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Torn 17
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You smiled when you heard your daughter let out a small burp from her first feeding. You lifted her up and planted butterfly kisses all over her small cheeks. You gasped when she looked at you with ocean blue eyes. She had her dad’s eyes.  

“Four would you like to hold your God-daughter?”

Four smiled as he walked up to the other side of the bed. He was pleasantly surprised that you named him God-Father of your child. Eric mumbled something under his breath but you chose to ignore it. Four sat down and cradled your little girl. Jen took out her mini tablet and snapped pictures of Four holding his God-daughter. You looked over at Eric who had an irritable look on his face as he glared at Four holding his child. Eric tore his eyes away from Four and looked down at you.

“You should have discussed with me about him being a God-parent.”

“There are a lot of things we needed to discuss but you were gone remember.” You spat at him.

“Were you plan on calling me to tell me you were in labor?”

“I don’t feel like having this conversation right now Eric.” You sighed as you did not want to get into a fight and you knew right now all words exchanged with Eric would lead to an argument.

“It’s my turn!” You heard Jen gush. Four and Jen switched places. You smiled as Jen kissed her God-daughter. After a few minutes the nurse came to collect your daughter to take to the nursery.

“Y/N have you thought of a name for your beautiful daughter?” Nurse Watkins asked you as she picked up your daughter from Jen’s arms.

“I have a few that I was thinking about.” You told Nurse Watkins as she leaned your daughter over to you so you could give her a quick kiss.

“You didn’t discuss anything with me.” Eric snapped. Nurse Watkins walked over to Eric and lifted his daughter to him. For a split-second Eric’s face displayed confusion.

“Did you want to kiss your daughter?” Nurse Watkins asked. All eyes were on Eric.

“I’m fine.” He snapped irritated not looking at his newborn. You shook your head at him. Well asshole was back. God forbid if he showed any type of emotion in front of Four.

Nurse Watkins smiled at you in sympathy and took your daughter to the nursery.

“Call us if you need anything. We will be back to check on you later.” Jen told you as her and Four headed out the door.

“Ok. I will see you later.” You watched them leave and then turned your attention back to Eric who had not moved from your side.

“We need to talk.” Eric announced.

“You think?”

“Don’t be a smart ass!” Eric scolded.

“Eric I am not in the mood. I just gave birth to an eight-pound baby and all I want to do is sleep right now while I have a chance.”

Eric pulled out his mini tablet from his pocket and dialed his mom.

“Who are you calling?” You asked closing your eyes.

“My mom.”

Your eyes flew open and you sat up despite the pain you felt between your legs.


Eric looked at you with a frown on his face.

“Hey mom. She had the baby.” You heard Eric tell his mom just before he walked out the door. You started to panic. You have never met any of Eric’s family. You had no idea what to expect. What will his mom think of you? Would she think you were a slut to get knocked up by Eric without having any type of sustainable relationship? Did his mom know about Four? You had worked your nerves up about the time Eric walked back into the room. He pulled a chair up to your bed and sat down staring at you.

“What?” You asked as his blue eyes trained on you were making you uncomfortable.

“What names have you thought of for my daughter?” Eric sat back in the seat and crossed his arms. His eyes not leaving you.

“Well me, Jen and Four thought of a few.”

“Whatever Four thought of we are not using!” Eric waved his hand as if he was actually dismissing names in midair. “And also he is not going to be the God-father.”

“That is not up for discussion!” You snapped at him, scooting up further in bed. “He is the God-father and I don’t give a shit how you feel about it! He was here and you weren’t.”

You saw Eric clench his jaw and you knew he was getting upset. You did not care. You were putting your foot down and he would not have a say in what you decided.

“When is your mom coming?” You asked hoping to change the subject plus you needed to know how long you had to make yourself presentable.

“She’s coming tonight.” Eric interlocked his fingers and stretched his hands over his head. You heard his knuckles pop. You could not help but notice how his tight his black shirt hugged his muscles under his vest.

“What about your dad?” Your eyes slowly made their way to his lips and instinctively bit down on your bottom lip when you saw Eric lick his lips.

Eric just shook his head no and you did not ask any further. You gathered from when Eric mentioned his father to you before they did not have a good relationship. You tore your eyes from Eric’s lips when he stood up and walked over to you.

