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Mother-Daughter Slaves

I want to thank Lilly known as lilly-slut for this story.


I had in Craigslist advertising for a model. After a few weeks, I got a response from Lilly. She was 18 years, had long dark hair and and a great body, nice curves. We arranged to meet at a hotel in Charlottesville VA. It was a Tuesday at 6pm. We were to meet at the hotel bar. Turns out she brought her mother. At first my heart sank. Obviously her mother was there to make sure everything was on the up and up. She introduced herself as Megan. She also had a nice body, nice curves with past the shoulder blonde hair.

We went upstairs to the hotel room and I started taking pictures. Lilly was dressed in a floral print micro mini sundress with strappy black open toed stiletto heels. Megan was dressed in a red tank mini dress also with black strappy open toed stiletto heels. I began taking pictures for about 20 minutes. We then decided to take a break. Then Megan asked me:

“Are you by any chance interested in older women?”

“How old are you?”

“I’m 39”

Then it occurred to me, I could sell both of them as a mother/daughter combo. As much as I’m sure Lilly herself would’ve gotten me a lot of money, both of them would probably gain me double.

I began taking pictures of Megan for about 20 minutes. Then got both of them for another 20 minutes building up a nice portfolio. Little did they know that these were profile photos for our webpage for potential slave buyers. When we were done, I offered them a drink.

“Yeah if you got something strong” replied Megan.

“How about a screwdriver?”


“How about you Lilly?”

“I’ll try a screwdriver as well”


I made them both a drink. Then the 3 of us started making small talk and I mentioned how money these photos would make. After about 20 minutes, Lilly started feeling a bit light headed.

“Ooh my head, starting to feel dizzy. Gotta get outside”

“You ok sweetie?. You probably shouldn’t have had that drink” replied Megan.

“Gotta get outside. Oh. Oh” then Lilly collapsed unconscious"

“Lilly you ok?” As Megan gave her a slap in the face. Then all of a sudden, the drink began taking affect on Megan.

“Oh my god, what is in this drink you gave us?” as Megan collapse to the floor as well.

“Gotta get outside as” as Megan started crawling towards the door.

“Let’s just say I gave you both a sedative to relax you both. We’re gonna take a little ride.”

Finally Megan passed out. I got my cell phone to contact my partners Bruce and Rick.

“Got em”

“Got them? Thought it was just one person” replied Bruce.

“No. This girl’s mother came. Guess she wanted to make sure everything was kosher hah hah.”

“So you’re saying we have a mother-daughter?”

“Yes sir. Help me with them.”

I got out a bag. It included rock and proceeded to tie both women hands behind their backs then their ankles together. Then I looked under their dresses. Found neither was wearing a bra. Lilly wasn’t wearing panties and Megan was in black thong panties. Really made my dick hard. Then I took more rope to attach their ankles and wrists putting them in a hogtie. I placed ball gags in both their mouths and placed hoods over both their heads and then proceeded to place them both in garment bags.

Bruce and Rick arrived and we placed both bags in the van. 2 more to a notch in our belts. We then proceeded to drive back to our slave training facility in rural Virginia. After about 45 minutes we arrived. By then the two women were starting wake up. We took Megan, then Lilly on what seemed like a perp walk 3 floors underground. By then it was about 845pm. We removed the hoods and gags and gave them water. In a dog bowl. We put collar and leashes on both and they were forced to drink from the bowls with their mouths. Then we stripped the slaves down except their heels and placed them on arch back devices. It had their restrained by their wrists, arms, neck and ankles. We put the gag and hood back on. We placed earbuds on both slaves ears and they had to listen to what we call a disorientation tape that details their new situation. And attached to both slaves were alligator clamps to their nipples, a butt plug up both asses and a wired metal dildo in their pussies. A vibe was attached to both clits that was on timer to go on and off every 4 minutes. This would assure they were edged all night. Also the water we gave them was laced with a stimulant that increased their sexual urges. This part of 72 hours of sleep deprivation. This was the beginning of their transformation from independent women to obedient slaves.

Too be continued

Quadruple Cross Part 2

This is the continuation of a story I began some time ago. Sorry it’s taking me so long to continue since I’ve been bombarded with requests for storylines. This is not a request from a follower. This is my own with all the characters made up similar to my “Spring Break Nightmare” story. Enjoy.


