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Sooo, remember a year ago when I drew up this T-shirt design? With @personeh ‘s help, the updated version is now complete! I contemplated if I should try to FULLY update it but realized that’s really hard. Plus I’d have to keep doing it. And I’m running out of space. And they keep fucking updating lol. 

I want to sell this design as a T-shirt but I don’t want to just resort to Redbubble so I’m going to see if I can find another T-shirt company that will be willing to take this design and print it well and it’ll be advertised well and all that. I did have one company approach me but the price they offered was super low. Like rude kinda low. :\ I worked really hard on this and I’m really happy with it so I’d like it to be …known? You know what I mean lol. If I can’t find a company, then I’ll just put it up on RedBubble. Below you can see an example of what it’d be like on a T-shirt.

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A ‘Walking Dead’ T-shirt is being banned from UK stores over allegations of racism

  • British retailer Primark has pulled a T-shirt based on The Walking Dead after a customer found it “racist” and “fantastically offensive." 
  • The incident, first reported by the Sheffield Star, occurred in Sheffield, England, at the chain department store Primark.
  • The shirt features a bloody, barbed wire-covered baseball bat — the signature weapon of Negan — and the phrase "eeny meeny miny moe." 
  • In both the show and the comics, Negan recites the nursery rhyme while deciding which member of the main group of protagonists to kill.
  • However, the Primark customer noted that the nursery rhyme has a racist origin dating back to the 1900s, in which the "tiger” in “catch a tiger by the toe” was originally the n-word. Read more (2/23/17 9:09 AM)

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How would MC break the news that she's expecting to her man? (After they've been together and married ofc, and with Jaehee maybe they got cleared for adoption~) And how would the other react??

This was so cute to write! Thank you for this request ^0^ - Michelle Xx


- It was the premiére of the latest production
- He was giving it his all
- Everything was going great
- During one of his lines he looked at the crowd to find you
- You were holding up a sign
- ’Knight Zen + Queen MC = Baby Prince/Princess! Congratulations, daddy!’
- He forgot the rest of his lines
- Baby? As in… A tiny him? Or a tiny you?
- He fell out of character and started cheering
- He kept yelling that his beautiful wife is pregnant with his child
- The director was disappointed and happy at the same time


- Hell had frozen over and Jaehee was able to have a normal lunch with her beloved partner
- You were at a nice little restaurant across from the C&R building
- Sipping from her coffee, you gave her a fortune cookie
- She gave you a confused and funny look
- She opened it and read the message inside
- ‘We got cleared for adoption!’
- She dropped the cookie
- Then she looked up at you…
- …and reached over the table to kiss you
- You were finally gonna mommies


- The day was finally over and all of his furry patients were well taken care off
- All he wanted to do was fall asleep with his head on your lap and probably get drool all over you
- You were already snuggled up on the couch
- Thank the Lord that you brought him his dinner earlier that evening ‘cause he couldn’t keep his eyes open anymore
- Just before he layed his head down you told there was a package delivered for him
- He wasn’t expecting a package?
- He opened it and inside were… mini -t shirts?
- With his LOLOL character on it
- And some bibs saying stuff like 'Youngest Guild Member’
- Then he found a card with the text 'Achievement unlocked: Pregnant wife’
- He shot up from the couch, throwing his arms in the air and screaming in joy
- He sat down again and started prepping kisses all over your stomach
- You weren’t showing
- He fell asleep happy and drooling


- Dinner was peaceful between you and your husband
- He was talking about his day at this office and how his meetings today went
- 'But enough about my day, how was your day, my love?’
- You told him you had to excuse yourself for a moment
- You returned with Elizabeth the 3rd in your arms and placed her on his lap
- He looked at you confused and then confused at Elizabeth
- You told him to look at her collar
- There was a little envelope attached
- He opened it and pulled out an ultrasound photo with the caption 'A new member for the Han family’
- He put the ultrasound down and Elizabeth on the floor and walked over to you
- Got on his knees and takes your hands into his and kissed your fingers
- He cried softly when he said
- 'Thank you for making me the happiest man alive’


- He had been building new toys all day in his workshop when he called him to come to the living room
- When he walked in, he saw you standing behind a crib
- And holding up a little cat onesie
- He stood there in silence for a while
- He was quick to catch on tho when he started stammering his thoughts about all of this
- You nodded your head with a big smile on your face
- He strode over to you and pulled you into his arms
- 'Thank you for giving me a family again’
- It was a sweet moment until he opened his mouth again
- 'So you weren’t gaining weight, but gaining a baby’
- He slept on the couch that night

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initially i planned to scrape everything off because they’re very cringe worthy but i figured keeping them in case some of you would like to read them again couldn’t hurt! ♥ (and now a mobile post in case the original page gets faulty / split into two bc there were errors)

