mini sweet rolls


I STILL GOT IT. I have only ran once (twice?) in the last five weeks and somehow managed a GREAT 10k with arborescent this morning! This is exactly why I am not motivated enough to train consistently unless I have a longer race coming up… Like my half marathon in September. I suppose you can call this half marathon training W1D1.

Feeling like a beast right now though. Immediately I was nervous because my whole body is sore, but I was persistent and stayed focused. I only walked 10 minutes max of the entire thing. Okay, now I remember why I fell in love with running. Between the sun beating down, the strength to push through aches and pains, and the exhilaration as you cross the finish line… I suppose running is alright. AND I only ate watermelon at the finish line versus all of the sweets (mini muffins/cinnamon rolls/etc.). Boom.