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Hey, guys and gals and distinguished individuals! Sullen here, and available for commissions!

The commissions will be 1200x1200 pixel digital drawings of 1-2 characters in black-and-white or color. The samples shown here show the many styles I draw in; you can suggest one of the above or let me surprise you.

Pricing is based on the styles of the characters, split into “Mini” or “Regular” (see below).


Black & White: $4

Color: $8

Extra Character: $1 each


Black & White: $5

Color: $10

Extra Character: $3 each


As a whole, I’m open to many things, and have varying amounts of experience drawing them. However, I do have my limitations, so I suggest reading the Do’s and Do Not’s before asking questions.


  • Fanart
  • OCs and FCs (includes fantrolls, Sonic recolors, etc.)
  • Animals and Anthros (includes My Little Pony, Sonic-style characters, fursonas, etc.)
  • Fat, muscular, curvy, etc. body types (larger-sized bodies may be harder to fit into the default canvas size, may require extra space to fit)
  • Robots, cyborgs, and androids (price may vary depending on level of detail; I have experience drawing Megaman and Transformers Animated-style robots)
  • Blood and gore (to an extent; I may reject excessively gory themes/imagery, due to lack of experience)
  • Suggestive themes (includes tasteful/artistic nudity, fanservice, etc.)
  • Same-sex couples


  • Scat (feces, piss, vomit, etc.)
  • Anything that promotes the bashing or hatred of a character, person, or group
  • Political or social propaganda (this includes social justice-themed posts, sorry; I may let one slide if it doesn’t promote extremist views, but I’d rather stay on the safe side)
  • NSFW (porn/hentai, excessive gore)


Other Details

  • Extra “Mini” Character: $1 each
  • Extra “Regular” Character: $3 each
  • Children and small/easy-to-draw animals/creatures are priced as “Mini” characters
  • Expand Canvas Dimensions: $1 for 300 pixels ($.50 if height or width only)
  • PAYPAL ONLY. Choose “goods and services” option when paying. Tipping is optional, but encouraged.
  • Contact & PP email:

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