also for the other parts!

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I’ve actually been DYING to reply to this because that last headcanon you suggested is SPOT ON! Yes! Mer!Marco likes the mild sweet things like cucumbers and carrots etc, but Mer!Jean likes the more Acidic sweet things; such as strawberry slices! Just like Mer!Marco, he just kinda nibbles on it and licks it. Their jaws aren’t that strong so, yeah, mush it to death as best you can ya’ lil’ grump! <3

Mer!Marco doesn’t really like the acidic sweets like Mer!Jean does, and finds the flavour to be like how we would react to eating lemons. But the grump just loooves it. Grapes are pretty awesome too. And the small seeds are fun to spit at Human!Jean and Human!Marco when he feels mischevious. mwehehe.

I hope your heart has healed at least a bit by now, and if not, I hope that this will help you! Weehh! Again, sorry I was so late with this, but I was having another Goldfish!AU break. ehehehe. I MISSED THEM SO MUCH. AH <3


New Teen Titans vol. 2 #19

Garfield Logan is not known for his serious moments. He’s not even that close friends with Donna. But he gave her an incredibly meaningful and honest conversation during one of her greatest periods of growth, that I’m sure she treasures greatly. In four sentences Gar told Donna exactly what she needed to hear, and I don’t think anyone else could’ve done it.

Sentence Prompts

I see your angst - and raise you fluff! (kind of)

Promises Kept:

It was dark and the world quiet, when he confessed his fear. Calloused fingers traced patterns, meaningless lines over his back. They gave him courage to whisper the admission, little more than a breath against her neck.

“The people I love die.”

The hand at his back paused, and then resumed its careful pattern. Lips pressed against his forehead. Her answer, a murmur against his scalp, was a confession near quiet as his own. “Everyone dies, Levi.”

Where his ear pressed against her chest, he felt the gentle vibration of her words, a reassuring cadence. He listened, eyes closed, to the steady, thrumming beat, and felt the rise and fall of each breath.

Not you, he wanted to say. With her heartbeat at his ear, her breaths tickling his scalp, and the steady pressure of her hands at his back, she was so very alive.

He was ready to say as much; the words, a mouthful by his standards, were on his tongue, balanced like a perilous drop atop his lips – but she sighed against his hair, a peaceful sound. Screwing up his mouth, he swallowed it back.

He’d almost forgotten it; the unspoken rule. To never make the other speak a promise impossible to keep. A promise broken was infinitely worse than a promise never made. And so they made none.

She could promise to live for him no more than he could promise to live for her. The world was hard, this life cruel. Promises were meant for a gentler existence.

The next confession was only slightly louder than the last. It left his lips, a reluctant accompaniment to the steady rhythm at his ear. “The people I love die when I’m not there to protect them.”

At that, the hand at his back really and truly paused. He could feel where the edges of her nails, trimmed short, pressed with a hesitating pressure against his skin.

Her reply: a long, quiet breath followed by a murmured sigh, “Not me.”

Beneath his ear, her heart thudded several rapid beats, a response to a taboo ignored – a promise made against the rules. He pressed his mouth to her skin, felt the thrumming beats beneath his lips.

The world was hard. This life was cruel. The promise had left her lips in a rushed breath, nonetheless.

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My Alien Titans case came in the mail today! These kinda caught me by surprise and I just had to order a case, and cause I found it a bit cheaper than everywhere else.
Every case seems to come with 2 of the rarer figures, there are 4 altogether, I’m happy with the 2 I got, but I really wanted the rarer Ripley, although I’m glad I didn’t get the egg one.
The third photo shows the exact placement of the figures, so if you’re on the hunt for a certain figure use that as your map.
And if you get an extra Ripley in her unders, send it my way?? 👍😁


Also.. Holy wow you guys… How.. Why–… I was gone for ONE day, and when I come back, I notice I have 200+ beautiful butts following me?!? just– what?! I’m still trying to grasp this fact, and my face is so red omg. I know it’s just a number, but… WHEN DID IT GET SO HIGH?? Last I checked it was around 90 or smth…. holy poop. I’m so slow. Anyway, I got really happy and touched. Also, since I’m a sap around this time of year, I just really want to say thank you to everyone who has ever reached out to me, talked to me, said hi, asked me thing and just… Generally made my day. You guys have made me so happy this year, and I was not expecting that.

So as a small thanks, I decided to have the fishbutts show thanks as well. By being cute hurr hurr. A few people were curious as to how I would color them, as so, I did. Even though I’m very reluctant to coloring anything (cuz’ I’m not too happy with how I color currently) but I did it anyway, just for you guys. Because I wanted to do something special for the holidays and because you all asked so nicely. <3

I’m so grateful for you guys, and for everyone who has encouraged me with all my art and silly ideas and just… Being kind in general. It makes me ridiculously happy, and I have you guys to thank for sharing smiles with me.

So… Thank you. And Merry Christmas! <3

Eremin AU where Armin tries to help Eren prep for finals week, and the only way that ends up working is refusing to kiss Eren until he gets through one stack of flash cards. One short, promising kiss per one stack of flash cards.

Armin manages to hang in there until Eren refuses to stop kissing his neck and nibbling at his ear. On the positive side, Eren manages to basically ace his vocab and bio final.


A mini Teen Titans PSA for you all. So far in the New 52/DCYou Titans series, there has been two wonderful members that have been brought into the series. Even shockingly, by Scott Lobdell.

Miguel Jose Barragan/Bunker, a mexican, homosexual, religious metahuman with the abilities to create pshyonic (purple) bricks, as weapons, flying devices, armor, and more, created by Scott Lobdell and Brett Booth. 

Ra’Ut L’Lwer/Chimera, an alien race known as Durlan, who can use powers and abilities of those near her, such as Bunker, Superboy, Martian Manhunter, Kid Flash, and Livewire. I think she’s apart of the same race as the Legion of Superheroes Chameleon Boy. She’s brand new, but she already knows what it means to help friends, and saving people. A hero. Created by Will Pfiefer, Kenneth Rocafort, Alisson Borges/Wes St. Claire.

Both of these heroes (Miguel less than Ra’Ut) are new to the DC Universe, and already are making names for themselves. So many people have loved Bunker since the first moment he appeared in Teen Titans #3 (2011-2014) and I personally enjoy Ra’Ut in the series (Teen Titans Annual #1 2014-). I honestly hope they stay members of the Titans for a while. Miguel will most likely, I’m sure, seeing as he’s on the most recently released Teen Titans cover for #14. I’m not certain about Ra’Ut though sadly.