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Science Dad™ Tony Stark will always be a fav. He, along with babes Peter Parker and Harley Keener, make the perfect lil’ family.

Give me Tony Stark who donates new lab tech to Peter’s school after he makes an off-handed comment about how the lab tech at his school is out of date (he does this anonymously, but Peter figures it out relatively quickly).

Give me Tony Stark who goes to Peter’s school as a surprise and sits with him during lunch while entertaining Peter and his friends with funny stories about his days at MIT with his best friend, Rhodey.

Give me Tony Stark who sends Harley some fancy new tech (cellphone, tablet, a mini Dum-E, etc) every year on the anniversary of when they met (every note is signed, The Mechanic).

Give me Tony Stark who creates alibis for Peter when he has to run off and save the day and who greets Peter after a fight with medical care (he lets Peter sleep in his lab, it’s the only time he won’t blast his music).

Give me Tony Stark who provides verbal guidance (either over the phone or via hologram or webcam) for Harley while he works on a piece of tech to enter into his school’s Science Fair (and Tony sending him an upgraded potato gun when he wins).

Give me Tony Stark introducing Peter to Harley and actually have to sit down while they get to know each other because he is, for several moments, overwhelmed by the fatherly like care he has for Peter and Harley (he will probably never marry and have kids of his own, so this is as close as he can get).

Give me Tony Stark who invites Peter and Harley into his personal lab so he can get their opinions on the new schematics for his arc reactor for clean energy (he even has FRIDAY take down their suggestions and ends up altering the design because, hey, these kids are really freakin’ smart!).

Give me Tony Stark who, together with Peter, tries to create the perfect grilled cheese sandwich (calculating the right amount of butter and cheese) while Harley sits in the background eating the rejects (Tony stops him before he can eat his fifth because he’ll ruin his appetite for ~dinner~).

Give me Tony Stark who designs a mini gauntlet for Harley so he can use it’s stunning ability to aid other kids when they are being bullied (he designs it similar to his watch, but let bulky and hot rod red).

Give me Tony Stark who keeps Peter’s old costume framed in his workshop because he knows it’s something to be proud of (plus, Peter was gonna’ throw it away and Tony wasn’t having that). 

Give me Tony Stark who opens two separate accounts for Harley and Peter so they and their families will be taken care if anything happens to him (he doesn’t tell them, of course, because he doesn’t want to worry them but the possibility will always be there).

Give me Tony Stark who doesn’t censor his mouth around Harley and Peter because “if you can take on some scary as shit baddies, then you’re allowed to fucking curse!” (Harley is yelling “Hell yeah!” and “Shit, Tony’s right!” in the background).

Give me Tony Stark who passes on one of his class rings to Peter when he graduates high school (because Tony knew Peter would graduate a year or so before his classmates).

Give me Tony Stark who lets Harley help him take apart and rebuild one of his classic sports cars (the one Harley has been gushing over) for the hell of it (and not tell Harley that the car is now under his name).

Give me Tony Stark who finally gives in to Peter’s and Harley’s nagging and ends sitting in the middle of his couch with Peter on one side and Harley on the other as they watch Big Hero 6 (Tony doesn’t comment when both fall asleep just before the movie is over and he doesn’t move. He pities his father for never having this.)

I love these!

anonymous asked:

Hello um your a big inspiration to me and your really amazing! Ive been a bit shy to ask you but i want to be a comic book artist too... Ive made small comics but none of them were all that good so i want to ask if you had any tips? (you dont have to answer this if you dont want to >-<)


It’s great to meet you!!! AH You send me catapulting over the moon & beyond the stars!!! ✨🌟✨ I’m just giDDY to hear I’m one of your inspirations for comic art! 💥HOW COOL‼️ 

I’m VERY much an amateur myself, with no proper education for comic art or industry experience. Booo! 😖💦 But I’ll be happy to link you to the sources I reference EVERY DAY while drawing! 📚( ´▽`)✏️

For reference, creating & understanding comics:

• ✨Scott McCloud’s “Making Comics
David Chelsea’s “Perspective! For Comic Book Artists
• Stephan Kliment “Architectural Sketching and Rendering
• Gary Faigin “The Artist’s Complete Guide to Facial Expression

For my Inspiration:

• Watchmen - Dave Gibbons’ work is my goal ∑(@`0´@ )✏️
• Ranma ½ - Rumiko Takahashi has a way with expressive story telling in body language, faces, layout, angles- omg she has it all.


Small intuos Comic tablet ✏️
• iPad mini - Propped up for googling references.
• My phone - Propped up for MORE googling references!
• Fidget spinner - Makes me feel included with the cool kids. IF U FEEL GUD, U WORK GUD.

( ô0ô)💬 I don’t have any “tips” really since I’m still such an amateur, but if I had to say something, it’s: Keep yourself in good spirits, praise yourself, take responsibility for the projects you take on, and for diddly’s sake, get started NOW or you never will! 😱


First time doing an actual comic and not a strip! :D This helped me gauge how long a page takes, and it wouldn’t be unrealistic for me to update once or twice a week when I get the actual comic going. Soon, friends. Soon.