As Mistress Samantha way working on her slave Trixie, her assistants Jason and Matt brought in a new slave. Her name was Annabella. She was 42(looked younger), petite with long black wavy hair and very ample tits and ass. She was wearing a black mini tank dress and opened toed strappy heels. She was actually married to a guy more than 20 years his senior. And very wealthy which means she didn’t have to work(and with a maid didn’t have to do housework). Basically it was a life of leisure. After her husband went to work, it would be sitting in front of the tv watching soap operas or Real Housewives reruns. Or lying by the pool in her bikini working on her tan. Leaving the house would involve shopping at expensive stores(and running up her husband’s credit cards) or going to the gym(did have to maintain her body). She was basically a trophy wife for him. The thing that did bother her husband was he was certain she was cheating on him with a younger guy(like maybe their pool cleaner). He couldn’t exactly prove it and one time, when he asked for a divorce, she threatened to take him to the cleaners. On the day she was taken, her husband was at work. No one else was there. With nothing good on tv and it raining, she got her iPhone out and decided to watch some porn on her phone. She came across bdsm porn with women bound and tortured and all of a sudden, she found her “wandering”. She was definitely aroused by it. She had just started fingering herself when Jason and Matt snuck up on her and grabbed her. Within a minute, they had her wrists handcuffed behind her back, ball gagged with a head harness ball gag and a black hood over her head. They took her to the van. The two men took turns driving and feeling her up. To both men’s delight, no panties or bra. They arrived at Mistress Samantha’s lair. Then Mistress Samantha placed a call. “Hi just want to let you know it’s done. And of course we made sure you have an airtight alibi.” said the Mistress. “Thank you. I’m wiring you the money right now”. Said the voice on the other side of the line. “"Pleasure doing business”. The person on the other side of the line was Annabella’s husband. She had paid Mistress Samantha to have her kidnapped. But much cheaper than a divorce would have cost(one thing no lawyers). Jason and Matt stripped their new slave and put her in a black corset, garter belts , stockings and left her heels on. They then strung her up in inverted suspension bondage. She was in an upside down x-shape. They left the ball gag on. Then Jason and Matt would feel up Annabella’s tits and then gave them a nice slap. Likewise with her ass and pussy. They would stroke her hair before yanking on it. And a slap in the face capped off the warmup. Jason had a flogger, Matt had a riding crop and began working on her whipping her mercilessly. “Mmmppphhh!!! Mmmppphhh!!!! She was in tears screaming. "Your screams and tears make our cocks harder” Jason told her. “I thought you like this. Certainly judging by what was on your phone.” Matt told her. “Don’t worry. Your fantasy came true. You’ll soon be a sex slave. You’re going to be sold into sexual slavery.” Jason added. The look of horror when she heard that part was priceless. After about 20 minutes of whipping, Mistress Samantha came in. “The silent alarm just went off, see what is. We may have a guest.” While Jason and Matt were checking the alarm, the Mistress continued with her slave. “Did Jason or Matt tell you the good news? You’re going to be a sex slave. We’re gonna sell you. This is a slaver organization that will sell women to the highest bidder.” As the Mistress was stroking her slave’s hair. She then took out a cane and started smacking her ass with it. Nice candy stripes. “You know how we found out about you? Your husband. Seems he was getting tired of you running up his credit cards. And your screwing around. You fucking whore. You filthy slut. Well now you’re going to get fucked by a lot of different guys. You’ll be someone for men to use and abuse for their pleasure.” As the Mistress continued caning her slave. Then Jason and Matt came back dragging an unconscious body. A tall leggy athletic looking blonde wearing a black leather catsuit and black leather over the knee stiletto heeled boots. “We found this bitch snooping around. She’s pretty tough. Had to taser her to get her under control.” Matt told the Mistress. “Let’s make our guest comfortable. She’s potentially another slave to sell. But let’s also find out who’s she’s working for and what she knows.” They proceeded to strip her of her catsuit though they left her boots on. She was then tethered to the suspension rack. When she awoke, she’d be in inverted suspension as well. Too be continued

Quadruple Cross

This story is not a fantasy from one of my Tumblr followers. This is a story with all fictional characters and is a story about betrayal and backstabbing. I think every slave in this story will get their just rewards.