EXO Brother!Au

Kim Jongin, Kai  [term of endearment; angel]

Wu Yi Fan, Kris [term of endearment; baobei]

There Isn't Room for the Both of Us (You x EXO Kai)
Hi!! I recently discovered your blog and I love it^^ Could I please request a scenario where you and Kai are childhood best friends but you like him. However he has a girlfriend who is like two-faced and treats you horribly when he isn’t around and one day he finds out. Angsty but fluffy happy ending please??*************************************************** “It’s so hot. Tell me why you brought me halfway across the city to people-watch, again?” You fan yourself with your hand, but the breeze is barely enough to cool you down. You struggle to keep up with Kai’s pace as he canters down the sidewalk, demanding answers. Baseball cap pulled low, he was weaving through people ahead of you. Usually your Saturday hang-outs were indoors, like at the movies, or at his house. Why had he brought you all the way to Gangnam? "Just follow me!” He laughs, giving your hair a playful scrub. “We won’t stay long. My girlfriend forgot her cell phone at my house last night, and she needs it back today.” Ice runs through your veins, and you stop so quickly a man walking behind you bumps into your shoulder. “I’m sorry, excuse me.” You apologize blindly, catching up with Kai. You were meeting his girlfriend today? “We’re what?”  “Sorry it’s a little last minute.” He checks his watch, waving you to walk a little bit faster. “I thought we could visit this new ice cream place while we were here, anyway.” “Right. Of course.” Although you enjoyed spending time with Kai, no matter what you were doing, this was a whole other situation. The two of you had been friends since you were kids, meeting for the first time only after you’d accidentally switched backpacks in the first year of elementary school. Your mother had been confused as to why you had a bag packed with dance clothing and books that weren’t yours. The phone number attached to the bag had been that of your future best friend.  However, the two of you had taken decidedly different paths growing up. You were working odd jobs here and there to put yourself through culinary school, as well as pay for the small apartment you had. Kai, however, had trained with an entertainment company after junior high school and debuted a few years ago. You always knew he would, and seeing his face on television was more than a little weird. Who knew Kai was so…intense? You could never quite bring yourself to admit that you liked him. He had thousands of female fans, and even more female celebrities wanting to meet with him. Was it really your place to confess to him and complicate your relationship? Besides, Kai had already been seeing someone—a girl that he didn’t talk about much, but seemed to be meeting regularly. All you knew was that they’d been introduced by someone in his company, and that she was a known rich girl. Kai had never been this serious about anyone before, so the fact that she had stayed over at his place last night flustered you a little more than you cared to admit. “We’re here!” Kai stuffs a slip of paper in his pocket and shows you to a flight of stairs, climbing them two-by-two. They lead you to a rooftop cafe covered in glass, and you can immediately tell that it’s the type of place you would never go. A barista stands behind a tall counter, carefully crafting espressos in small cups. People sit at tables surrounded in shopping bags, donning sunglasses and scrolling through their phones. The menu on the wall displays drinks and desserts that cost nearly what you paid for the shoes you had on. “Babe!” A light female voice catches you off-guard, and you turn to look at it’s owner. A girl in a floppy black hat trimmed in white ribbon sits at a table, waving Kai over. She smiles, but you can see her eyes rest on you with dissatisfaction. “I hope we didn’t keep you waiting.” Kai greets her. “It’s totally different finding my way here in the daytime!” She stands to meet Kai, kissing him directly on the lips. You look away, uncomfortable. “And who is your little friend?” She tips her head in your direction. Suddenly you feel a little dumpy, too ordinary for a place like this. She’s donning a t-shirt mini dress and low heels, an expensive-looking bracelet dangling from her wrist. “I wish you would have told me we were coming to a place like this.” You elbow Kai. “I would have dressed better.” Or put on some lip gloss, at least. “Don’t worry about it, we’re not staying long. I promise.” He squeezes your hand. “Boram, this is my best friend _______-ah. We’ve known each other for…ten years? Maybe eleven?” “Nice to meet you.” She tilts her head instead of bowing, although you’re certain that you’re probably older. “Please, sit.” A waiter comes over and sits down two iced coffees, and an awkward silence ensues. “Sorry.” Boram nods. “I didn’t know you were coming.” “It’s okay, I’m fine.” You mutter. Kai casually pushes his glass in front of you and leans on his elbows, closer to Boram. “Will you be filming for a long time today? I want to see you again tonight.” Heat rises up your neck at the sound of his lowered voice. “Only until ten o’clock. I can come over after that, if I can get out from under my manager.” She traces his lips with her thumb, and you clear your throat, standing quickly. “I’m going to go to the restroom. Excuse me.” Sitting there, watching Kai…it felt like you were watching something intimate, and it felt all wrong. Was that really your best friend out there? You let yourself into the bathroom, staring into the mirror. Boram didn’t seem like Kai’s ideal type at all. Why were they together?  