Please don’t tag as kin/me - Please don’t repost to other websites - Please don’t remove caption ✮

When I was heading back home from school, I found this poor butterfly who was in the middle of the road and for some reason, it couldn’t not fly (maybe because it was a little windy for the little guy) I took the butterfly in my hand and it won’t let me go! <3

;w; poor baby…sadly I had to leave it in some near tiny tree ahhhhh I hope it could fly again

A Pocket Full Of Sunshine

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Donatello (2014/16) x Reader

Notes: HOLY CRAP YOU’RE ADORABLE LET ME LOVE YOU AHHH <3 I also love the song ‘Pocket Full of Sunshine’,, it’s acc the perfect shower song. 

Prompt: “HOLY CRAP YOUR FICS ARE AMAZING YOU’RE SO TALENTED!!!!! Um I was just wondering if it’s not to much trouble could you write a Donatello x reader were don comes over to the reader house while the reader is singing in the shower Please? Again you’re incredible!”

Word count: 672

Warnings: Swearing

Disclaimer: I don’t own TMNT, and you belong to you <3

Let’s be blunt. Your day was shit. School made you want to stick pins in your eyes and your friends were so annoying you wanted to take the pins out of your eyes and stick them into theirs. And to top it all off, you had gotten into a teeny tiny argument with your boyfriend, Donnie. Honestly, it just wasn’t your day.

You just wanted to crawl into bed and sleep, but you stunk of body odor and textbooks.

So grabbing everything you needed, you sluggishly got into the shower and turned it on. Freezing cold.

“For fucks sake!” you squeaked, hopping into the corner of the shower, whilst attempting to change the temperature with your foot. Finally. It got to your preferred temperature and you stood under the stream of water.

Probably for about an hour, because by the time you had noticed, your fingers were pruning.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the door, Donatello was pacing back and forth in your bedroom, waiting for you to come out. He’d messed up by yelling at you for coming into his control room, especially when all you wanted to do was talk. He needed to apologize; he couldn’t work properly knowing that you were upset with him. He was coming up with the best strategies of how to say sorry to you (without you slapping him) when he heard a voice coming from the shower. He was about to bust down the door until he realized it was you singing ‘A Pocket Full Of Sunshine.’ Well more like screaming it, and he didn’t even have to go in the room to know you were dancing hazardously as well.

“I got a pocket, got a pocket full of sunshine, I got a love and I know that it’s all mine!” Donnie grinned and picked up your phone that was on the table, and began to record the bathroom door. You were singing loud enough for the phone to pick it up very clearly.

When he heard the water turn off, he ended the video and sent it to his email address. He was never going to let you live this down, and Donnie can be extremely persistent.

“Donnie?” you called, noticing his Bo staff that was placed in the corner of the room before seeing him on your bed.

“Lovely vocals, darling.” Narrowing your eyes at him, you picked up your pyjamas and went into the bathroom. No strip teasing for Donnie today.

“How much did you hear?” you grumbled at him, crossing your arms and ignoring his advances.

“Enough,” he chuckled before holding your hand to stop you from leaving. “L-Look, [Y/N], I’m- I’m really sorry for yelling at you earlier, it was mean and I shouldn’t have. E-Especially since all you wanted to do was talk and-”

“You’re forgiven-”

“Wait, really?” He grinned from ear to ear, pulling you into a hug and kissing your forehead; the purest of all kisses. “Can I at least finish my speech? I worked really hard on it.”


“Donnie…” you mumbled, walking into the kitchen where Donnie was sat on a stool on his mini tablet he kept at your place

“Yes, honey?”

“Why did Mikey and Raph both send me videos of me singing in the shower?” you yelled, pouting and putting your phone in front of him. He turned a deep scarlet color, swallowing sharply. Mikey had complemented you on your song choice: ‘Sweet tunes, dudette!’ and Raph just sent you the laughing-crying emoji face. 7 times.

“W-well… [Y/N]… You see…” and with that, Donnie ran off to a different room in the house, yelling about how sorry he was. Let the chase begin.

I’m afraid I’m going to be visiting France on holiday with my parents, and I can’t take my tablet with me for obvious reasons! Hopefully I’ll still be able to do traditional art, but whether or not I’ll be able to post it will depend on the existence (or not) of wi-fi where we’re staying - in which case I’ll post it when I get back!

So apologies for that, but I’ll be sure to return in full spirits after!!! I hope you guys are all doing well, and if I’m unable to post then I hope you have a great week! Stay safe and determined ( • ̀ω•́  )✧

About Smii7y...

This probably isn’t my place to say this, since i don’t watch Smii7y a lot (i’ve never actually watched any videos of his, just ones he’s been in) but i see people who always comment about a face reveal..

You literally see him in tons of videos lol.

Like the AskMini videos, you see Smii7y’s face when he hands Mini the tablet. Also when he walks behind the guys doing a pyramid (although he’s holding the milk jug up so you can barely see it). 

He’s also in Wildcat Tennessee Roadtrip lol. Mini even put a disclaimer that Smii7y’s face was shown (and he didn’t mind it)

Lol again, it isn’t my place to say this, but i keep seeing people talking about it so i wanted to make a post. Hope i didn’t come off as rude at all. ^^