“Do you need anything?” His fingers caressed your cheek. You found yourself moving your cheek toward his hand. Eric took both hands and cupped your face. You held your breath as he leaned over and lightly brushed your lips with his. Eric slowly lifted and searched your face for any hesitation. You had none so he leaned back and kissed you softly. Eric kisses were light on top of your lips and expand to butterfly kisses on your nose, cheeks and your close eyelids.

“Thank you Y/N.” Eric whispered in your ear before nipping your earlobe.

“For what?” You asked. Eric smiled a genuine smile that actually lit his eyes up and you could not help but smile back. His smile was contagious.

“For giving me my little girl.” Eric leaned over and kissed your lips again.

“You are welcome.” You whispered against his lips. He kissed you again and pulled up and you saw the intimate moment you just shared was gone. His face went back to its usual hard look.

“Get some rest. I will be back later with mom.”


“Are you parents on their way.”

You nodded yes.

“Ok. I will see you later.”

You watched as Eric disappeared from the room. You were now alone. You settled back in bed to try to get some rest.  

Eric stopped at the nursery and looked through the looking glass and gazed at his daughter. He fought a smile from his lips as he read the sign hanging on his daughter’s cot. It stated Baby Girl Coulter. So you put his name on the birth certificate. As Eric gazed at his daughter who was sucking on her fingers he started to get light headed and dizzy. Eric hand shot up to the glass and he leaned against it. He could feel his heart pumping and blood felt as if it was rushing in his head. Eric shook his head to dispel what he was feeling. What the hell was that? He thought shaking his head again to get his bearings. Eric looked at his daughter one more time and then headed to his apartment.

Eric needed to get home and clean his apartment before his mom arrived at Dauntless. Eric let out a sigh of frustration when he saw Mandy in his kitchen cooking God knows what. Whatever it was it smelled disgusting.

“Get out of my kitchen!” He barked at her.

“Honey! I am making you dinner.” Mandy pouted.

“Don’t call me that.” Eric grabbed Mandy’s upper arm, pushed her out the kitchen and proceeded to dump what she was cooking down the garbage disposal.

“Eric why would you do that?” Mandy was upset as he threw away what she was cooking. Eric ignored her and finish dumping the rest of her hideous food down the disposal.  

“I need you to get your stuff and get out.” Eric walked past Mandy not even looking at her.

“What? Why?” She whined as she followed behind Eric like a lost puppy.

“I don’t owe you an explanation.” Eric turned around and looked down at Mandy. Her very presence was rubbing him the wrong way. “Start packing.”

“Can I still see you?” Mandy walked up to him and touched his chest. She did not want to lose him. Eric looked down at Mandy and removed her hand from his chest.

“I’m going to be too busy.” Eric told her.

“Busy with what?”

“My mother is coming in town and I don’t want you here.”

“I would love to meet your mom!” Mandy said excitedly. Eric looked at Mandy, she was a few screws loose.

“What the fuck is wrong with you? I don’t want you here. Why can’t you understand that?”

“Yes you do Eric. I can tell you want me by the way you fuck me.” Mandy said in a seductive voice. It did not have the affect she was hoping it would have on Eric. Eric rolled his eyes and headed to his bedroom to change out of his uniform.

“Eric you know you want me to stay. I am the only one who can handle you.”

Eric pulled off his shirt and looked at Mandy. Mandy gazed at his chest.

“You can’t handle me. There is only one person who can and you are not her. So I need you out.”

“This is about her? Ugh…she is not the one for you Eric. I am!” Mandy voice started to rise. “Why would you want that ugly little slut!” Before Mandy could blink Eric was up in her face with his hands around her neck.

“I told you never to speak about her! She is the mother of my child and you are not worthy to utter her name!” Eric growled in Mandy’s face. Tears welled in Mandy’s eyes. Eric shoved Mandy back and she almost fell backwards. Mandy realized you must have had the baby. It had to be the reason his mother was coming and his sudden change toward her. Mandy collected herself and went to pack her clothes without saying anything else to Eric. She may have lost this battle but she was not about to lose the war.