You quickly wash your hands and head back out, only to see a familiar floppy hat standing at the end of the hall. Boram. It seemed like she was on the phone, touching up her lipstick in the reflection of a shiny glass vase. “No, he’s taking me to the music awards next month, so just push the photo shoot until after then. I’ll be getting a lot more attention after this goes public, so just be prepared for that.” Um, what?  Suddenly she whips around, making eye contact with you. “I’ll call you later.” She drops the phone in her bag, and you look away from her. “______-ssi.” She smiles. “I was just going in to fix my makeup. Why don’t we walk back together?” She loops her arm into yours, and you stiffen. “It’s a wonder I haven’t met you before.” She grins. “Kai never talks about you.” Never? Really? “I haven’t heard much about you either, to be honest.” “Well, that works out well, then."  ~~~ "Sera, I swear, she is awful.” You flop back on your older sister’s bed, staring at the posters she has taped to her ceiling. Although your sister was nearly four years older than you and a genius in physics, you could always come together over your mutual love of idol groups. But the fact that you were staring directly at an EXO poster didn’t help much right at this moment. “She said all that to you?"  You nod miserably. “I don’t know what I’m going to do. Kai thinks that we’re best friends already, but I can’t stand her. Honestly, I’m scared she’s going to…” "What?” Sera turns from the mirror, hair roller paused in mid-air. “Scared she’s going to what?” “Hurt him.” You sigh. “Kai hasn’t dated very many girls, and after meeting Boram, I think she’s just dating him because he’s famous. It’s making her famous, too.”  "Wait, Gu Boram?” She muses. “She’s actually pretty famous in her own right. She went to my high school. I think she’s the face of the new fitness club, and she’s starred in a couple of dramas.” “She must always play the evil sidekick.” You mutter under your breath. “No, wait.” Sera stops. “She only finished two years. She was scouted by a company during our second year, so she didn’t take exams with us.” “Are you supposed to be making me feel better or worse?!” You grumble, feeling 100% ordinary. “Sorry.” She cringes. “Maybe you should just talk to Kai about it.” “I can’t.” You sigh. “How am I suppose to tell my best friend that I can’t stand his girlfriend?” ~~~ "Kai! Wait for me!” You roll your eyes as Boram speeds past you on her rented bike, making sure to give you a dirty look as she cuts in front of you. For a so-called double date, you definitely weren’t having fun. It had been your idea to take advantage of the new athletic club in your neighborhood, but you hadn’t expected Kai to bring his not-so-nice girlfriend, or her extra-boring sidekick, with him. “Are you okay back there, Kwanghyun?” You sigh, looking back at Boram’s personal assistant struggling in the back of your little group. “Fine!” He wheezes. “I’m just a little out of shape.” “I can tell.” You sniff. “Don’t fall behind! I’m going to catch up with Kai!” You pedal hard, finally managing to ease your way to Boram’s left. A beautiful pond spanned both sides of the trail, and although you weren’t included in the conversation, you were content for the first time all afternoon. “Where’s Kwanghyun?” Boram frowns, breaking your peace of mind. You shrug. “Somewhere back there. Why?” “I told you not to leave him!” She growls. “What if something happens to him?” “I’m not his babysitter!” You snap back, earning a hard look from her. “He’s an adult! He’ll be fine!” “Ladies, please.” Kai blanches. “I’ll go back and find him.The trail ends in about half a mile that way. I’ll meet you two at the end.” You call out for Kai, but he’s already gone. Great.  "What is your problem?” The ice queen gives you a nasty glare. “All I wanted was some alone time with Kai! Surely you can understand that? Or maybe you can’t, since I’m going to assume your single. Couldn’t you just do what I asked you?” “This is a double date.” You correct her icily, even though it was a weak defense. Boram and Kai plus a third and fourth wheel was closer to the truth. “I don’t remember owing you any favors.” She narrows her eyes. “I don’t know what Kai sees in you. You’re so difficult.” You open your mouth to respond, but suddenly she veers closer to you, edging you off the path and into the woods. The tire of your bike sticks in the mud, tossing you over the handlebars and into murky-looking water that reeks of fish and algae. “Hey!” You shriek, struggling to your feet. Pain rips through you, and you know you’ve injured something. Boram smiles, lowing just enough to give you a good once-over. “We should be clear on something.” She hisses. “There is only room for one of us in Kai’s life. It. Is. Not. You.” She pronounces each word slowly, hitting you in the heart. “Kai is mine now, so if you know what’s good for you, I’d better not see your face again.” ****************************************************************Part 1 end! I actually wasn’t intending for this to be two parts, but it was kind of long to begin with! But never fear~ Part 2 is finished and will be posted tomorrow! :) Please enjoy this part until then! ~Jjangpanda