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Sooo, remember a year ago when I drew up this T-shirt design? With @personeh ‘s help, the updated version is now complete! I contemplated if I should try to FULLY update it but realized that’s really hard. Plus I’d have to keep doing it. And I’m running out of space. And they keep fucking updating lol. 

I want to sell this design as a T-shirt but I don’t want to just resort to Redbubble so I’m going to see if I can find another T-shirt company that will be willing to take this design and print it well and it’ll be advertised well and all that. I did have one company approach me but the price they offered was super low. Like rude kinda low. :\ I worked really hard on this and I’m really happy with it so I’d like it to be …known? You know what I mean lol. If I can’t find a company, then I’ll just put it up on RedBubble. Below you can see an example of what it’d be like on a T-shirt.

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BTS Reactions - You crying because they left for tour

It was late at night and you were texting one of your friends. Your boyfriend left to go on tour two months ago, and you’d been crying most of the time since. You could feel your depression was getting worse, and you were really struggling. It was still at least two weeks until he came home, and you didn’t know how you were going to get through it. As your friend reads about your struggles, they decide to forward this information onto your boyfriend, so they can help you.

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How would MC break the news that she's expecting to her man? (After they've been together and married ofc, and with Jaehee maybe they got cleared for adoption~) And how would the other react??

This was so cute to write! Thank you for this request ^0^ - Michelle Xx


- It was the premiére of the latest production
- He was giving it his all
- Everything was going great
- During one of his lines he looked at the crowd to find you
- You were holding up a sign
- ’Knight Zen + Queen MC = Baby Prince/Princess! Congratulations, daddy!’
- He forgot the rest of his lines
- Baby? As in… A tiny him? Or a tiny you?
- He fell out of character and started cheering
- He kept yelling that his beautiful wife is pregnant with his child
- The director was disappointed and happy at the same time


- Hell had frozen over and Jaehee was able to have a normal lunch with her beloved partner
- You were at a nice little restaurant across from the C&R building
- Sipping from her coffee, you gave her a fortune cookie
- She gave you a confused and funny look
- She opened it and read the message inside
- ‘We got cleared for adoption!’
- She dropped the cookie
- Then she looked up at you…
- …and reached over the table to kiss you
- You were finally gonna mommies


- The day was finally over and all of his furry patients were well taken care off
- All he wanted to do was fall asleep with his head on your lap and probably get drool all over you
- You were already snuggled up on the couch
- Thank the Lord that you brought him his dinner earlier that evening ‘cause he couldn’t keep his eyes open anymore
- Just before he layed his head down you told there was a package delivered for him
- He wasn’t expecting a package?
- He opened it and inside were… mini -t shirts?
- With his LOLOL character on it
- And some bibs saying stuff like 'Youngest Guild Member’
- Then he found a card with the text 'Achievement unlocked: Pregnant wife’
- He shot up from the couch, throwing his arms in the air and screaming in joy
- He sat down again and started prepping kisses all over your stomach
- You weren’t showing
- He fell asleep happy and drooling


- Dinner was peaceful between you and your husband
- He was talking about his day at this office and how his meetings today went
- 'But enough about my day, how was your day, my love?’
- You told him you had to excuse yourself for a moment
- You returned with Elizabeth the 3rd in your arms and placed her on his lap
- He looked at you confused and then confused at Elizabeth
- You told him to look at her collar
- There was a little envelope attached
- He opened it and pulled out an ultrasound photo with the caption 'A new member for the Han family’
- He put the ultrasound down and Elizabeth on the floor and walked over to you
- Got on his knees and takes your hands into his and kissed your fingers
- He cried softly when he said
- 'Thank you for making me the happiest man alive’


- He had been building new toys all day in his workshop when he called him to come to the living room
- When he walked in, he saw you standing behind a crib
- And holding up a little cat onesie
- He stood there in silence for a while
- He was quick to catch on tho when he started stammering his thoughts about all of this
- You nodded your head with a big smile on your face
- He strode over to you and pulled you into his arms
- 'Thank you for giving me a family again’
- It was a sweet moment until he opened his mouth again
- 'So you weren’t gaining weight, but gaining a baby’
- He slept on the couch that night

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I don't know why but that puppet with the pink hair reminds me a lot of reignbot

Haha! Well if it were purple hair and an octogram in place of the pink hair and pentagram, you might be on to something!

The puppet never actually wore that pentagram shirt though, the original outfit was actually a polkadot dress with little foxes. I just had the mini pentagram t-shirt lying around when I took that photo and was curious of how it’d fit as I had taken off the original dress to test the fit on the new armature :)

._exo masterpost (i)

initially i planned to scrape everything off because they’re very cringe worthy but i figured keeping them in case some of you would like to read them again couldn’t hurt! ♥ (and now a mobile post in case the original page gets faulty / split into two bc there were errors)

EXO Brother!Au

Kim Jongin, Kai  [term of endearment; angel]

Wu Yi Fan, Kris [term of endearment; baobei]