  You woke up to light kisses on your face. You smiled when you saw your mother leaning over your bed.

“Mom!” Tears ran down your face. You were so happy your parents were here.

“Hey baby girl.” Your daddy grabbed your hand on the opposite side of your mom. “We saw her in the nursery Y/N. She is beautiful.”

“She is isn’t she.” Your heart swelled for your daughter.

“Now is this Eric fella doing right by you?” Your father asked with the look of worry on his face. Yep that was your dad always protective of you. You knew that they have heard of Eric and had a brief exchange with him when they came to visit after your stabbing. Both parents expressed concern about your relationship with Eric as they have heard many stories about the Dauntless leader.

“He is doing the best he can.” You answered hoping it would suffice him. Bryan looked down at his daughter and knew there was more than what she was telling him but he decided to let it go at the moment. He did not want to ruin her happy day. Your mom helped you sit up in bed, washed your face an brushed your hair to pull it back into a ponytail. Just as she put your hair into a pony tail Eric and his mom walked in. You knew instantly it was his mom as Eric was a spitting image of her. Eric’s mom was dressed in a black pants suit with a blue blouse. She looked so put together a total opposite of you. Her blonde hair was pulled back into a tight bun on top of her head.

You wanted a hole to swallow you up. You looked a hot ass mess.

Eric gave your parents a curt nod and stood beside your mom.

“Y/N this is my mom Angelina. Mom this is Y/N.”

Your mom stepped aside so Angelina could stand next to you.

“It’s so nice to finally meet you.” Angelina squeezed your hand and gave you the warmest smile.

“Likewise.” You said hoarsely. “Ummm these are my parents Bryan and Dara.” You watched as everyone shook hands and exchange pleasantries. They seem to all get along. Even Eric was talking with your parents. Things might go ok you thought.

“Hey.” You whispered as Eric walked up to your bed. “Your mom seems nice.”

“Don’t let the suit fool you.” Eric said seriously. You didn’t know if he was joking or not. You hope he was joking.

  Mandy smooth down her nursing uniform, put her name tag on and swiped her badge to get into the nursery. She walked up and down the rows until she saw the sign. Baby Girl Coulter. Mandy felt as if a truck had run over her heart. She stared down at the baby girl who was looking up at her with Eric’s blue eyes.

“What are you doing in here Mandy?” Stefanie the nurse who took over the second shift asked.

“I was just looking at the babies.” Mandy lied. Stefanie glared at Mandy. Mandy rubbed her the wrong way.

“You need to leave.” Stefanie walked up beside Mandy and saw whose baby she was standing over. Stefanie successfully hid her alarm from Mandy.

“I was just leaving.” Mandy said in a tone that caused the hairs to rise on Stefanie’s neck. Stefanie picked up Baby Girl Coulter.

“There is my grandbaby!” Bryan grinned from ear to ear when Stefanie rolled your daughter in.

“Look baby girl. Your family is here.” Stefanie cooed as she picked up your daughter and handed her to you. “I think she is getting hungry.”

“Thanks Stefanie.” You smiled at the nurse.

“Mr. Coulter. I need to speak to you for a moment.” Stefanie escorted Eric to the corner of the room.

“I think you should know that your girlfriend Mandy was in the nursery with your daughter.”

Stefanie took a step back as she saw the anger boil to the surface in Eric.

“She is not my girlfriend. Did she touch my child?”

“No. I think it is best given the circumstances-” Stefanie looked back over at you as you nursed your daughter with your family surrounding you. “that you have her privileges to the nursery and this floor restricted for now. I will spread the word to the rest of the staff to keep a look out for her.”

“Thank you Stefanie.” Eric said. Stefanie nodded and smiled at Eric.

“Of course Eric. Your daughter is beautiful. I know you are proud.”

“I am. Thanks again.”

Stefanie patted Eric’s shoulder and exited the room. Eric paced back and forth in the room. He was going to kill Mandy for going near his daughter. Why did he always attract the crazy ones?

“What’s wrong son?” Angelina asked looking over at Eric. Eric stopped pacing and looked at his mom. Angelina knew that look and she knew someone was about to deal with a very irate Eric.

“I’ll be right back.” Eric told you and his mom and disappeared out the room.

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