Trixi awoke one morning in suspension bondage. Her wrists were in leather restraints tethered to a spreader bar attached to the ceiling. Her ankles likewise and her waist also had a leather strap also attached to the ceiling. She was lying in a horizontal position her back to the floor. She was wearing a head harness ball gag. She was naked save for a pair of open toed stripper heels. She clearly felt like a piece of meat.

Just the night before, she had been working at a gentleman’s club in Philadelphia, where she was a dancer and a stripper. She was 19, long strawberry blonde hair, 5'5", 110 lbs with nice titties and a nice ass, nice curves She was a real dick tease. On a good night, she go home with $2000 mostly in tips. She would dance naked and get guys worked up. But they could never touch her. Some customers would pay $100-200 to take her to the back room for a lap dance. Again Trixi would get the men worked up but they could never touch her. Not even in non private areas. Trixi had these men by the balls. And they would go home with blue balls.

One night, 2 men named Jason and Matt were at the club. They decided they wanted a lap dance. Trixi danced for them for about a half hour. Then she needed a break. Matt offered to buy her a drink which Trixi accepted. Matt bought her a sex on the beach. What Trixi didn’t know is that Matt spiked her drink with ghb, commonly referred to as a date rape drug.

After enjoying her drink for a couple minutes, she resumed dancing. After about 5 minutes, Trixi started feeling a little headed.

“Ooh, I gotta sit down. I don’t know if something was in that drink.”

“Mmmmm, might be” replied Jason

At that point, Trixi was still in a bra with thong panties and her stripper heels. Finally, after a couple minutes, Trixi passed out. Fortunately for Matt and Jason, the room was close to the back entrance and the two men dragged Trixi to their SUV and put her in the back. They then drove her to Mistress Samantha’s lair also in Philadelphia. Mistress Samantha ran a white slavery ring where she would kidnap young women and sold them into slavery. Jason and Matt were responsible for acquiring the “talent”.

Trixi awoke the next morning and immediately realized the predicament she was in. She tried to call for help all that came out was “mmmppphhh!!!! mmmppphhh!!!!!.

Then Mistress Samantha came out. A tall 6 feet in heels, nice, athletic, well toned body with long black hair. She was dressed in a black leather corset with garter belts attached to her stockings covered black leather, over the knee stiletto heeled boots. She wore no panties so her pussy and tits were exposed.

"Stop whining. No one’s going to hear you. You’re just going to accept the fact that you will now be spending the rest of your life as a sex slave. Yes, you are a sex toy. To be used and abused by men for their pleasure.”

“Mmmppphhh!!!” Cried Trixi. A sex slave she thought. I’m not a sex slave.

“Deny if you wish but that’s what you are. Look at you. Hung like the piece of meat you are.”

Mistress Samantha chose a riding crop to start disciplining Trixi. She walked around the slave for a couple of minutes. Making a slave wait and anticipate their punishment is probably worse torture than anything physical. Finally she took a seat at her tits. With each stroke, the blows intensified. Then Mistress Samantha worked on Trixi’s cunt.




Mistress Samantha was an absolute sadist. And she knew how to inflict the maximum amount of pain without permanent damage or even heavy marks.

“You are such a brainless cunt. A filthy whore. A piece of meat” as Mistress Samantha enjoyed taunting her slave. She was an absolutely cruel mistress who enjoyed inflicting pain on her slave.

Then the Mistress put on a strap on dildo which big enough to stretch her slave. Mistress Samantha decided to fuck Trixi up the ass. Without lubricant.

“Mmmppphhh !!!!!”



As Trixi grunted

“You think I’m bad, the people I’m selling you to are ruthless. No mercy. No safe word. No aftercare.”

Around this time, Jason and Matt came in with a woman. She was wearing a black tank mini dress with matching stiletto open toed strappy heels. The two men were dragging her in. She had her wrists cuffed behind her back. She had a black leather hood covering her head and covering a ball gag in her mouth.

“Aah. We got our new slave. I think she’ll make us a lot of money as well.”

Too be continued


I’d like to thank @arriana_t6984 on Twitter for this story.


