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Legit Mini Lesson #1

What is a Chapter? - Understanding the Structure and Use of Chapters in Novels

A chapter is more than a more than a random chunk of story. The best way to think of a chapter is as a mini-story within the overall story that you are telling. A chapter is self-contained and events within a chapter tend to be linked in some way. Even if two completely separate events are shown in different scenes, there will always be an implications of those events being connected, either through time or circumstance. 

It is important to remember this as a writer because your audience certainly will not forget this fact, and may not appreciate scenes being randomly linked together within a chapter if they are not connected.

So to reiterate - a chapter has it’s own beginning, middle and end, complete with a climax. Your protagonist(s) will have a goal within that chapter, conflicts that they will have to deal with, and some sort of resolution that progresses your reader into the next chapter of your novel. 

But of course, it’s not that easy, is it? Not by a long shot. There are a lot of other things to consider, but this is a good starting point for understanding chapters and how to use them in storytelling. 

Now that we’re talking about chapters, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of discussing the structure of chapters. 

Chapter Structure

As we already said, chapters are more than just a chunk of story. Chapters are typically made up of several smaller components - otherwise known as “scenes.” How many scenes does a chapter typically need? That’s up to you,  the story you’re trying to tell, and a number of other factors. 

If you really want a good starting point for chapter structure then 3-5 scenes works well for most writers. 

So let’s craft a chapter based on this sort of “structure.” In this chapter, my protagonist has the goal of hunting down a demon that has been terrorizing the city she protects. The plan is for her to meet the demon and to discover that he is actually a fellow vigilante. 

Okay, so that’s pretty basic. I need to come up with a lot more for that to function as a full chapter. But you can see that it works as a full chapter, as it does tell a full story. So let’s get into the scenes.

Scene 1 - Protagonist meets with her mentor to discuss the problem of the demon. She notices some odd things about the demon’s behaviors when the mentor discusses him that give her doubt.

Scene 2 - Protagonist is out on patrol and manages to catch sight of the demon. She follows him but quickly loses him.

Scene 3 - Protagonist in her daily life. She is thinking about the demon so much that he is becoming almost an obsession. She ends up discussing him with a friend of hers.

Scene 4 - Protagonist is out on patrol again. While trying to find the demon she ends up in a nasty fight with even worse monsters. The demon ends up saving her life and she realizes that he is a vigilante like herself.

In this structure we have a goal - a conflict/complication - a climax - and a story shift at the end of the chapter. This shift is important as it makes for a chapter that will keep your reader wanting to move on to the next part of the story to see what happens next. 

(Any shift in story, whether it’s a change in time, POV, or a dramatic turn of events is a good time to break for a new chapter, FYI.)

Anyway, I have a lot more to say regarding scenes, so I’ll leave this mini lesson off for now. 


Hey Gang, 

I wanted to start doing mini tips for artists. I’m going to try and start with the basics and work up to more complicated technics. I don’t normally take drawing requests, but if there is something art related you would like advice/help with please send me a message and I’ll add it to my list of tips. 

Ariana Marie looking damn sexy in her school girl mini skirt..

Tips for tits!!

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Happy Ostara!🌱🌸

As a baby/beginner witch, this is my first Ostara. As part of celebrating, I decided to further my Craft. I found the idea of using an Altoids mint tin to make a mini altar. Since I’m living with family who would likely disapprove, I have to be discreet about my practice. A mini/travel altar is perfect for such a situation (witch tip)!

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Tutorial time!  I’ve had a few different people ask me how I attached my armor for Tyrael, so I decided to make a series of mini tutorials about all the different attachment methods I use.  Here is the first one - how to attach capes and tabards using a nut and bolt.  More to come in the next few weeks!

anonymous asked:

tips to overcome procrastination?

Create a schedule 

  • If you feel overwhelmed, you’re more likely to put what you don’t want to do off. Creating a schedule will help with your time management skills. Just take a few minutes each morning to split your day into segments that you could roughly stick to. 

Discipline yourself 

  • A lot of people think that motivation is the key to overcome procrastination, but motivation comes and goes. Discipline is the only thing that can make you work when you don’t want to. 

Get rid of distractions

  • While Tumblr and other social media is great for studyspo, it’s terrible for procrastination. Put your devices and anything that could distract you in a different room, and get to work.

check out this masterpost, my time management tag and my productivity tag for more tips!


my shiba pup is scared of car ride so we made her a little box !

it’s just a pool noodle, cloth lined container, a fleece-y material inside to make it soft, and a suitcase strap connected to the lil holder things on the box wrapped behind the headrest.

she’s super comfortable riding now (and it contains her massive amounts of hair) !

Hi guys, on March 19th, from 3pm to 9pm Pacific time, (that’s 5pm-11pm central) you can find a set of 48 fineliner pens from bianyo (which are comparable to the staedtler triplus pens) for only $19.99! They are normally priced at $25.99 and are honestly one of my favorite inexpensive pen sets, you can see what all the colors in the set are in the attached photo.
Also, on March 21st, they are having ANOTHER flash sale from 2:15pm to 8:15pm Pacific time zone (that’s 4:15pm-10:15pm central) on their dual tipped marker set. I reviewed them in the past, and said how they were comparable to copic sketch markers, I really enjoy using them, of all the marker sets i have received, these are some of my favorites. While usually priced at $59.99, you can grab a set for only $39.99! So out a sticky note on your calendars and get yourself some art supplies during their sales! Again, they are sold by bianyo and can be found on Amazon, and the pens are on sale March 19th, and the markers on March 21st!

*Note, I was not paid to say this, and all opinions are my own, and maybe you won’t like these sets, maybe markers or pens aren’t for you, and that’s okay. But if you do enjoy markers or pens as your medium, or maybe just want to try them out, I would recommend picking these sets up, especially during their sale. Feel free to ask any questions, and please like/reblog so more artists, that are struggling with money, or maybe just looking for something new to try can see this. Thanks!

mini self-care tip

Get a plant. In taking care of the plant, you will remember to take care of yourself, to drink water, to give yourself breaks, and not push yourself too hard. You wouldn’t abuse or neglect your plants; why should you neglect yourself? 

Also, they’re super cute and have lots of personality and add some life into an otherwise dull environment. If you don’t have a particularly green thumb, get a succulent or air plant because they only need to be watered like 2 or 3 times a month and they’re very low maintenance. 


Witchy Tip: Mini Circle Casting

If you really need to study or focus on work, but are having a terrible time concentrating, or someone is being very bothersome, annoying you, harassing you mildly, or just giving you negative vibes, try casting a mini circle around yourself to block out any distracting or negative energy. You don’t need any supplies, and can do this wherever, just take your finger and draw a bubble around yourself while thinking about keeping out what is bothering you. It works super well, and keeps you calm if someone is being really bothersome.


Thank you Opening Ceremony for posting the nails I made for the Carol Lim x Chandon Rosè collaboration! The label art is so beautiful, I hope I did it justice! Nail art using Gelish & Gelish Mini on Kiss Press On’s. Thank you so much OC for having me! And thank you to team Gelish and Red PR for the support & all the great colors!