Arianna is a 35 year old secretary, medium height, slender and leggy with long brown hair. One night, she decided to go to a club. She dressed in a very skin tight red tank mini dress with black strappy stilleto heels. She met some of her friends their and a night of debauchery commence. A lot of dancing and drinking. Even though she was not a drug user, she did try some ecstasy. She was flying. At about 2am the club closed down for the morning. Totally waisted, she decided to walk home. She only lived about 3 blocks so it shouldn’t too long before she’s safe and at home and would probably collapse on her bed for the night.

Just a block from her apartment, a van pulled up. Two men emerged and grabbed Arianna. One picked her up under her arms while the other picked her up by her legs as she was kicking and screaming.

“Let me go, let me go!!!” Arianna screamed.

“Shut up bitch!!” Replied Rick. Bruce was the other guy. I was driving. They got her in the van. Then they handcuffed her arms behind her back then used ankle cuffs to secure her ankles then another chain attached the two cuffs putting her in a hogtie. She was gagged with a ball gag and then a hood was put over her head. Then I took off to bring her back to our slave training facility.

While we were driving Bruce and Rick started groping and fondling Arianna.

“Mmmmphh” moaned Arianna under her gag. Rick then noticed her panties were damp.

“Hey I think this slut’s enjoying this. Feel her panties” observed Rick.

“They all like that. These whores don’t want to admit it but they love hah!”

I bet it’s gonna make a great sex slave. A great fucktoy.

“Mmmmphh ”

The sound of what we were saying gave her a sense of horror. A sex slave?

After about 45 minutes, we arrived back at the slave training facility in an abandoned warehouse in rural Virginia. We undid Arianna’s ankles restraints and Bruce and Rick grabbed each arm and dragged her(Arianna was resisting all the way) and brought her to an elevator. We went down to the bottom floor 3 floors down(this had previously been a fallout shelter built during the Cold War). We brought Arianna to a metal frame that bound her by her wrists, ankles, neck, and waist. I took a scissors and started tearing off her dress, followed by her thong panties. We were delighted that there was no bra so I started feeling up her tits and pinching her nipples. I removed her hood and to her horror, she saw other girls bound in different positions. I then took a gun and injected her with an implant in her neck. It was the equivalent of a shock collar.

“Ok, welcome to your new life. You are now a sex slave. You spend 30 days training after which you will be auctioned off to your new owner who will be the one who is lucky enough to put in the highest bid for you. You are now property, merchandise. You have no human rights anymore. What ever you were a few hours ago was a lifetime ago.

Oh by the way, in case you get any ideas about trying to get away, you’ve been implanted with a shock chip. It’s controlled by this remote. If do try something, I will push this button to give you a nasty shock. Would you like a demonstration?”

“Mmmmphh!!” As Arianna shook her her.

“Sure” I replied with a sadistic smile. I showed her the remote. I teased a little. Then I pushed the button.

“Mmmmphh!!!!” Arianna convulsed as her tendons tightened then she collapsed and her breathing was heavy.

“Oh come on, I had it at the lowest level hah hah!!”

I removed the gag which was covered in drool and put on her head a tight rubber hood. She could neither see or speak. We put earplugs in her ears that for 30 minutes played white noise and then for a couple minutes would play pretty much what I said to her just now and repeat all night. I attached nipple clamps to her nipples. I put a wired butt plug up her ass. And attached a hitachi to her clit. The hitachi was on a timer. It would run for four minutes, just enough to edge her but not let her cum. Then it would shut for 5 minutes then repeat the cycle all night long. We also gave her some water. The water was laced with a pill that had a stimulant that would increase her sexual urges. As part of the slave training, she would be deprived of sleep and food for 72 hours. Also the butt plug had a sensor that if Arianna somehow dosed off, it would trigger electro shock. Arianna’s life as she knew it was over.

Too be continued

Sister Slaves

This is a story given to me by Hannah known as hortzzz on Tumblr. Enjoy .


One day I had gotten an email. It was from brothel in Thailand. They had sent me a photo of a girl named Hannah. She was 19, from Australia. She was, at least, partially Asian. Had a great body. Also word had it that she was a virgin, which a virgin commands top dollar on the slave market. The man from the brothel offered me $500,000. Too good to pass up.

I found her Tumblr page and found a lot of animated bdsm artwork on her page. I followed her and began corresponding with her on Tumblr. I began asking personal questions of her which, surprisingly, she was very open. She had told me she was both a vaginal and anal virgin. She also admitted having fantasies about being a sex slave. She then sent me a couple of pics of herself. She apologized for one for having someone else in the picture. Turned out it was her sister. Her name was Ayunna. She was 21. She had a little darker hair and seemed more Asian. Then it came to me, we maybe kidnap both.

Mistress Sydney and I took our private jet over to Australia. Sydney particularly enjoyed it because it was her first opportunity at foreign travel since we acquired her. We arrived that Monday and surveilled both women to find their patterns. Finally on Friday night, they both decided to go to a nightclub together. Both dressed hot. Hannah was wearing a black mini tank dress with white strappy opened toed heels. Ayunna was wearing pretty much the same thing except a white dress and black heels. They were dancing together. A lot of guys were trying to hit on both. They were pretty much ignored as the girls it turned out were total dick teases. Finally Sydney saw this as a chance to get in good with them. Sydney was dressed in black mini tank dress with beige colored strappy open toed heels.

“It seems we can’t go to a club without a bunch of yahoos trying to hit on us” observed Ayunna.

“Tell me about it” responded Sydney.

“I think I might start carrying pepper spray heh heh” chimed in Hannah.

“Hey you want to go out on the floor again?” Asked Hannah.

“Sure why not. Be right you, just wanted to check my messages” responded Sydney. Then while they weren’t looking, Sydney dropped some ghb in both girls drinks and then joined both ladies for more dancing. After 20 minutes, they returned to their seats where both ladies finished their drinks. It was almost 3am.

“Well we’re heading out. We’re getting kinda tired. Here’s my phone number if you wanna hang out one night” said Ayunna.

“Cool. How you ladies getting home?” Responded Sydney

“Taking a cab” responded Hannah.

“Same here. I’ll call it in.” Said Sydney.

The cab Sydney called was a rental van I was driving. I got there in less than 5 minutes. Just after Hannah and Ayunna got in the van, the drugs started to take affect.

“Oh my god. What was in that last drink, I’m really feeling lightheaded now ” said Hannah.

“Same here. Can we get a window open?” Chimed in Ayunna.

“You girls alright?” Responded Sydney.

“No. I’m so dizzy” said Ayunna.

Finally both girls passed out. On our way to the airport, Sydney, took rope and tied both girls up putting both in a hogtie. I had to admire the way Sydney can make an art form out of bondage. We had combo ball gags/blindfolds for both. When we arrived at the airport, we brought both on the plane and placed them in the cargo section in cages. It would be a long trip back to Virginia. We had to have fueling stops in Hawaii, Los Angeles and St. Louis. It was actually 3am also Saturday morning eastern time when we arrived in the airport. Bruce and Rick arrived to assist placing both cages in the van. By this time they were both awake and screaming although the ball gags muted it a little bit. At this point, they must have been totally disoriented.

We drove back to the state of the art(at least for us lol, not for them) slave training facility. We put the cages on a cart and took the elevator 3 floors underground. We took them out of the cages, stripped them of their clothes and we tethered them to what’s called an arch back device which has them bent over on their backs and we secure wrists, ankles, necks, and above the elbows. We took off both gags temporarily to give them both water. Both were laced with a stimulant that increases their sexual urges. We then attached to their clits vibrators that ran on a timer. It would go on and off every 3-4 minutes all night enough to edge both slaves. It was part of 72 hours of sleep deprivation that we subject our slaves to.

Finally we attached to the ears earbuds which most of the time would play white noise. The rest of the time would be their disorientation tape. It would give the slaves the following message.

“Hello bitch. As you can see by now, you are now a sex slave. You will be beginning your training and you’re transformation to an obedient, compliant slave. The more you comply and obey, the easier the training will be.

You are no longer human beings. You have no human rights. You are now just property, merchandise. A man’s pleasure. Sex object. You are just tits and 3 fuckholes for a man or maybe woman to use and abuse for their pleasure. You are inferior to men. You probably even inferior to animals. You’re a dumb filthy whore. A worthless brainless cunt. A piece of meat. A fucktoy. A rape toy.”

For Hannah and Ayunna, whatever they were 24 hours before, they no longer were. Their transformation from independent women to obedient sex slaves had begun. And constant edging provided both sexual and psychological torture both slaves. And physical torture would also be included as well.

We kept the slaves in that state for 6 hours. It certainly seemed longer.


To be continued